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    Yeah, definitely somewhat playable at 30, but higher is better. I found that for some games (like ESO) turning off “tracking prediction” in the display settings makes for a much more jitter-free experience.

    A lot of times you can just turn off a few things and have a smooth experience…like, if I just turn shadows to low, and water to low, in ESO, it significantly increases framerates.

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    Thanks, that seemed to fix things. I had it in windowed, but I changed it to fullscreen (windowed), and back to windowed, and that seems to have done whatever it needed to do.

    Whats weird is when I did that, the whole screen had a white text box in-game, similar to bringing down a console command screen. After a bit, that went away, and then I was able to use the mouse.


    I had some trouble starting up ESO, every time I tried to switch to immersive or cinema, the game would lock up and crash. Eventually I loaded up vorpx config, paged through some settings (didn’t change anything) and clicked save, and now the game works fine.

    I am very impressed how well G3D works! Very little that is wonky…lighting, water, spells all work fine. Shadows are a little janky, but that is to be expected.

    The height of your character very much matters…unfortunately my main is too tall.
    With the default settings, the UI interaction and cursor lines up very well with the 3D plane, and it feels good. However, I didn’t think the 3D effects were enough. I bumped G3D up to 1.50 instead of 1, and that helped immensely.

    There are two mods I advise you to get, that immediately made the game better for me:
    The first one is Immersive Horse Riding. This mod lets you ride your horse in 1st person mode instead of forcing 3rd person. It is very lightweight with no further settings/interaction required..it just works.

    The second mod is Free Dialog Camera, which doesn’t force the game to zoom your camera up to whoever you’re talking to. This is important because when the game zooms the camera in, most of the 3D-ness of who you’re talking to is lost, and you’re looking at a warped perspective. This mod properly keeps things in perspective, yet brings up the dialog interaction system as normal.
    The only thing you need to fix (compatibility kinda broke) is to go to your ESO document folder->live->addons->FreeDialogCamera and modify the .lua file (can open with notepad) to change 1 line. Change ZO_ItemPreview_Shared.IsInteractionCameraPreviewEnabled = IsInPreviewMode to ZO_ItemPreview_Shared.IsInteractionCameraPreviewEnabled = GetPreviewModeEnabled and that’s it.

    Anyways, happy questing!

    in reply to: Wow with vorpx : Opinions #172392

    So I’ll start with the disclaimer that Blizzard has a pretty hard stance on 3rd party programs interacting with their games. They have their online monitoring system, Warden, running as you play. Now, there have been several discussions on the blizzard forums with non-answers and “well, it’s probably okay as long as it doesn’t automate anything” but we don’t know that Blizzard is okay with something like VorpX running. So…I started a new account specifically for VorpX/VR as to protect my 14-year old BNet account…

    So I’ve leveled to 70 so far, 100% in VR. It is fantastic! There is so, so much you gain when playing in VR. The detail on stuff in the game, the texture work/design…even things like face paint on the trolls, or picture frames on the wall that are actually in 3d…seeing other people around you (and their mounts) in full 3D models…everything is just great. The cartoonish style lends itself well to VR.

    I feel like this is something I’ve been waiting for most of my life, FINALLY experiencing Warcraft in the 3D world (as opposed to just wow and the RTS games). I’ve noticed things I’ve never seen…things like warlock spells actually arching over your head before coming down on top of your target, or druid spells (that cast lunar or solar) actually throwing giant moons over targets before blasting them with beams…the sense of scale, the grandeur of the world you’re in…it creates a very different feel to the game and is an experience worth having.

    The only issues I had/have are having to zoom to 3rd person to make it easier to find “gather these items”-type quests, or wanting to zoom out when I’m fighting a bunch of stuff at once, just to make sense of things. And of course, since it’s not natively supported, there is some janky-ness in some textures and effects like water, etc. It’s just something you have to accept, and for me it doesn’t take me out of the game. And you gotta know that some people can get VR sickness because you’re moving in 1 direction but your body is standing still…maybe having it on the “big screen” is better than trying to make it fully surround you. In fact, I’ve recently discovered that WoW in VorpX kinda ruined 3d movies for me. I went to see Pacific Rim 2 in 3D and it all seemed so…normal…of an experience (instead of exotic). I realized, after I sat in my favorite seat in the theater, that the screen I was seeing was just about the same size as the “screen” I’ve been playing WoW on for the last month, and both media being in 3D just made it seem normal.

    So, yeah. I definitely love and recommend trying out WoW in VR.

    It’s super easy to use, too. 1.) Run VorpX program, 2.) start WoW. For me, since I’m running a 2nd account, if I use the launcher it logs onto my main (non-VR) account, and if I run my wow64.exe shortcut it has my VR-account credentials already there for me.

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