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    Fantastic Rotorblade! Thanks very much. This specific method, launching with the x86 game through origin and disabling ingame worked a charm :D

    I will have to tweak the game to work nicely now. Having a bit of an issue with the player flitting 180 degrees when using the left stick.

    Most of my VorpX problems seem to relate to input.

    Dood, that is fantastic that my suggested fix was able to help someone else out. Last night I spent more time in BF4 playing around with all the settings. VorpX has a lot of stuff to tinker with and I don’t fully understand yet. After tinkering around for a while I was able to tweak it to the least amount of strain on my eyes and to improve the fun with the view. I am going to have to go cruising the game settings area to try to find some suggestions.

    I am wondering right now how you’re supposed to do the measurement calibration in VorpX with the lines/grid. Are you supposed to relax your eye’s and wait till the grids match up or do you adjust so theres the least amount of strain? Sorry for asking if this is said somewhere else.

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    bf loves 3d and vorp x

    Battlefield 4

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    One more thing. I think the head movement with moving the cursor in BF4 is spot on and intuitive. I don’t find the head movement really combats the mouse movement. I think people who may have unsteady head habits will probably have the issue but for me sniping, driving tanks, support roll laying down tons of rounds with no issues with the headmovement combined with mouse movement. VorpX you guys rock!

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    Alright I finally got Battlefield 4 to work.

    The problems I had to deal with:

    Optimus Nvidia driver not switching from intel to Nvidia with Battlefield and other games. I have dealt with this problem in the past and unfortanatly a reinstall of the entire system fixed it on my older system and it also fixed it on my new system which is a Sager NP7330 13″ notebook with the Nvidia 765GTX card optimus technology.

    I really didn’t think I was going to get the Oculus Rift working well on a laptop with a switching graphics card. The reinstall seemed to have fixed my switching issues.

    Now for Battlefield 4 and VorpX troubles. I pretty much had the same experience as many other users in this forum where I couldn’t get VorpX to work with any games for a week or more. I was about to give up and then there was a friend who I really wanted to show BF4 to in the Oculus so I sat down tonight and went through the forum posts all over again.

    I made sure all apps using 3d are turned off such as Windows Aero, and I couldn’t find anything else since i have a fresh install of Windows 7.

    I am using Oculus DK2 in extended mode as primary to get this to work.

    Now I had seen suggestions to use VorpX to create a shortcut for battlefield and this didn’t work for either exe.

    I kept wondering if I was actually launching the game in 32 bit mode. I checked task manager and nope, running in 64 bit still when I thought I was using the 32bit shortcut.

    The fix for me that finally got it working:

    Step 1: Launch Origin

    Step 2: Right click on battlefield 4 and go down to Game Properties

    Step 3: change “When Launching this game” to “Battlefield 4 (x86)”

    Step 4: check mark “disable Origin in Game for this game”

    When I launched the game it worked. Then I had to remember shift middle mouse button for edge peak which works great.

    Other tips related to eye strain and bf4:

    I then redid the measurement for Eye Position for Current Device in the Oculus Config to better improve the view for less eye strain. For some reason mine was off, I go between two systems with my Oculus Rift DK2.

    I also found that after you put on the Oculus Rift DK2 to close your eyes real hard to help move some of the skin into the goggles around your eyes. I found this in the reddit post about Oculus and Eye strain.

    Battlefield is now working well for me and a bit less strain on the eyes. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get it working but through persistence I was able to get this to work and to share the experience with my friend.

    I hope this can help other BF4 lovers to get this working.

    This guy Ralf is doing a lot of work answering peoples posts. I believe VorpX is some great software!

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