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    Adding to the voices here, at least some information on the registration process would be nice at the point of purchase. Waiting for my code now.



    I bought VorpX yesterday but after the check-out process I just got a message saying you guys would be in touch to verify my order and that I should email you regarding it.
    I emailed and waited a day and i’m still waiting. What’s going on?!


    Adding my voice here too. been wait a full day and got no code.

    Seriously, there’s grounds for a false advertising legal action here, as the order page says “You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering!”. This is clearly not true, and yet I’ve still been billed.
    I’m giving it 72 hours to come through before talking to the company lawyers.

    I certainly hope the product is bloody amazing to make all this hassle worthwhile.


    Hello GarrWolfdog,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. To receive your activation key, you have to send us your request code. See the license dialog for details.

    If you already sent your request code, and still did not receice your key yet, please write a mail to support |at| vorpx com, so we can sort this out as soon as possible.

    Just in case: please also check your spam folder.


    Hi Ralf,

    I created another thread before finding this one; https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/when-can-i-expect-my-code/ [admin edit: linked thread merged into this one]

    As you can see all I got was a rather unhelpful message saying the order needed to be verified; the only link was to email that support email address. I emailed as instructed, with my order number but have yet to hear anything back almost a full day later.


    Without seeing the actual order: if you received this message from our billing service MyCommerce and nothing else, your order *did not complete* and your credit card was not charged for the purchase.

    Please check your credit card account, whether you where actually charged, and contact me directly instead of using the MyCommerce support (ideally with your order id) via support |at| vorpx com to sort this out.

    On a sidenote: I will merge your other thread into this one to avoid clutter, just in case you wonder where it went.


    I’ve emailed you directly with the details.
    If there was a problem with the billing service, they seem to have charged me regardless.


    OK, so got this all cleared up.

    Turns out my card company misinformed me about being charged, and MyCommerce never got back to me about what happened.
    After Chatting with Ralf he gave me a link to the paypal checkout which worked right away :)


    It’s been an hour… manual registration? Wish I would have known before the purchase, I would have bought it when I had to work, not on my day off.


    How long do you have to wait to get your key for vorpx? I’m trying to get it ASAP

    this is my email
    sgearr@gmail.com i use paypal btw..


    Never-mind got it.. Thanks


    Merging this into the existing thread to avoid clutter.

    @ all: Usually it takes less than an hour until you get your key after sending your request. In some cases it might take a few hours (for example over night).




    Here is an example of a company doing it right:
    http://www.aldindynamics.com/asunder-earthbound/ https://sellfy.com/aldindynamics

    I just purchased software for $3 and had my game minutes later. Now, for my $39.99 purchase, I’m waiting for an email from a flesh & blood human being like I’m stuck in the movie “Brazil”.

    Question:What do Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and vorpX have in common?
    Answer:They all used meat-robots to authenticate-the-purchase &/or regulate-the-distribution of intellectual property secured with ineffectual DRM technologies.

    You can lose money selling lightsabers if you use business processes from the 1990s.

    If I had just downloaded “alternative” drivers I would be $40 richer and already playing the game!

    I bet this entire process could be automated with an Excel Macro + hotmail account & you wouldn’t even have to modify your source code to use an authentication server!



    I still have not received my key?
    I paid via PAYPAL!

    Thank you send me the key!


    Well, I’m disappointed with people nowadays. You can’t wait two days for a code? It needs to be here in a hot minute?
    Guys, it might not be the best system, but it works! Ralf is currently trying to get an automated system, but is it really that bad that you cannot wait a couple of hours, even a couple of days? He wants it to be secure, and I don’t want a compromise on that. And rather than crack jokes about it, why not try to offer help instead. Clearly if you have complaints about the system then I can very well assume that you can help him build a better system. Try actually doing something productive to help guys. Complaints don’t help anyone out here.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 58 total)
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