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    The best Experience in a 1:1 Resolution like 2500×2500 and large FOV is changing from FullVR with zoom 1.00 to Edge Peak with zoom 0.90 to look on the minmap and then switching back to FullVR.

    The half sized transparent “window” disappeared after setting Focal Offset to 0

    Using headtracking in FullVR makes it impossible to aim something with my gamepad. I would like to reconfig the gamepad layout in the profile completely, but i don’t know how it works.

    Is there a tool, to create the profiles and config them ? Or do you use the ingame menu only in vorpx ? i don’t need a tutorial, i will do it alone, but there is only a short documentation of the G3D config option in the vorpx ingame menu online and nothing else. How do you config your Z3D profiles ?

    I’m an early retirees and i have more time than I like. I have 15 years of experience with Ubuntu and i’m used to self-taught in software on the basis of documentation. I would like to learn how to create profiles for vorpx. My english ist still not so good, but google helps me with these things ;-)


    Hmm, I thought we had another day with the beta. I did get some more time in before it ended though to make additional profile fixes. You can re-download the profile and hopefully be set for launch day.

    It cost an extra ~8fps, but G3D now has fewer lighting glitches and no more
    DOF blur. It runs heavy with lots of jaggies, but great for models and ironsights. If you’d rather have the fps and can tolerate some glitch, I can upload a lite version also.

    Z3D can look pretty nice here when you crank up the resolution and apply AA. I think most will choose this, but here’s my recommended setup for both using Rift CV1:

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint (Z3D/G3D)

    – use vorpX in Oculus mode for Rift (steamVR mode won’t launch correctly)
    – set UPlay launch argument in Breakpoint properties:

    /belaunch -be

    – set Extended FOV to max 100 in Video settings

    Low settings are recommended and still look good. You can keep textures High if you have the VRam. Mild Ambient Occlusion is also fine.

    Z3D FullVR
    – use a 1:1 resolution 2400×2400 in Fullscreen set to Auto aspect ratio.
    Keep resolution scaling at 100.
    – turn on Anti Aliasing, but do not use the additional Temporal Injection
    – set in game sharpening to full 100 and vorpX sharpening to full 2.00
    – Keep all vorpX HUD sliders to full 1.00 to avoid flickering

    G3D FullVR
    – use a 1:1 resolution 1280×1280 in Fullscreen set to Auto aspect ratio. (lower than 1280 doesn’t seem selectable in game)
    – turn off Anti Aliasing settings to avoid trees blur
    – reduce vorpX sharpening to 1.00
    – Adjust vorpX HUD depth to ~.90

    If 1:1 resolutions are not applying correctly, add lines to GRB.ini found in:
    C:\Users\(user)\Documents\My Games\Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    [Display Settings]

    Xbox controller override has been set so that headtracking should also work. You’ll need to remap the controller buttons to the corresponding keyboard buttons in the vorpX delete menu (bottom of controller page). I’m not sure there’s a way to invert Right stick though.

    Please remember to play in solo mode only and do not attempt to play coop or pvp to mitigate risk of being banned by BattleEye.

    Hopefully this all still works on launch code. Have fun.


    two last questions, did you use the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey profile for this GRB user profile ? and if yes, how did you activate the G3D option ?

    in conclusion thank you very much for this user profile, and your patience in spite of the many questions !


    You can enable the Shader Authoring tool on the vorpX config general page. This allows you to open a new vorpX window in game to cycle through all the shaders being processed and hide/activate/transform them for best use in G3D. I’m really glad Ralf opened this up to us, I’ve had a lot of fun tweaking around.

    I was granted an advanced authoring key by Ralf upon request, which you can do through the vorpX config Local Profiles page. This unlocks additional pages of profile defining parameters. Neither of these tools come with any documentation, but given enough time just trying things out I’ve slowly learned a thing or two.

    I’m no shader hacker nor software engineer myself. I’m just a passionate vorpX user who loves to see what it can accomplish in my favorite games. In fact I probably spend more time these days tweaking around lots of games than actually playing, because it’s fun for me. Some games can look really cool in VR and I want to share them with people.

    The general rule is find an existing profile Ralf has created that shares a similar engine and hope it grants 3D correctly for a new game. The library is vast enough that you can typically find one after testing a few. Then the general shader tool is enough to clean things up a bit.

    I did try ACOrigins initially for Wildlands yes, but without luck. I ended up using Star Wars Battlefront 2, hoping it’s updated Z3D technique would solve the problem of losing depth after checking map. Lucky for me it worked. So far there is no Z3D creation tool I know of, so you just have to get lucky cloning existing profiles. It would be neat If Ralf could one day show us how Z3D is created.

    From there I experimented with the advanced authoring tool to activate G3D for Wildlands. Having that working I now used this same profile to create for Breakpoint.

    I’m now learning that the advanced tool can make just about any dx9 or dx11 game 3D from “scratch” with enough patience to manually scan through thousands of buffer values and find the bingos. At least the tool is simple enough to navigate with and I’m grateful to Ralf for sharing it. I’m still learning new things every week while using this. Messy and time consuming, but hitting jackpot pays off for me. Ralf is currently working on more tools for fixing those dreaded shadow glitches. I’m quite excited for this too.

    First figure out what the various settings do in the vorpX delete menu. Then find an unofficial G3D game and run through with the Shader tool (Ctrl+End) activating shaders when you see them get hidden. Cycle through the various options below to see how they change that activated layer. Once you grasp the basic idea of how to treat shaders, you’ll be able to use similar methods to find and treat the buffers for 3D in advance tools. Not that I truly know anything about it, I’m just a fellow self-taught tinkerer myself using vorpX daily for last few years :). One who hopefully hasn’t blown Ralf’s patience a time too many.

    vorpX is great! It’s given me countless hours of fun showing me cool games in a whole new way, and I’m excited for it to keep getting better as time goes on. More people need to try it. Glad you are eager to do more with it, and hope you have fun making your games cool.


    Yeah I didnt really get much chance to play with it either. I’ll check back to make sure the released game works before buying it.


    That’s exactly what I needed, thank you again



    Ghost Recon Breakpoint WeMod Community Battleye BYPASS LAUNCHER

    Download: (Google is your Friend !)

    1. Rename GRB_BE.exe in main game directory to GRB_BE.exe.bak
    2. Place the Battleye Bypass launcher into the main game directory

    (For myself i still use the Uplay start argument “/belaunch -be” and i uninstalled and deleted any Battleye from windows and i deleted all Battleye associated files stored in the “C:\Users” folders (Documents, Local, Roaming etc.) and in the “C:\ProgramData” folder)

    This is the Bypass only, the trainer an cheats are offered separately ! For Vorpx you don’t need the trainer files. If you will start any multiplayer and use the trainer and cheats, you will get banned. Battleye is still running on the servers of ubi, and many users get banned already using the trainer, because the game is always online and will register any cheat.

    Use even the bypass only for your own risk to get banned.


    Good info thanks!


    For the blurry Image and the FOV in FullVR

    C:\Users\(user)\Documents\My Games\Ghost Recon Breakpoint\GRB.ini



    AutoFOV is still activated, but the most of the time you will get a bigger FOV with this setting.

    For Xbox Gamepad Problem in FullVR

    Deactivate the Gamepad Override in the vorpx ingame menu and set the Headtracking to 0


    Is anyone able to play Ghost Recon Breakingpoint with the Production Version? Tried all of the settings here. But the screen comes up for Ghost Recon, and just keeps going forever.


    GRB uses a anti-cheat plugin, which blocks vorpx completely.
    you have to deactivate it before you can play with vorpx.

    For myself i still use the start argument in the uplay settings of GRB.

    /belaunch -be

    But you can use a bypass too, please ask in the forum of fearlessrevolution or simply use their one click tool called WeMod.

    have you tried to start the game in windowed mode ?


    I tried the startup argument, and I am familiar with the anticheat (BattleEye), I guess you have the fully downloaded version. I am trying this on the Uplay+ version, and it is not working.



    1. search google


    2. follow Instructions on how to disable Battleye

    Download and extract the zip file(Password: cev) and copy the LaunchBreakpoint file to game folder.

    Run the game from LaunchBreakpoint exe file.

    If this doesn’t work anymore, you will have use the tool Cheat Engine natively and this is a little bit tricky an will take some time to learn it, but it is possible.


    New bypass for


    (search on fearlessrevolution board)


    Thanks dellrifter22. I have everything accept for the replacement dlls for vorpx Wildlands. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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