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    Thanks dellrifter22. Have everything but the replacement dll for Wildlands. Can you please help?

    Ghost Recon Wildlands (G3D)

    I was excited to finally get this one figured out. It was cool playing in Z3D, and now even better in G3D. First-person ironsights are more convincing as are vehicles and interior spaces.

    You’ll need a strong PC to handle G3D, and will have to settle for mostly low settings at low res. Until I can get them fixed, terrain is set to most basic, and shadows will be off. But the game still looks good, especially at night.

    I’ve configured FOV and scale to work best for first-person aiming, so it’s easier to check corners and clear rooms. This means Third-person scale appears a bit small, but I think you’ll appreciate the good 3D effect overall. Profile intended for Rift FullVR, Pimax8k alternative to come later.

    **First you’ll need a working EAC bypass in order to hook this game (creative googling). Use for offline singleplayer only.

    For best possible fov:
    – create a 1:1 custom resolution 1200×1200 or 1440×1440 in driver panel
    – in game select your custom resolution and set Fullscreen
    – set Extended FOV down to 0% in Video settings (doesn’t help ironsights)

    Graphics settings:
    – set Anti Aliasing OFF
    – set Shadow Quality OFF, instead use SSBC Ambient Occlusion
    – set Texture Quality to High or Ultra
    – everything else set to Low/OFF as desired

    *Hide HUD elements in game settings and toggle with hotkey
    *Ironsight pistols with lasers are best in buildings
    *Sniper scopes have dual-stage zoom (press B while scoped)
    *Don’t forget your nightvision 🙂

    If you need ~10 extra fps and don’t mind a bit of light source artifacting, let me know and I’ll upload a lite version. Z3D profiles also available on the cloud. Enjoy!


    Unfortunately it appears that recent game updates have broken all former bypass options, and it is unclear if new options will become available any time soon.

    Makes me sad since I still haven’t completed the game, and is one I return to often.

    For now though, I’ve picked up Breakpoint for cheap on the Ubisoft Sale, and can confirm it is currently working with vorpX after uninstalling Battleye. Read about it here.

    New immersive Ghost Experience mode makes it closer now to the Wildlands experience, so I am enjoying this new game and it’s graphical facelift.


    Just an option, but perhaps an “unauthorized” copy of wildlands would still work with your profiles. Just a thought.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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