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    As a monitor/projector Stereo 3D veteran, the reason this got heated is because both parties concerned are right – they are just talking about different aspects.

    Ralf is talking about convergence (pop-out from virtual screen). The other guy(s) are talking about separation (depth) – I too had requested this a long while back. It seems unfortunate that they are misunderstanding each other.

    I am going to try out the “Focal Offset” setting which only today learned was available. For the record, I actually like a little divergence in my eyesight while gaming in S3D – after decades getting used to S3D glasses, it gives me more 3D than real life without headaches or eye strain. Definitely not for beginners…


    G3D: No Focal Offset setting

    Z-normal: Focal distance setting at 0 is max separation. Only + adjustments are allowed, which actually decrease separation – the opposite of what was asked for.

    Z-Adaptive: Focal Offset setting is available in both positive and negative directions, and actually seems to work to a relatively minor degree. Unfortunately, it needs to be combined with an adjustable convergence setting. One exists but the adjustment it allows is only minor.

    All this is tested with a single officially unsupported game so it is possible that the used profile is to blame.

    Looking forward to testing these settings with other games in the future…

Viewing 2 posts - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)
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