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    I finally managed to get the game working with gamepad – thanks to a mod i was made aware of by ralph.
    however i cant get a good framerate with my 3070. fsr adds terrible compression artifacts. i have set the resolution to 2500 x 2500
    has anyone found good settings for a full-vr experience?
    the game is awesome in vorpx. thanks for your profile and instructions.


    Set the ingame resolution scale between 50% -85%! If you leave it at 100% you will deactivate DLSS and activate DLAA that will make a better image quality but will have a not a performance boost like DLSS !

    This one is for DLSS 2.5.1, only:

    Starfield FSR2 Bridge – Replacing FSR2 with DLSS or XeSS (without Reshade !)

    (You can even try DLSS 3.5 without frame generation with a paid mod from , but that has a very bad reputation, thus just do not talk about it that you install that mod !)


    where do you find the beta? just bought the regular version, but cant find the beta


    install the vorpx beta

    vorpX 23.1.0 BETA


    Do this actually works??


    I’d like to try this out but I can’t figure out how to override the default profile to use this one instead.


    Hi all,

    As I see some questions about this profile, let me share my experience.

    Here is my review of the Starfield Alpha v0.2 rev.b profile.

    First it is available only on Vorpx Beta 23.1.0. Do not try to get it on official Vorpx official release.

    I have a Ryzen 7 5800X3D, 32GB DDR and a RTX 3080 10GB. I’m playing with a PICO 4. When talking FPS, remember that game FPS is divided by in headset. In other meaning, you need to be able to get 60FPS min to have 30FPS in the headset. My max FPS in 90FPS (due to 90Hz headset).

    The game hooks without any problem. However stereoscopic 3D works (Z-depth) with some limitations:
    – For any reason, I have stereoscopic 3D working on 16/9 or 16/10 screen width. I have not been able to get it with a custom resolution 2160×2160, though the game is fully playable without 3D. This is sad because having too much pixels have probably an impact on my performances (see below).
    – If my resolutions is less than 1700 pixel height, then I start to have a lot of artifacts if Z-depth is enable. So my best performance tradeoff is 2720×1700 with stereoscopic 3D, and a dynamic resolution of 85% without artifacts. In such conditions, I can maintain 50-60FPS when walking in New-Atlentis, and 90FPS when exploring planets (a little bit less in forest or fauna planets). Of course I am using the FSR bridge mod mentioned in this topic. However sometimes the performances starts to drop drastically without any reason, especially when switching between menus and going back and forth to the game. I have manage to resolve that by going to main menu a few seconds and return to the game. Sometimes I have to close the game and restart it as the performance drop seems to be stuck.
    – With 2720×1700 resolution, the game tends to crash at startup in a random way. I have to try 2 or 3 times before getting to the game menu. This is a side effect of Vorpx as it never happens without it.

    Now I add a note regarding the last patch from 21 November:
    – DLSS is officially supported. However I have found that performances are worst with Vorpx compared to FSR + bridge, litteraly worst. When using Vorpx and official DLSS, I can’t get more than 20FPS, even with “Ultra performance settings”. So for the moment I will keep using the FSR + Bridge, even if I will do some extra tests that needs to be confirmed.


    I come back to my experience on the last patch with DLSS:

    Performances seems better, provided you don’t change the settings to much time, as performance could drop to 10-20FPS without any reason (independant from the setting mod, high quality or high performance). In that case the best is to leave the game and restart when changing DLSS parameters, even if this is not needed all the time.
    After a certain time, or randomly, I have sudden performance drop. Usually going to the main menu and returning to the game seems to solve the issue. But sometimes performances stays bad, so just leaving an restarting the game seems to revert things to normal.
    When playing with DLSS set to performance or high perfomance, I experience more visual artifacts, but again when artifacts remains restarting the game could help. Quality mod seems to work best on that point, even if time to time artifacts will appears (more annoying when this is during a space battle).

    But definitively the immersion is so fun, and DLSS is having a better quality result than FSR (visually more detailed).


    I found official profile has been released for vorpx beta, there is not g3d though. Does anybody know if work is in progress for g3d? I think it worth effort l, because that engine will be used in next elder scrolls.


    I found official profile has been released for vorpx beta, there is not g3d though. Does anybody know if work is in progress for g3d? I think it worth effort l, because that engine will be used in next elder scrolls.

    Where do you see that? I can’t find it.

    Why no G3D?


    if you install beta you will see oficial profile which you could not override with user profiles. Don’t know why there is no g3d

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