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    I *really* didn’t want to comment on this, but after individually answering these questions on an almost daily basis for a month and then removing posts, that‘s clearly not an option in the long run, so: very unfortunately a third party deemed it appropriate to drag vorpX (as well as others) into their own legal mess by making multiple but-they-do-that-too statements. In the end that left me with no choice but to remove certain profiles out of caution. I can only apologize for that.

    Also sorry for the vague wording, I don‘t want to get more specific. The whole matter is annoying enough as it is.


    I don’t understand what the problem is. the outer worlds is an unreal engine 4 game in dx11. it’s full of profiles, I don’t think the official one had any dedicated settings


    I know that I’m sounding somewhat nebulous, but getting more specific just makes things worse. One party in an entirely unrelated legal dispute for whatever reason deemed it appropriate to drag vorpX into the matter, which forced me to be extra cautious. Probably overcautious, but better safe than sorry. There really is nothing to add to that, sorry again.


    This sets a dangerous precedent for compatible games currently working with your software not being available in the future. Many people, myself included, purchased your software to play or continue playing specific games that are now no longer available, which I believe is a breach of consumer laws that would mandate you provide a refund to any who request it.

    You’re opening yourself up to potential liability issues in the future if you continue removing games without warning, particularly without informing customers well in advance. How can we be sure future games, particularly popular titles, won’t be prevented from working in the future?

    I, for one, primarily purchased vorpx because I wished to play Outer Worlds in VR knowing it was compatible and available; if you’re unwilling to host vorpx compatible profiles on your server, that’s your choice, but if other users wish to provide and freely share their own custom made profiles in whatever manner they wish, what right do you have to prevent them from doing so by blocking the software from running such games at all, particularly since they’re adding back in features you’ve removed after the fact?


    Is this just for Cloud profiles? I still have several Take2 games in my local profiles. What happens if I do a fresh install? Very concerning.


    OK, just found out what this thread was about. Sure wish I hadn’t installed that ‘profiles update.’ I didn’t realize it would delete my ability to play The Outer Worlds, which was one of my best experiences with vorpX to date (full VR mode!)

    I have copious backups; so hopefully I’ll be able to recover my profile.

    I do, however, understand that eventually Ralf may have to remove compatibility with certain games. There is no doubt that some game companies are there only for profit, not for the love of the gaming, and somehow think that a new market playing their games in VR is a downside, not an upside. Sure, they are wrong (I’ve purchased quite a few flat-games ONLY because they are known to work well in vorpX, for example), but that won’t change their minds.

    He’s a very small developer, let’s demonstrate understanding and support, not anger. What’s worse; worrying that ignorant lawyers will threaten your livelihood? Or not being able to play a game *exactly* the way you prefer?


    The problemi Is that big companies still not invest in vr,and at the same time they stop VR on PC with those actions….


    It is a very frustrating situation.
    I bought Vorpx mainly to play certain games like GTA4, GTA5, Red dead 2, bioshock or The Outer Worlds and it just so happens that the company that owns it is a b#####hit.
    Luckily I discovered great experiences with vorpx with fallout/Elder scroll saga, but there is no guarantee that in a few months I will be able to play them due to similar circumstances…

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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