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    Sigh… now I cant edit my post so…. here it is again after noticing you posted the directory for the file…

    Yeah just tried it because I wasn’t sure, but it indeed only has adaptive options and not real3d.
    I mean everything seems to already be there in the official local profile including real3d, if I could just ditch all the control changes, it would be perfect!!!

    in reply to: Red Dead Redemption 2 PC control forced overide #217468

    OK this is like the 3rd time I’m writing this response, my shit keeps getting deleted or signing out or getting marked as spam… what’s up with this message board lol.

    Anyways, nice try but that doesn’t sound like real3d anymore. However for experimenting, which scripthookrdr3 needs deleting? the .dll or the .log? Im finding both.

    Also for some reason, I cant even remove the official local profiles to swap with any other, how do people do that? Both remove options are grayed out on official local ones. I can only remove the imported ones form cloud. And if I cant remove, I cant reassign the .exe to a different profile.

    in reply to: Red Dead Redemption 2 PC control forced overide #217433

    Weird, had to start another post here for this old one to pop up into view again for me.
    Said it was spam when i tried to edit it originally and then disappeared off the board.

    Anyways, about the game, I didn’t manually import anything. I considered it after not being able to fix the local one but the other profiles didn’t have many endorsements and seemed outdated.

    Hard to imagine this being hardcoded, who can play the game like this? is it really meant to only be played with vr controllers in first person or something?

    in reply to: System Shock: Enhanced #197540

    Im getting about 1fps from launch forward, does this profile still work for anyone?

    in reply to: is DOOM 4 (2016) playable via vorpx? #196737

    Yeah its so hard to tell, has the g3d ever worked for anyone or has everyone been fooled? Cause its very deceptive in the current state it is, but never the less it is a pancake.

    I wish somebody would finally confirm one or the other because I cant seem to get an answer anywhere and Im iv slowly begun to play it on my monitor.

    all info of the current state of its g3d –

    Has G3d ever worked in DOOM 2016? Cause it certainty doesnt any more.

    Im not very savvy with Vorpx, all i can say is that of all 15 or so profiles for the game cloud have exactly the same vorpx build – 16.2.0

    Has anyone tried making a more current one? Is that even how it works?
    I tried looking up how to do it myself but honestly its either way too easy or way too hard, cant find the info on it.
    All im seeing is start from a made profile, but which one? does it matter?

    in reply to: VorpX is not hooking Doom (2016) anymore? #196690

    Has G3d ever worked really? Cause it certainty doesnt any more.

    Here’s a youtube example-
    Just need to watch first min or 2, rest of vid is silent gameplay

    Can anyone confirm with complete certainty that it worked?

    1 guy is saying he was fooled-

    Another claims in title description there was a change after I (rudely) confronted him about it-

    Whats the real story here?
    Have I missed out on this amazing chance if there ever was one?
    Any way to rectify this?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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