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    Elite Dangerous Odyssey

    Seeing that it’s on your wish list I guess it’s not working?
    Upgrading my GPU and was looking forward to trying it out.

    EDIT: I just noticed that comment is from Jan last year, not this year.
    So maybe there is hope.

    in reply to: What are your TOP VorpX experiences? #206598

    Note I play exclusively in immersive screen mode.

    Resident Evil Revelations 1&2:
    There is a good chance many of you have these games in your library and didn’t give them much thought.
    They are elevated immensely by the immersive screen experience.
    RE:REV2 in particular ranks up there with my best RE experiences (with vorpx, I haven’t played it in pancake). What might have been typical campy schlock in non-VR was turned into one of the most intense game experiences in recent years for me.

    Resident Evil 6: Similar to above except I could never get into this game before, I tried so many times to enjoy this game and failed before vorpx, now it’s kind of a crazy 3d action rollercoaster.

    Subnautica -Below Zero: (I think there may be other VR mods for that these days but I haven’t tried them.

    Titanfall2 Single Player: If you know how the momentum system in this game works and can chain slides and jumps across the levels then you have to play this with vorpx.

    NaissanceE: This game is free nowadays, give it a chance, some great spectacle. A walking sim with some light puzzles

    in reply to: Reason to use Vorpx with Subnautica? #201594

    Official VR support was dropped for Subnautica long before release.
    They should really unlist from VR categories on steam as many UI elements are very broken in current state.

    If I recall correctly the Cyclops (in game vehicle) in particular is very broken in VR.

    Side note: I played through about 30 hours of Below Zero with VORPX and loved it.

    in reply to: vorpX 21.2.0 Preliminary Changelog #201531

    Good shit!
    Thanks for the updates.

    in reply to: Moons of Madness #200965


    If the console doesn’t open when pressing ~, try following the instructions in the console unlocker’s Readme.txt file.

    I needed to do that. Setting to 110 looked pretty good to me, but I’m playing in cinema mode anyway.

    in reply to: System Shock: Enhanced #200960

    Can someone confirm this game still works with VorpX please?

    I’m getting 1 fps and ghosting back ground with no mouse cursor in game.

    Hello there, I happen to messing around with vorpx today so I just tested this out for you.
    It’s working very well, currently there are two versions from RJK_ one for game version 1.2.16. and one for older versions, you may need to update which profile you are using.

    I tested with the newer version and whatever version of the game is currently up to date on steam.

    in reply to: Did anyone play Half-Life Alyx yet? #194251

    Finished it a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was really great.
    One thing I wasn’t thrilled about was how much of a horror focus there is but overall they handled the horror well.

    If you at all care about the HL story I strongly suggest you try to see it through before you run into spoilers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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