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    @Ruchir Pretty sure you just want to use the standalone mod as it gives you a warning to turn VorpX off if it is on when you start with the mod installed.

    As for bypassing the standalone mod Ralf said in a previous post “You can temporarily disable/enable the mod by moving vpxCP2077.asi from [CP2077]\bin\x64\plugins to your desktop and back.”


    @Ralf It’s not crashing when i leave the map now so no clue why it was crashing before when exiting the map.


    Fantastic.many thanks for this quick reply. Much appreciated


    @ all

    I was finally able to reproduce the issue with Zel1984’s method of switching to and from the map screen, yay! Not always, but often enough to give me an idea of what it might be related to: when the game switches back from the menu/map screen, vorpX has to reinitialize some depth buffer stuff for Z3D and I’m fairly certain that’s where the problem begins that shortly after results in the crash. Something must have changed with patch 1.5 that triggers this issue.

    Fortunately this depth buffer init is entirely unnecessary while alternate frame 3d (‘DirectVR’ in the menu) is used, so as a workaround for now I just skip it unless Z3D is actually enabled. Due to the issue’s random behavior I’m not 100% sure yet whether that was really it, but reasonably confident. Please let me know whether the new version does the trick for you.

    CAVEAT: For now do not switch to Z3D! The workaround is only active with DirectVR 3D. I’ll take a closer look at the actual depth init issue next week.


    Make sure that the version shows alpha 6b in the game window after installing. Some seem to occasionally get outdated files due to caching by their browser/internet provider or whomever.


    That fix worked great, zero crashes so far – thanks choom!


    Yes, the fix works! Crash is gone! Thanks for sticking with it and figuring it out Ralf! You’ve put so much work into this mod, and the experience now is so good, I really hope that your decision to give it free to the world works out well for you. Do you have something set up where we can donate to support your work (other than just buying more copies of vorpX)?

    Also big thanks to Jools92, Zel1984, xt4k, and cyber_siggi for contributing to solving this issue.


    Been telling everyone about how good this mod is until suddenly CDPR updates the game, mod no longer works and even worse the installer doesn’t actually install anything. Like there is no plug-ins folder or any of that so what’s going on??


    Upon further inspection it’s trying to install the mod on a steam library that’s on a different drive that does not have the game installed… Kind of annoying


    That can happen if you moved the game to another drive. Try to browse to the actual Cyberpunk install folder manually if the installer can’t figure it out automatically.


    All is running good, thxx 🚀


    Great. Have fun (again).

    @ Demuse, jools92:

    Thanks for the feedback. And also for your detailed troubleshoot infos!

    @ Demuse:

    If you happen to have the regular vorpX and occasionally use user profiles you like, consider donating a few bucks to the profile authors. Some of them have donation infos in their profile descriptions.


    Anyone know why edgepeek just doesn’t want to disable on this game?

    I’m on 1.5 GOG with the latest download.

    I press the middle mouse button and the side button on my quest 2 controllers to disable edgepeek but it never works!


    Hi Ralf, thanks for the great mod. I have a suggestion/feature request that I think would be really good (maybe even for general vorpx)

    So here goes…

    The default HUD is average at best when it comes to widget layout and visibility. The corner and bottom widgets that are in the far edges of the lense and hard to see clearly depending on headset and fitment items near edges can be unclear.

    Obviously edge peek solves this by allowing you to go into kind of a 2d immersive screen mode allowing you to see all of the edges very clearly as you turn your head the screen moves at a slower rate.

    Here’s the ask..

    Rather than relying on edge peek. Could you add a kind of hybrid edge peek approach. So what if the hud wasnt hard locked to your head the way it is currently. Instead, what if it kind of floated in a similar way to how it works in edge peek mode.


    So say you wanted to see the bottom left corner, you would glance over there and mildly turn your head to left and down (say 5 degrees) and the hud could not quite move at the same speed as your head allowing you to easily view the whole hud.

    Does that make sense?

    Currently I had to resort to using a mod Huditor to rearrange the hud , but simply moving all widgets closer to the center sweet spot is not ideal because it’s kind of in your way and you lose immersion.

    I think the idea above would work really well because it would allow you to really look at the widget you want in the clear area of the lens witbout having to resort to edge peek.


    So I managed to get this working by entering edge peek mode (middle clicking) and then switching to immersive 3d back to full vr mode.

    The only problem I have now is the head tracking is borked :( It doesn’t track and is very funny (motion sicknessy) I look to the left and its like panning to the right same vertically too. ugh.


    I like the floating HUD personally. As long as it tracks with your view to a degree. The content is too difficult to see with the current VorpX HUD implementations, unless the game HUD adjusts to the resolution. I only like using Edgepeek if I’m in a Menu

Viewing 15 posts - 301 through 315 (of 940 total)
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