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    I was trying to play Observer today (original not Redux) with Vorpx and my Xbox One gamepad and it was just an absolute exercise in frustration. Sometimes the gamepad would seem to work fine. And then–without me changing anything at all–all the buttons on my gamepad would just stop working. I could move with the joysticks but couldn’t interact with anything. Then other times, the joysticks would also stop working, and I couldn’t even move. I was just completely stuck.

    I understand that this is probably related to the fact Vorpx uses mouse controls for headtracking and sometimes games get confused between m/keyboard input and gamepad input … but what is the solution for me as a Vorpx user? How am I supposed to get around this problem? Do I just need to disable head tracking completely or is there another way to fix it?

    Whether there is or is not a solution, I feel like there should be a stickie in the forum about this issue because it seems to be a long standing one that isn’t limited to just me. A google search for “vorpx gamepad controls seem broken” will get you an endless series of hits like those below:

    Was something changed with gamepad settings?

    Gamepad unusable with VorpX. Switches to keyboard controls

    Skyrim gamepad Y-Axis broken after VorpX update

    Head Tracking breaks when using a controller in some games

    Update broke input?


    Ralph can we get a stickie on potential work arounds for this problem?


    Didn’t realize when I made this post that there is no official profile for Observer–so it’s possible the problems I’m dealing with are related to the unofficial profile and not Vorpx itself. My apologies for confusing the two.


    Uh, Ralf I’m going to ask you to delete my little rant if you see this. I shouldn’t have complained about issues with an unofficial profile.


    Since this is beneficial info for everyone trying to create profiles for games that can’t handle simultaneous mouse and gamepad input – and as you noted also a fairly common source of confusion, I’ll leave the thread here.

    vorpX comes with a fully configurable built in gamepad > mouse/kb mapper. That’s the solution for using a gamepad together with mouse based head tracking whenever a game can’t handle native gamepad and mouse at the same time. In official profiles it typically is enabled if necessary, but if you create a profile yourself and discover a game can’t handle simultaneous mouse and gamepad input, you have to configure it yourself.

    You can enable it on the Input page of the vorpX menu, the option is called ‘Xbox Gamepad Override’. You can either override everything (Full) or sticks and buttons separately (Partial). Most of the time a full override will be necessary, but if you’re lucky just overriding the offending stick can suffice occasionally, which – if it is enough – spares you the button remapping.

    Once configured the gamepad essentially acts as mouse/kb, so mouse based head tracking and a gamepad can be happily used together even if a game itself doesn’t support that.


    Very helpful and to the point post, Ralf. I’m going to go back and try Xbox Gamepad Override with that cloud profile and see how it goes. Thanks for the help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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