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    Topic closed. Please continue the discussion in the Cyberpunk Update Thread, while will serve as main hub for update information here on the forum.

    Something special to celebrate the birth of modern VR (and vorpX) almost 10 years ago. What a ride.

    Download now available here:


    wooow cyberpunk in G3D really and with all goodies vorpx can bring ???! woooowwwww this is going to be epiiiiiiic :D
    is it xmas already ? :)

    and 10 years already ! man time flies ! i jumped on the boat just in 2016 and since then i used vorpx so much, i think we, users, should be the ones giving back to you more.

    So Ralf, Thank you very much for everything, without you my VR headset would be full of dust but is actually shining haha ! thousands hours of VR fun with vorpx, yes thousands, i’m over 2000 hours in steamVR and i’m pretty sure at least 80% of it is while using vorpx.

    and while i’m at it, i wish a merry Xmas to you all vr enthusiasts.


    Thank you so much Ralf!


    only one thing. I did not understand, but is it a profile or a mod to be used over vorpx? and when will it be available? Christmas Day?


    Both. Exact release day isn’t 100% clear yet. Sometime next week.

    The next vorpX version wil have the mod included to make it easier for you guys, but this will also be standalone. A little extra thank you for the always exciting, yet far from always easy 10 years since I started working on what would then become vorpX.

    BTW: no (affordable) VR headsets existed at the time. This was the first self-built device that vorpX ever ran on. True cyberpunk if you want. ;)


    since cyberpunk profile works great with halo infinite, could it be that this mod also works with halo?


    No, sorry. It’s a full-blown game specific mod using Cyberpunk 2077 mod functions, not just a profile. vorpX is “just” the headset backend/framework. Similar to how GTA V and Read Dead Redemption II work since last summer.


    *standing ovation*

    Bear Walken

    Great news, thx Ralf. Perfect timing, I’ve recently started cyberpunk! I really love your work and can’t wait to try your mod.

    Happy 10th Anniversary and a good X-mas time!



    Vielen Dank, Ralf ! Ich wünsche dir frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr ! Du bist der beste !!!


    Both. Exact release day isn’t 100% clear yet. Sometime next week.

    ….. True cyberpunk if you want. ;)

    YOU ROCK!!!
    Thanks a lot…
    so we should then wait around next week..

    Nice headset hahahah also reminded me of MAX HEADROOM :P

    Love to read these good news… VR KEEPS growing every day :)
    Cheers and happy holidays for everyone


    Thanks Ralf, will be saving this for my second playthrough :)



    Even a year before consumer vr sets hit the market I saw a vorpX video on youtube. I knew right away that playing my games in real world scale 3D was what I wanted. I eagerly awaited for the Vive/Rift to ship, finally got mine, installed vorpX, and haven’t looked back since!

    The vorpX experience is really a game changer compared to playing on a monitor! I keep saying that more people need to try it.

    Thanks as always to Ralf, for sharing his passion project with us and striving to make it better and better.


    Wow ! real G3D for Cyberpunk ?!
    I’m thrilled !
    I’m already hooked on the current Z3D even with it’s downside; i can’t wait to test the G3D, but i guess i will tune down from 4k and full raytracing :D … until new highend GPU get released next year or 2023.


    With a high-end machine (fast CPU, RTX3080 or better) raytracing is possible at medium resolutions with DLSS, but my personal suggestion would be to rather go with a higher resolution and no raytracing. That’s also what the settings suggestions will show. While raytracing without a doubt makes the game look totally awesome, a crisper image in the end is the bigger overall benefit.

    Z3D stays available BTW without losing any of the other benefits the mod provides, like 6DOF tracking, auto EdgePeek and so on. So that will still be a perfectly valid choice.

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