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    windows 10 is great os, better than win7 really, and you can disable all tracking features from w10, no reason to not upgrade. except maybe if you have software who works only on w7 but still just make a double partition, one for W7 for some stuff, and w10 for gaming if you cant live without a w7 os.


    The increased range for immersive is much appreciated, and looking good in the P8k.

    Early testing in Metro Ex G3D is indeed performance heavy (~30 interior, ~20 exterior, settings to LOW at 1440p, 2080ti) but it’s looking great geometry-wise. Fortunately I’m somewhat accustomed to lower frame rates, though it’s a bit ironic as I just upgraded my graphics card last month for “better” performance 😆.

    I quite like how it looks in cinema mode at full zoom. Feels pretty good. Thanks for the profile.

    Question from an earlier topic: is the exe conflict override yet operational? How does it work?

    “Incidentally I’m right now trying a few things to make your life easier in regard to .exe conflicts with official profiles. The plan is to allow overrides by user profiles and just show a message on game start in that case. Would enable you to freely override any official profile…”

    I tried just now to make a new profile for an official game, but still get blocked by the “exe already assigned” prompt and can’t remove.


    I had to postpone the .exe overrides, sorry. I’d like to do it right, meaning that the original state gets restored when the user profile is deleted again. Sounds simple, but is more complex to implement into the profile system than one might think. Probably will cost me two or three days, which I didn’t have prior to release this time.

    Metro Exodus seems to be heavily CPU bound. Everything as expected with Z3D, but G3D performance is far worse than one would expect. Tested a bit on different GPUs today, runs almost as good (bad) on a 1070 as on a 1080Ti. Something is really strange about the game. Disabling shadow shaders helps massively (+50%), but still not quite where it should be. I’ll provide a new profile with shadows off per default in the planned hotfix probably as early as tomorrow.


    As a large open world game, Exodus looks pretty good in Z3D. I find the larger the spaces, the more z3D looks good. So I’m not too bummed about no G3D.


    Hmm, I wonder how big of a difference upgrading My cpu and motherboard from a 5820k to a 9700k would make since it sounds CPU bound? I was thinking it might be time for an upgrade for me but I don’t play a ton of CPU intensive games I guess.


    vorpX has been released.

    This is a hotfix release that addresses the issues below:

    • On Windows 7 some DX11 games could crash with SteamVR.
    • Metro Exodus: Shadows are now disabled per default with Geometry 3D for a 50-80% performance boost. If you already have vorpX 19.2.0 installed, either reset the profile to default or switch off shadows manually in the vorpX menu.
    • New headset render target size calculation slightly modified.

    Thank you very much Ralph for this fix… vorpx works fine now … and thank you very much for this amazing job on f1 2018… Very good job you are the best


    Nice :) I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying VorpX


    Yes, the shadows fix for Exodus does indeed help. I’m now able to keep a mostly stable 36fps needed for smart smoothing. Nice! Looks better too imo.

    I also picked up Mordhau this weekend and am having a great time. Excellent first person animations! It’s also one of the few games we get to play online with vorpX lately, so good choice. Thanks for the profile.

    It has me hoping we will see EAC support, as there are several on that list I am much eager to try :) (Hell Let Loose, Battalion 1944, Insurgency Sandstorm, Rising Storm Vietnam, Hunt Showdown, World War 3, Miscreated, Division 2 … just to name a few ;) )

    I really like how G3D looks in cinema full zoom on the Pimax8K. It covers almost 98% of the Pimax fov and feels pretty natural with the right settings. Now that immersive screen nearly matches that too, I can get similar results for cutscene games like Witcher3/ACOdyssey.

    Just saying I am quit enjoying the new update. Cheers.


    So I’ve been using the FOV Enhancement a lot lately to improve hand/weapon model distance to pretty good effect. Only drawback of course is the visible culling that creeps in. Perhaps to an unacceptable degree for some, but worth it to me for a better sense of occupying the character model space. So I’m very glad this tool exists.

    I understand why the culling occurs, but wonder if it isn’t a limit somehow possible to alter along the directx pipeline? Or through memory scan or however those FOV Changers work for certain games.

    Because if it were possible, imagine how effective it would be for so many games.

    I realize this would likely have been done long ago were it true, but I still had to ask :) . Could it be done? What would it take?


    vorpX 19.2.1 has been released.

    This is a maintenance release, mostly focusing on fixing a few issues that have been identified since 19.2.0. Also some minor improvements have been added, most notably automatic audio switching for Rift S.


    • Rift S audio switching support.
    • D3D9 improvements, may help in unsupported DX9 games that use state blocks.
    • D3D11 compatibility improvements
    • The actual value is shown for settings that are set to ‘Device Default’
    • vorpX shortcuts launch programs without hooking if the watcher is disabled.
    • To deal with Pimax’s new ‘Compatible With Vive Only Games’ setting a warning is shown if the headset is detected as Vive while Pimax software is running.
    • No more ~5 seconds hooking delay after a clean game exit. Now only delayed if a game hangs.


    • D3D9 Z3D pipeline init was incomplete (vorpX 18.1.5 regression).
    • D3D9 Z3D HUD scaling was not working anymore in some games despite the feature being available.
    • Z3D did not work anymore in various games when loading pre 19.1.0 profiles.
    • Fixed a rare crash condition that could occur occasionally with multithreaded games during init.
    • Game settings changed by DirectVR weren’t always saved for Metro: Exodus

    Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

    • The Long Dark: Geometry 3D was broken after game update, 3D HUD added
    • Tomb Raider Anniversary: fixed sea water glitch
    • Mass Effect 1-3: default to immersive screen mode now instead of cinema
    • Z3D base paramaters adjusted for various profiles


    In Resident Evil 7 the shadows appears to be broken with this new release of vorpx with nvidia Geforce 1070 GTX and the 430.86 driver.


    Huh, somehow I missed those release notes. Just ran a test with the old FC5 profile and Z3D seems to be working again. Thanks for the fix.

    By the way, any hints on whether picking up New Dawn during the summer sale might be worth while? Or any other new games for that matter? ;)

    Quick question: Any reason why an opengl profile won’t seem to save the main-eye setting?

    Everytime I restart the game that setting defaults to OFF. I’ve not encountered this before. Profile is based off Return to Castle Wolfenstein if that matters.


    Far cry 5 works now? Which profile?

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