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    vorpX has been released.

    This hotfix addresses a semi-severe issue that caused visual glitches in several D3D11 games, e.g. broken shadows in Resident Evil 7.

    Note to profile creators: the hotfix does not include the image zoom related changes I talked about here. These changes will be included in the next regular maintenance update. So don’t re-upload your profiles yet.

    vorpX has been released.

    This hotfix addresses a severe issue causing several DX9 games to crash on start. No other changes.

    • Some DX9 games could crash on start or when changing the game resolution (e.g. Outlast, The Darkness II)

    vorpX 19.2.2 has been released.

    This is a maintenance release, it’s most important change is support for Index and Windows Mixed Reality controllers, including full keyboard/gamepad mapping ingame visualization and (alternatively) animated hands.

    • SteamVR input redone. Now uses the (not so) new VRInput() system.
    • Valve Index controller support
    • Windows Mixed Reality controller support
    • Oculus Touch support in SteamVR mode
    • Fallout 76 Geometry 3D fixed (was broken with latest game version).
    • Correct hand/weapon scale for Skyrim/Skyrim SE
    • Positional tracking improvements
    • Unity 5 base profile fixed.
    • OpenVR (SteamVR) library updated to 1.4.18
    • Various minor fixes and improvements.

    vorpX 19.2.1 has been released.

    This is a maintenance release, mostly focusing on fixing a few issues that have been identified since 19.2.0. Also some minor improvements have been added, most notably automatic audio switching for Rift S.


    • Rift S audio switching support.
    • D3D9 improvements, may help in unsupported DX9 games using state blocks.
    • D3D11 compatibility improvements
    • The actual value is shown for settings that are set to ‘Device Default’
    • vorpX shortcuts launch programs without hooking if the watcher is disabled.
    • To deal with Pimax’s ‘Compatible With Vive Only Games’ setting a warning is shown if the headset is detected as Vive while Pimax software is running.
    • No more ~5 seconds hooking delay after a clean game exit. Now only delayed if a game hangs.


    • D3D9 Z3D pipeline init was incomplete (vorpX 18.1.5 regression).
    • D3D9 Z3D HUD scaling was not working anymore in some games despite the feature being available.
    • Z3D did not work anymore in various games when loading pre 19.1.0 profiles.
    • Fixed a rare crash condition that could occur occasionally with multithreaded games during init.
    • Game settings changed by DirectVR weren’t always saved for Metro: Exodus

    Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

    • The Long Dark: Geometry 3D was broken after game update, 3D HUD added
    • Tomb Raider Anniversary: fixed sea water glitch
    • Mass Effect 1-3: default to immersive screen mode now instead of cinema
    • Z3D base paramaters adjusted for various profiles

    vorpX has been released.

    This is a hotfix release that addresses the issues below:

    • On Windows 7 some DX11 games could crash with SteamVR.
    • Metro Exodus: Shadows are now disabled per default with Geometry 3D for a 50-80% performance boost. If you already have vorpX 19.2.0 installed, either reset the profile to default or switch off shadows manually in the vorpX menu.
    • New headset render target size calculation slightly modified.

    vorpX 19.2.0 has been released.

    Most prominent functional addition in this release is a C API for modders that provides easy, vendor agnostic access to headset properties like tracking or camera data and on top of that some vorpX specific functions for a streamlined user experience. If you are a modder working on a camera/FOV mod for a game, check the vorpX help for instructions and code samples. If you aren’t a modder yourself, spread the word!

    The release also comes with a variety of smaller improvements and of course new game profiles have been added as well as various existing profiles have been revisited and improved.

    For details please check this blog post.


    impressive change log once again.

    thankkkkks ! :)

    metro exodus G3D here i come :D


    I certainly appreciate this
    Config app remembers folder paths for various open/save dialogs between sessions

    Thank you very much for the update !


    G3D on Metro Exodus seems unplayable. Not sure if its just me. Shadows are really pooched, and aiming down the rifle scope is way off. The crosshair is outside of the scope. Tried restarting and playing with the settings.
    Luckily, Z3D still works just fine.


    Enable expert settings and then use the main eye option for aiming down the sights with G3D.

    Re other glitches: please get the Metro Exodus profile from the cloud (again). I reverted it to its original state for now, the quick G3D performance fix that I uploaded earlier apparently caused a bunch of other issues.


    It’s been so long since I used vorpx, how do we go about updating? If it’s already installed is there a self updater or do I need to like track down my serial numbers again etc?

    Edit: NVM, I didn’t RTFM

    >If you already own vorpX, it should auto-update when you start vorpX Control next time. If it doesn’t for some reason, simply use the web installer that you received when you purchased vorpX. It will download the latest version available.


    With the new update 19.2.0 my games f1 2017 and 2018 doesn’t work with vorpx please help me


    Gave Borderlands 1 GOTY Enhanced a try and it worked great in DirectVR, perfect tracking and scale, my only issue would be that it didn’t like my custom resolutions so i got only 1600×1050 or something like that avialable and it looked too blurry. This also happens in 2d, so i’ll look around how to set it up for higher res.

    Still amazing update Ralf, great job.


    I might be able to help with that: The game doesn’t support aspect ratios below 16:10, so the the usual 4:3 resolutions are ignored by DirectVR. If you have 16:9/16:10 custom resolutions above 1600×1050, DirectVR should utilize them though. Let me know if it doesn’t.

    Alternatively you can disable auto resolution on the DirectVR page and set any 16:9/16:10 resolution your PC supports manually.


    When the game start i have nothing in my htc vive… and in game As soon I move the htc vive the PC locks


    I have reinstalled vorpx and steam vr


    I’ll give that a try thanks!


    how to access in the menu of vorpx if the game doesn’t start in the htc?


    It’s exhausting.
    Whenever a update of Vorpx, I can not run a single game in VR.
    And this time, you can not find the location of the Vorpx directory to erase old files. Does it change place, name?
    C:\Users\”user”\AppData\Local\Animation Labs is empty
    I’m on Windows Seven 64Bits


    Tha data files have been moved to the global app data folder about three years ago: C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX.

    If you experience start crashes with some DX11 games on Windows 7, I’m working on it. A hotfix will be made available either later today or tomorrow.

    A general hint for the remaining Windows 7 users: VR headset owners with Windows 7 are slowly becoming an obscure minority. For Oculus Windows 7 is at 1.7% as of today according to their hardware survey, for SteamVR I would suspect a slightly, but not dramatically, higher number. There will be a time – probably not too far away – where the headset vendors decide to go Windows 10 only. Despite all the valid reasons you have not to make the jump to Windows 10 you might want to slowly start getting accustomed to the idea of a future without Windows 7.

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