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    No. Im not overreacting. One of my issues was fixed (there’s more… but I’m trying to play games not beta test). unfortunately I haven’t had time to test every game that I painstakingly set up to see if they still work now.


    Just let me know if you encounter any other issues that you think weren’t there before. Apart from the added support for more controllers and a highly important fix regarding positional tracking that you definitely want to have there weren’t really any general changes in this update.

    Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to provide support for multiple versions at the same time. Most people expect frequent updates these days, yet supporting many different versions at once is unfeasible even for larger organizations. That’s why you see more and more ‘forced’ updates everywhere. Even more true for a program like vorpX that has to work with literally hundreds of games, many of them getting frequent updates themselves that may (and do) break things on a regular basis, making it highly important to ensure everyone stays up-to-date.

    And as if that wasn’t enough already, also the VR runtimes from Valve and Oculus are still evolving at such a fast pace that relatively frequent updates are practically inevitable.


    vorpX has been released.

    This hotfix addresses a severe issue causing several DX9 games to crash on start. No other changes.

    • Some DX9 games could crash on start or when changing the game resolution (e.g. Outlast, The Darkness II)

    You didn’t do anything wrong. The camera hight modifier is now factored into the camera position caclulation in a different way as part of a fix regarding positional tracking feeling off when you rotate your head. A side effect of this fix is that earlier camera height values may have to be adjusted if you used the setting before. I usually take great care to ensure that the effect of settings changes as little as possible between versions, but in this case it was unavoidable unfortunately.

    Okay, thank you for the clarification Ralf. It wasn’t much of a problem. Thanks for the updates.


    Some DX9 games could crash on start or when changing the game resolution (e.g. Outlast, The Darkness II

    I am a little unshure, does this mean Darkness 2 is supposed to work now ? I am asking because it behaves just the same as HL2. Game showing on Monitor w. VorpX Logo, but not in HMD. (Win7/64)


    It is supposed to work and while I was at it I also fixed a few issues with the profile, most importantly misplaced fire effects.

    Please try the Steam version of the game, ideally on Windows 10. Let me know if that also doesn’t work. Outdated CD versions may not work as expected. In case you didn’t check that already, please also try to switch between windowed/fullscreen.


    vorpX has been released.

    This hotfix addresses a semi-severe issue that caused visual glitches in several D3D11 games, e.g. broken shadows in Resident Evil 7.

    Note to profile creators: the hotfix does not include the image zoom related changes I talked about here. These changes will be included in the next regular maintenance update. So don’t re-upload your profiles yet.


    Morning Ralf, thanks for the update.

    This hotfix addresses a semi-severe issue that caused visual glitches in several D3D11 games, e.g. broken shadows in Resident Evil 7.

    Do this mean we have to recheck all Dx11 profiles were we have disabled the shadows
    or is it only meant for RE7 ?


    Thanks for the update


    Forgive me for being a bit late on the update (lots of profile testing to backup), but I’m using it now and discovered one thing already:

    The camera height modifier no longer works in cinema modes. It works in fullVR mode, with previous settings needing slight readjustment as mentioned above, but is not responsive in cinema/immersive.

    I’m hoping this can be restored, as I use fullzoom cinema mode almost exclusively now for Pimax8k, and utilize the height modifier a lot. It helps greatly for more natural arms/weapon placement (not growing out of my neck), and lowering ironsights a tad when they are too in-your-face.

    Thanks again Ralf for the many fixes lately.


    If that is the case, it is definitely unintended. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll look into it. Probably related to a recent change that (on purpose) disables the camera height modifier when switching to EdgePeek mode.



    It is not possible to program an engine dll for versioning ?

    For exemple you can update version into one dll named and for the next version Into the software, you can assign in the profile of game the good version of DLL. It’s simple to speak and I know that’s not simple to program but I think this is a good way to get full compatibility.

    What do you think about that Ralf ?


    (maybe I’m reposting this, I can’t see it published, sorry)

    Can I get a downgrade please ? I think Windows 7 compatibility is broken from 19.2.0, if there were any option to Rollback … I can give it a try and tell you from when it’s broken. I think downgrading profiles also, can be a problem.

    I was thinking this was a problem with HL2, but after many many tries, no game in my computer is working as expected right now. The majority of them crash on launch, in everyone else i can’t see anything at all.

    But i get a clue, that can be helpful for you Ralf. Every game i can launch without crashing is rendering at the wrong resolution. First of all, every hud or menu is streched to a portion of the screen. I mean the monitor, there is no image at the hmd at all, but …

    I managed to enter the game in bioshock infinite, but every menu was broken (wrong cursor location), streched as always, and in-game … i was able to adjust DirectVR, and everything (3D) was zoomed. So I check it and: vorpx was rendering just that portion of the screen to the headset.

    So I think VorpX is just retrieving the wrong resolution, or something similiar. This can have something to do with these entries of the changelog:

    * New headset render target size calculation slightly modified.
    * D3D9 Z3D pipeline init was incomplete (vorpX 18.1.5 regression).
    * Z3D did not work anymore in various games when loading pre 19.1.0 profiles.
    * D3D9 Z3D HUD scaling was not working anymore in some games despite the feature being available.

    Please, give me some solution. I paid for this.
    As others said, i cannot recommend it knowing
    that it can just stop working someday because
    in windows 10 everything seems easy to the
    developer. At least release some kind
    of Legacy version when you get
    aware of the problem, if
    you are not going to
    work in a fix for
    archieve retro-



    If there was a Windows 7 issue, I would have been roasted already since releasing the last version. Also despite its dwindling user base it’s still tested here on a semi regular basis here. There definitely is no Windows 7 issue.

    For the DirectVR FOV in Bioshock Infinite to be correct make sure to set the game’s FOV slider (graphics options) to the rightmost position. There should be a message about that when you start the game.

    The cursor location in Bioshock Infinite is only correct in EdgePeek mode. That has always been the case.

    Also please do a factory reset in the config app to ensure everything is set to default.

    In regard to your hooking/crash issues first try to enable/disable alternative hooking in the config app. Only use the alternative method if the normal method does not work for a game. It’s not better, just different.

    if that does not help, check for potential hooking conflicts on your PC. The trouble shooting guide in the help lists a bunch of potential candidates.

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)
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