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    @ziopao the version number in the control panel is outdated. Check the bottom left window of your game while VorpX is attaching ;)


    I’m a bit disappointed lately to not see more G3D profiles for existing titles and new ones, but thanks for keeping VorpX up to date Ralph.


    Figured, I’m an idiot.
    Probably another stupid question, but I don’t like at all the new camera stuff that you guys implemented in RDR2, is there a way to get the normal camera back?


    @ onetoo:

    Thanks for the heads-up. There will be a maintenance update within the next 10 days or so that handles changing the texture detail enhancement smarter for DX11 games. That should help with the crash you encountered.

    @ ziopao:

    Not sure why you would want to do that, but you can disable the RDR2 mod that comes with the latest vorpX version by renaming vpxRDR2.dll in [vorpX Program Folder]\Plugins. That obviously also disables all other functionality the mod provides though, so you will limit yourself to how RDR2 worked before the mod was added.


    I know, but the fact that I can’t see the character body is kind of a dealbreaker for me, so yeah, I’m gonna wait till it gets a little more feature complete.


    Damn Ralf, this rocks! It improved quality image at mid resolutions by quite a lot! Even sub 1080p is palatable now on G3D! Thanks like always, thanks for your awesome job!
    Since you added AMD FidelityFX, is there any chance their “super resolution” upscaling too?(what a dumb name, jeez) Or its just not worth the trouble?


    That is already the case.

    It’s FSR, but just in case you fell for AMD’s marketing and thus expect some miracle, please keep your expectations in check. FSR is actually CAS + Lanczos like upscaling + a dirty lttle mipmap hack. Together that makes a pretty good upscaling technique, but not more. There is nothing miraculous about it at all.

    Note that FidelityFX works kind of the other way around than it does usually in games. Instead of rendering a game at a lower resolution to gain performance, vorpX uses the method to improve the image clarity while rendering the game at the same resolution as before.


    I just finished Bioshock Infinite with FSR on at medium, no issues and looked great all the way. Now let’s see how the DLC works, but I can imagine there won’t be any issues.


    It’s just the full setting that can be a bit janky in some DX11 games either when switching to full or changing the texture enhancement option. Shouldn’t be an issue anymore after the next update. Low and medium aren’t affected anyway.


    The game is so sharp now that I don’t mind to keep playing it on medium, but glad that a fix for high is coming.

    Once I’m done with the DLC it’s finally time for Cyberpunk, the comments here about how good it looks with FSR is really encouraging and the game seems to be finally reasonably bug free, so i can’t wait to play it with Vorpx.


    Is it normal, that after the update the Config Window still shows “version 21.2.1”? I even uninstalled and installed fresh with the web installer, still the same thing.


    Perfectly normal. There have been no changes to the config app, the actual version number is shown in the bottom/left corner of the game window.


    vorpX 21.3.1 has been released

    Every now and then it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning, occasionally even in late October. ;) That’s what this maintenance release is about: lots of annoyances and uncritical bugs fixed, also some minor improvements. Some things you may have noticed, others you probably haven’t. Reasonably complete changelog below:


    • Improved: Smarter profile merging during database updates.
    • Improved: Minor config app layout modernization.
    • Improved: Hooking conflict warning shown as overlay if hooking isn’t prevented.
    • Improved: Revised DXGI hooking.
    • Fixed: DirectVR scanner start via keyboard shortcut could fail (e.g. Borderlands 3).
    • Fixed: Some settings in the vorpX menu didn’t update properly occasionally.
    • Fixed: Resident Evil 2 FOV mod UI (and probably other mod UIs) weren’t visible.
    • Fixed: User shader definitions for official profiles were removed during update.
    • Fixed: Pixelated cinema/immersive screen with ‘Generic VR Headset’ device.
    • Fixed: Installing hook helpers could fail occasionally if requiring admin rights.
    • Fixed: DX12 settings weren’t handled correctly during database updates.
    • Fixed: DX11: switching to/from highest Clarity could occasionally crash some games.
    • Fixed: DX9: some vorpX UI elements drawn out of place under some circumstances.
    • Fixed: vorpControl didn’t exit cleanly when switching from admin to non-admin.
    • Fixed: Waiting for dialog confirmations wasn’t reliable under some circumstances.
    • Various other small fixes/improvements and some internal refactoring.

    Profile Changes/Fixes

    • Quake 4: fix for blurry textures on modern GPUs added to DirectVR auto settings.
    • Metro Exodus: a bunch of additional shadow shaders defined.
    • Borderlands 3: More reliable hooking, DirectVR tracking added, defaults fixed.
    • Fallout 4: hang on launch when run fullscreen in Generic 3D/headset mode.
    • Elder Scrolls Online: HUD shader definition fixed for latest game version.
    • Halo MCC: CE: DirectVR Weapon Hide added, G3D fixed for latest game version.
    • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: DX11 .exe detection fixed for latest game version.

    Yayyy, i’ll give Borderlands 3 a try asap!!


    So first, Bioshock Infinite can now be set up to high sharpness without crashing. I really couldn’t notice any big difference since the game was already pretty sharp, but it looked smoother performance wise, i don’t know if that makes any sense, nothing could make it stutter, playing with geo3d, ultra resolution in config settings and ultra quality in game options with 2080ti. Where I did notice the big improvement in sharpness was when in DLC 2 you go back to Columbia, I played the main game before the FSR sharpness update and it’s quite clear how much better it looks in comparison, but also performs a lot better, no matter that the scene was pretty packed, it was really smooth.

    Also Borderlands 3 now works great, I reset the profile to factory default and FOV was fine without touching anything, also after DirectVR scan the tracking is top notch, perfectly smooth. I tried geo3d and it was playable, but I simply prefer higher res with z3d, setting resolution to ultra, sharpness to high and the game was perfectly smooth and looked great, really what a difference DirectVR tracking makes, the only issue is that it can take several tries until it succeeds.

    So great work, thanks for the update Ralf!

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