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    NOW WE have 21.3.3 …

    this version will be remembered for years :9


    Maybe it’s clever to release no updates at the moment, because of the warnings by Publishers and Studios send to competitors in the modding scene ! Vorpx should be unobtrusive in these times. In addition to that there weren’t so much new game releases in 2022 less than in 2021 or 2020. In my opinion it’s time to work on the big things, in the quiet !


    Yes this precise gesture works beautifully in Sairento VR.


    Is VorpX dead?


    No it isn’t. It is alive, indeed.


    warnings by Publishers and Studios send to competitors in the modding scene !

    I wasn´t following those things lately so i probably missed a few details as to what is really behind studios/publishers sending out warnings and threats.

    So, what is behind this? I mean it´s not like VR-Modders, let alone vorpX is doing or supporting anything like piracy or to ask a similiar question:

    WTF is their goddamn problem with vr-modders?

    It looks like they aren´t really caring for vr, let alone new great vr-games to begin with, so WTF?

    I am also afraid that, if there wouldn´t be modders or software like vorpX, VR would already be at the brink of extinction probably coz those few nice games, even minor “great” games and even more mediocre crap games are not really helping VR in the best ways possible.

    ….and just don´t remind me of that Zuckerberg-Disaster they call “Metaverse”.

    I am afraid VR is stuck in a crisis and i hope i am terribly wrong with this assumption.


    WTF is their goddamn problem with vr-modders?

    I’m guessing they’re (potentially) considering re-releasing these games in VR form at some time in the future.


    Is VorpX dead?

    Was thinking the same thing, not an update this year so far. Not really on top of new games with official profiles.. So either the software is pretty done, meaning any profile in the list can go with any game. Or VorpX is dying.


    Why check something yourself when you can just as well ask someone. That’s so much easier, isn’t it? ;)

    vorpX is alive and welll, in this very moment it’s gaining functionality that makes it easier to use (virtual display) and seriously beefs up motion controller support (gestures).

    Fourth post from the top when you asked your question:

    vorpX 23.1.0 BETA

    The beta aside, you also have received several profile database updates since the last regular vorpX update, at least unless you disabled that.

Viewing 9 posts - 76 through 84 (of 84 total)
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