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    Is there a ‘Gestures for Idiots’ post I can refer to? It sounds most interesting, especially since it seems to imply the use of motion controllers. I looked under the General Discussions sub-fourm for the VorpX 23.5.1 release/update and could not seem to find a reference to this ‘gesture’.

    Also, I believe I only updated to the non-beta version. If I did want to go to beta, is there a standard way to do that?

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    Thank you for the response. I’ve gotten the VorpX icon back in my ‘Hidden Icons’ tray and can do all of the regular things with it. What seems to have solved it was restarting the computer after the update (after shutting it off last night and restarting it this morning), so all looks good right now.

    I’ve been on the Flatscreen to VR Mod Discord Channel, and saw a posting that the Titanfall 2 profile has been updated and looks great, so I’m going to give that a shot.

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    Thanks Ralf,
    I found out about the MotherVR mod for Alien: Isolation, and was going to try that out, which is why i was asking. But as I’m now running Windows 11, it turns out the MotherVR mod is more complicated to make work (e.g., like copying the game folder somewhere else and using a ‘mklink’ command to link the two folders).
    I think I’ll be staying with the VorpX solution.

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    Thank you all very much for your help. I’m definitely cut-n-pasting this so I don’t forget.

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    What I usually did was before using VorpX was starting up the game on flatscreen first, to where the default controls were usually mouse+keyboard. I would change controller settings from M+KB to gamepad (wireless Xbox 1 controller in my case). That usually kept me in controller mode when I would play from that point forward.

    Usually, if I died (as I did a lot in just finishing Bioshock Infinite), I would often ‘invalid Direct VR settings’.

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    I’m currently playing this game on a i7-8700, 16GB RAM, GTX1070Ti with a Valve Index (90Hz refresh, Motion Smoothing On). I’m not experiencing your issues with this game, but I have experienced similar issues with Outlast (where it supposedly has DirectVR available, but not for myself).
    Aside from having to lower Image Zoom to its lowest setting (0.40), while in FullVR/Pixel 1:1, in order to get a stable image, the graphics for Bioshock Infinite have been absolutely gorgeous.

    With regards to your inverted head tracking, one of the sub-menus within Vorpx deals with HMD tracking (if memory serves), and I believe there are a couple options where you can invert the x/y axis (useful if no DirectVR is available).
    Ralf would know for sure.
    Best of luck with B:I. I hope it works out for you.

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    Your perspective of certification for authors, rather than an individual game (for example), is an interesting one.
    For your consideration, could the ‘pass/fail’ criteria be included when an author is uploading a profile (e.g., like a spreadsheet attached to each profile, that contains your criteria, for which each uploader ‘should’ fill out when submitting a new profile). Then at your leisure, you could review the specific profile, and if it meets your criteria (and the spreadsheet is accurate), you give your blessing (e.g., alongside your official ‘voprX’ profile, there would be a ‘vorpX 3rd party certified’ title to it).

    Please keep in mind this input is from somebody who has yet to create a profile, and I do appreciate those profile authors (e.g., RJK and Paradise Decay; my apologies for anybody I may have slighted by not including their name here) who provide enough profile information to fully let me know what I’m getting into.

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    The idea certainly has merit, as long as the ‘Acceptable/Needs Work/Unacceptable’ Criteria is in place.
    For example (based on my perception only):
    – Is Full VR supported within the game? If not, does Immersive Mode allow for 360 degree head tracking?
    – Does the profile support Direct VR? If not, what profile settings provide the most stable image (e.g., Letterbox, 3D Strength)?
    – Does the game/profile require a specific DX setting (e.g. DX9, DX11)? As a side note, if the game upon launch allows a specific DX setting (e.g., Aliens Vs. Predator), or it can be changed in game, how can you change the DX setting otherwise (e.g., -d3dx11, or -force-d3dx11)?
    – What in-game graphical settings are required for a smooth experience? Or should this be ‘baked in’ to the profile itself? This is only mentioned because with the official vorpX profile, I do not alter any graphical settings
    – Whenever you update vorpX, do the profiles undergo recertification?
    – If the game is updated (e.g., via Steam), should the game build associated with the profile be listed? Should there be a recertification process for that?
    – Is the profile impacted by hardware capabilities (or is this game specific)?

    In looking through cloud profiles, some folks already do a great job detailing the capabilities/requirements that would match up nicely with what I think you are trying to accomplish.

    For some of my prior work experience, getting a ‘certified program’ started is usually not as big as a deal as making sure how the program is maintained/updated over time.

    I hope the above helps in some way.

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    The developer recently added a new beta version 1.40. I haven’t tried it out yet to see what difference it makes with regards to vorpX performance.

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    I appreciate the profile for Heavy Rain, and the knowledge on profiles for Detroit/Beyond. I saw a video on YouTube indicating a First Person Mod for Detroit that looked interesting, but can’t find anything (on YouTube, NexusMods, etc.) as to where this mod might be.
    Does anybody here know anything more about this potential mod?

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    Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for the profile. I gave it a shot, and here is what I came away with:
    1. Immersive and Cinema Modes are very good visually, but seem to require the gamepad for all moving and looking around.
    2. Unfortunately, for myself, I always try to see if I can get full camera control using the HMD (in this case, a Valve Index), so here is what I wound up using:
    – FullVR Mode
    – Letterbox 2
    – Zoom 0.77
    – HMD Sensitivity: 0.77
    – Everything else at default levels.

    The above settings gives myself a fairly stable image in FullVR (not as good as a game that has a Direct VR capability, but minimized enough to play without nausea), and the HMD sensitivity value gave me the ability to look more freely in all directions.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the recent beta. I gave it a shot, and here is what I came away with:
    – My specs: i7-8700, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070Ti with Valve Index (90Hz, Motion Smoothing On).
    – vorpX profile: the only G3D/positional profile in the vorpX cloud.
    – After doing a Direct VR scan while in FullVR mode, I was getting too much screen movement (e.g., nothing on the screen was staying in place when looking around). To resolve this, I had to make the following adjustments:
    = Had to use Letterbox 2 (Pixel 1:1 had screen movement and looked surprisingly flat; Letterbox 1 had better 3D but enough screen movement to be annoying).
    = Had to reduce Image Zoom to 0.77 to get the image to be completely stable. I think this screwed my sense of scale on how big I was relative to the environment.
    = 3D scale/strength was around 0.88. The more I increased it, the smaller the environment became, and I really felt like a giant in a small world.
    = Once I got a weapon, it was literally out in front of my face, partially obscuring my view. I had to physically step forward to put the gun out of my FOV. Zooming in with the weapon caused the screen to start moving again, so I stopped using zoom real quick.

    Your ae correct the game is more fun to play with vorpX, and had better 3D (i.e. you can tell there’s some 3D, but for myself, it is not ‘pop-out’ 3D.

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    I recently completed Bioshock 2 Remastered, and overall had a great time. Observations are as follows:
    – Played on a i7-8700, 16GB RAM. GTX1070Ti with a Valve Index (90Hz, Motion Smoothing On) while standing. I know my rig is old, but three words spell it out (kid in college).
    – Played in Full VR with the only adjustments being the HUD display to see things like Health and Plasmid Levels, and deciding how much of the helmet was in my Feld of View.
    – I played Remastered over the vanilla version because vanilla was causing so many game crashes I stopped playing the game. Remastered was much more stable for myself, but the visuals were not as clean as what the vanilla version provided. Remastered had its crashes as well, but far less than vanilla.
    – Playing while being inside the helmet was great fun. I could actually lean forward with my head, and it felt like I was able to see more of the environment. This was fun because it made me feel like I was inside of the helmet, and greatly enhanced the immersive aspects of the experience.
    – My biggest issues were that: (i) my hands/weapons felt too big, (ii) my default height felt too short (but was adjustable if memory serves), and (iii) the weapons had no collision detection, so they often went ‘into’ objects.
    – Direct VR usage was essential, and really helped to stabilize the image, and made looking around in the Bioshock universe so enjoyable.
    – There were often graphical issues, like where shadows did quite match with objects, or where background items had a different blackness level compared to nearby objects, but ultimately were non-issues before vorpX was able to put me in the Bioshock universe in a way that I enjoyed.

    I played Bioshock 1 on a flatscreen about three years ago, and had a great time. I’ve played the Bioshock-themed workshop level on Half-Life Alyx, and also had a great time. Bioshock 2 Remastered was better because I got to live in the world while experiencing a full campaign with an engaging storyline.

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    Thank you very much for the video. This is very timely, particularly since Steam is having a RE sale. What would one go to get the 1st person mod (e.g., I did not notice anything available on Nexus Mods)?

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    When I last tried the hidden Oculus option (a year plus ago), it worked, but left me with the feeling like I was in the front row at a movie theater (it was near impossible to see the HUD display(s)).

    The vorpX G3D option, in my experience only, works better than the hidden Oculus option, but for my default game/vorpX settings, I think my graphics card (GTX 1070Ti) isn’t up to the task, as the 3D is great, but the graphics have enough pixilation going on, that looking at certain buildings felt like an early 32-bit version (e.g., Playstation or Sega Saturn).

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