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  • in reply to: Black Mesa doesn't work #104457

    It works on my side, but I own a rift, not a vive.

    in reply to: Planetside 2 no longer works. #104425

    ok , exact, it crashes when used like this (related to lauchpad.exe).

    here I did to be able to run it :

    1. run the game without VorpX running, then set the game in windows mode.
    2. close game
    3. go to your “Steam\steamapps\common\PlanetSide 2”
    4. locate launchpad.exe
    5. right click for properties and go to compatibility tab
    6. set run in windows 8
    7. check Disable blah blah for high resolutions
    8. apply and close.

    9. run Vorpx
    10. set Vorpx watcher in pause (right clikc on icon bottom right, and “Pause watcher”
    11. run (from steam or wherever) planetside 2. it launches the launcher of the game
    12. when it is fully opened (ready to play), re-enable Vorpx watcher (right clikc icon blahblah)

    13. Enjoy.

    I tested on my side with win 10 , planetside 64bits, and oculus rift. I do not know why launcher is a problem with Vorpx watcher. Ralf may have an idea, but seems related to watcher when it “check” process running or whatever. I already tried to exclude launchpad.exe but no luck)

    last, but not least : I went to main window in game, and in parameters menus, I did not go in game, but it is already a good point :)

    in reply to: Planetside 2 no longer works. #104417

    I will test tonight and tell you if it works on my side.

    in reply to: Vorpx doesn't work. #104416

    Then enjoy :)

    It seems something wrong with your original user profile (registry entries, appdata stuf etc), and it would take too much hard work to identify what.

    I recommend to you to try to switch your user’s documents to the new profile and work with that.

    That is good, is before Win7-10, several time , to fix this kind of problem, a full reinstall of windows was required !

    lucky for us that win 7 and 10 are more stable :)

    Ralf should add this tips to the basic troubleshooting guide.

    in reply to: Vorpx doesn't work. #104374

    Error code 2 means that vorpX can’t find its profile directory.

    Are you maybe using an unusual configuration? Installing vorpX with a user that does not have admin rights may cause this issue. Probably the first run after the installation is done with admin rights in this case, hence it works for the first run.

    If that is the case, please give the user admin rights for installing vorpX in the Windows control panel. You can restrict the users rights again after the installation.

    Quote from Ralf.

    I forgot to tell you to give administrator role to the created user.

    Did you ? (Do it using your regular account, then log back with the new account.
    Then uninstall vorpx, then reinstall it with right click run as administrator.
    Then launch it.

    Let s see.

    in reply to: Vorpx doesn't work. #104369

    well now let s try to find why vc runtime crashed.

    it can be related to issue with vc redis, and it can be related to a conflict between procedure call.

    which version of vcredis did you reinstall/repair ? 2010, 12 13 or 15?

    also, one thing you can try, to check if it could be related to your user profile, is to create an another account in windows to test, then login in and run again Vorpx. check if it runs.
    just to see the result.

    here a link with the procedure to create an another account in case of

    in reply to: Vorpx doesn't work. #104358

    Vorpx, if it crashed, wrote something on my side in eventlog.

    could check your application eventlog if you see a message when you open vorpx ?

    start/run eventvwr.msc and check in windows section, application eventlog.

    then start vorpx and refresh the eventlog.

    by luck you may have a message which can help

    in reply to: Black Mesa doesn't work #104357


    did you import my profile into your local profil repository ?

    and so :

    could you check if you have in task manager vorpcontrol.exe and vorpcontrol64.dat processes running ?

    and last but not least : in orginal profile (Vorpx one) it tries to detect hl2.exe . but in fact black mesa is using another exe on my side BMsomething.exe that s yhy I created to profile.

    on my side, I first started the game normally (without vorpx), then set graphics option in 800×600 in windows mode 4:3 . then I closed the game and loaded oculus , then vorpx, then Black mesa (through steam)

    it is the way I followed to run it in my rift

    in reply to: I Need Help #104342

    Yeah for most games, set them in windowed mode fix a lot of issue with cv1

    in reply to: Vive + Skyrim #104341

    For me your config is ok.

    You can use steam vr performance test, available in steam, or 3dmark to validate performance.

    in reply to: Vorpx doesn't work. #104340

    Did you run the vorpx web setup as administrator ?

    in reply to: Audio comes out of speakers, not Rift. #104339

    I have the same issue here.

    Fixed on my side, set audio as default on rift, then back default to sound card, and it fixed the auto switching.

    Imo i think it was related to oculus driver on my side.

    in reply to: Black Mesa doesn't work #104335


    I created a profile in the cloud for black Mesa and it works on my side.

    it is a draft, then you will need to customize.



    Hi, it is fixed. I added an exclusion in comodo regarding injection.

    I will create a post related to comodo and Vorpx.



    Okay, found that Comodo is preventing vorpcontrol64.dat to run. ( I uninstalled the comodo security to test)

    and now the dat file load in memory.

    the bad thing is I did not find how to exclude this dat file from comodo lol.

    I would not change my AV.

    I ll keep to test.


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