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    I’m only about a year too early, but lets get the hype ball rollin. If vorpX supports Cyberpunk 2077 when it comes out, I might as well have died and gone to heaven. No pressure.

    But seriously, you must keep us notified Ralf if you find out any engine details or such which might point to a “maybe” or a “definitely not” as it get closer. With your usual disclaimer of course. ;)


    Since Cyberpunk was announced to have Raytracing, it has a chance to be DX12 (or Vulkan) only, which VorpX doesn’t support. Though this is unlikely, it will probably have DX11 support and a similar engine to Witcher 3, which VorpX do support. But if it is DX12 or Vulkan only, this would be a huge incentive for VorpX to add support for one of them.


    It’s supposed to be on a reworked version of the Witcher 3 engine. It will most likely have DX11. There is a chance someone hooks on the Witcher 3 profile day one is possible, hell I know I’m gonna try ;)


    I think Witcher 3 will very likely save us. And if not perfect on day one, I have to imagine this game will take top priority on the asap list – much like an Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

    Been testing out W3 G3D this week actually and adding a few mods. Looking pretty good. Soon time to restart this big adventure, this time in VR!


    I wonder that Witcher 3 being third person and Cyberpunk being first person will create some kind of incompatibility between profiles.


    i just cant wait for it…
    but it will ask a monster pc to run it i bet in g3d…


    Other than z3d, this game in VR will destroy my rig for sure.


    Ha! I came here to write a new topic with the title “Ralf, are you excited for Cyberpunk 2077?” – but i see, i’m not the first on the hype train. :)

    TW3 is my GGOAT (greatest game of all time), and i tried it in Z3D and it works very very well. I figured that since CP2077 uses a new version of the same engine, it should be easy to make it run in vorpX.

    Regarding the API: AFAIK the ray-tracing setting is optional, so i doubt that it will be DX12 only. CDPR, like any business, wants to maximize install base and profits, so i’m quite sure they will include a DX11 path as a minimum.

    Ofc, DX12 vorpX support would be a nice thing to have, for compatibility with new games.


    @ jjensson I had the same “dream” as you with Rage 2. Rage 2 used the same engine as Mad Max and Just Cause, which is supported by vorpx. So I thought, no problem man, Im gonna live out my Mad Max life in rage 2 for a while with vorpx.
    But id-software switched the render, so it used vulkan instead of dx :(
    So i canĀ“t play it in vr :(

    Ralf talked about that there could come some support for vulkan, which I hope for.
    I would not mind to buy a dx12/vulkan upgrade for my vorpx licens, if that could help speed up the progress :)


    You’re right. I just looked up Vulcan compatibility and it turns out that even nVidia 600 series support the API.

    Luckily CP2077 will be so crazy popular that in case it doesn’t work out of the box, Ralf will get flooded with requests and will have the justification to invest the time. :)

    I’m not opposed to paying for big upgrades either, as long as they’re optional and don’t occur too often (every 3 years is a good compromise IMO).


    This game is going to support RTX so that means it’s a DX12 game now with Windows 7 having limited subset of DX12 this means the game wouldn’t work the current state of Vorpx. I would be careful about preordering a game that will not run of stock and might not work with Vorpx.


    They confirmed that it will have a FOV slider.


    ➕1️⃣ for an official Cyberpunk 2077 profile.



    I’m sure now, that Ralf will release an official profile earlier than the first bigger patch by CDPR will be released.


    +1 please!

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