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    Not a known bug. At least I didn’t encounter anything like that. Played the whole ‘Nomad’ start several times, beginning in the badlands until after the first mission in the city and did plenty of walking/driving around in the city after that point, also loading checkpoints does not cause any FPS drops here.

    Only thing I can (theoretically) imagine is that maybe changing the location / loading a checkpoint pushes your GPU or system in general over some resource limit with your settings. Worth a shot to try with lower (mainly less memory intense) graphics settings and see whether that helps.

    Also please try to reset the profile to default in the vorpX config app, just in case.

    And since there are already quite a few mods for the game: please try with an unmodded game in case you have installed any mods.


    I was reading the latest patch notes and noticed that they “Removed the memory_pool_budgets.csv file. which was not connected with the final version of the game and had no influence on it”.

    So, for you guys claiming that editing the file improved performance, it didn’t.


    Requesting some guidance please <3

    My main issue is the field of view in normal mode is too zoomed in, it’s only really playable on Edgepeak mode which is a sacrifice. I tried the FOV mod from the pressstart profile but it crashes the game (change of config file)

    My mouse sensitivity is too sensitive, if I change it I lose good tracking on the headset.

    Any pointers please?

    Sincere apologies if this has been covered but it’s a bit hard to go through 24 pages.


    Thank you for your response Ralf. I have no mods and the profile was reset yesterday, so it looks that’s what you said, some resource limit, maybe the GPU memory. It’s a 2080 but maybe 8 GB are falling short with graphic settings at max.

    Kind regards and happy new year!


    @ aaa : You shouldn’t have to do anything FOV related except restarting the game once when vorpX recommends a restart due to settings changes. The FOV value in the game options should read 115 afterwards. If it does, everything is right.


    Hi, my father is trying to play the game with his HP Reverb G2. But he can’t because the controllers aren’t compatible. Selecting the Valve Index work the most of the buttons but some essentials like the Start button doesn’t works. The HP Reverb G2 has different controllers than WMR standard. They’re like WMR + Valve.


    I don’t have a G2 yet, so I can’t really say currently whether its controllers may need some special treatment. They do look a lot like Oculus Touch controllers though button wise, so trying the Touch preset is worth a shot.

    If that also doesn’t work with the G2 controllers, mouse and keyboard or an actual gamepad are the best available options currently.


    I thought 100 was the max fov vorpx was setting it to. Or has this changed recently? If so, can the same vorpx technique be used to set the fov to 115 for immersive mode? Or should I just get the mod?


    Since 21.1.1 vorpX automatically adjusts the FOV. It also does that in immersive mode, but will choose a different (probably lower) value in that case. You can apply an +/- 20° offset on the DirectVR page of the vorpX menu.

    Caveat: Only touch this setting in immersive/cinema mode, never in FullVR mode. In FullVR mode the value chosen by vorpX is always precisely calculated to match the headset FOV, so any offset leads to a wrong FOV.


    Good to know thx.


    is better 2.0 or 3.0 for z-normal?

    and the 2nd parameter, 0.50, 0.75 or?


    Ralf I just checked again, FOV is 100 and mouse is TOOOO sensitive. How to reset / reconfigure?

    Thank you <3


    You can reset profiles in the config app, either on the local profiles or on the trouble shooting page.

    if you changed the mouse sensitivity, you would to reset it in the game options, vorpX doesn’t change it.


    Just received my G2, long time I didn’t use Vorpx since I sold my Reverb G1.
    I7 9700k, 2080 Ti
    So give it a try and too much judger even with low preset so not a graphic settings problem, I have constant 45 FPS on high settings but judger…
    Any idea?


    my settings

    Resolution: 2880×2400

    Graphic settings:

    all Shadows Medium
    RTX Medium, Reflexions on, but RTX shadows off
    DLSS Auto
    Colour Precision High
    Slow hdd mode (even if SSD)
    NPC Density Medium
    FOV 115

    Fluidsync On

    Nvidia Control Panel:
    Sharpen 1.0 (extra sharpening for G2)


    1. Realistic Driving Experience
    (Try to drive in First Person in Edge Peak with lower 3D)

    2. Better Minimap Transparent

Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 371 total)
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