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    There is no way to detect this withouth a mod, but I wonder how would it feel if the eye implant scene only play in the left (I think) eye? Also, is the UI 3D, does it look like a see-through curved monitor in front of your face?


    The update that includes the profile ( is online now.


    Is z3d in cyb2077 more demanding in hardware requirement, compared to gta5?
    I have GTX 1060

    Fullvr, but for fov ?


    Looks gorgeous!! I did notice some glitchy depth layers going on in certain areas. (The training module among other places). I changed my graphics quality settings to accomodate my GPU, not sure if that affected it. Is there anything I need to watch out for which may cause these?
    In any case, quite playable, and I’m sure a hotfix down the road might address these.


    Merci beaucoup Ralf !

    I will try this soon :)


    Oh while waiting my game downloading, i’m wondering… Even if i bet it will need an incredible computeur…

    Is it compatible with ray tracing? Ok you will run 20 fps, but is it theorically possible and working actually?

    Also, for DLSS, i bet it’s already working just like in Death Stranding.


    @ dborosev: Again a game that switches the depth buffer occasionally. Tracking these changes worked fine for me here except for one cutscene. I skipped the tutorial area though. I’ll play a bit more later and keep an eye on it, but from the part I played (starting outside the city in my case until after the first mission in the city) I’m fairly certain depth extraction should be largely stable.

    Depth is a lot stronger than in most other Z3D profiles though to make it work better in interiors, so there will be a bit more noticable shimmer around objects. Don’t touch any 3D related settings, i.e. use ‘Z-Normal’ and don’t crank 3D up beyond the default, default in this case means already about three times more stereo separation than the maximum would be in other Z3D profiles. If in doubt, reset the profile to default in the config app.


    does anyone have some good in-game graphics settings for running the vorpx in z3d for rtx 3080?


    That’s what I used incidentally. I didn’t change anything from what the game chose as default for my PC except for disabling motion blur and film grain, which should be done automatically by vorpX now. In general try to find something that provides a stable framerate above half your headset’s refresh rate. Best thing to get some extra FPS will probably be disabling raytracing, which seems to be on per default with a 3080.

    What might make sense on the vorpX side is enabling FluidSync to cap the game frame rate at half the headset refresh rate. Worked fine for me without, but I didn’t check on a more ‘normal’ PC yet, where that might definitely be a good idea for a game as demanding as this.


    thank you Ralf :)))))))
    incredibly fast profile release !!!


    Thanks Ralf.


    After some more testing I think FluidSync should definitely be on for this game. I’ll upload another hotfix that forces it to ‘Auto’ on every game start, which usually will mean ‘On’ unless 90fps (or whetever your headset uses normally) can be reached safely. Seems to be the best way to (literally) ensure smooth operation for everyone.


    can we expect G3D sometime in the not too distant future?


    not in dx12, and it would cost you half of your fps, too !


    Has anyone tried this using virtual desktop as well?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 371 total)
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