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    Thanks for the grip fix, im sure it will help.

    While I do agree with you about accidentaly triggering grip, I also know precisely how tightly I tend to grip the controller as to avoid that.

    In other games I usually go to “SteamVR input bindings ui” and I can usually adjust the pressure sensitivity but for some reason for Cyberpunk the grip binding is configured as pressure grip but doesn’t have the amount of pressure changeable (which it usually does)

    Since everyones likely to have a different opinion on this would it be a massive problem to allow the sensitivity to be something we can control? Isn’t it literally exposing a variable?


    You can aim with your head in ADS mode since a while.

    Weird, for me when I ADS the whole screen is locked to my head and the right stick only turns me left to right.

    do I inadvertantly have some option checked that I shouldn’t have?


    Index grip:

    Not really a big deal technically. Just my eternal fight against options lists as long as New York’s phone book. Try the hotfix based on your second idea and let me know how that works for you. I’m really happy with the outcome of your suggestion.

    ADS head aim:

    There is a sensitivity setting in the menu. Something around 1.0 should usually be the right choice.


    Thanks Ralf, your fix for my start menu works perfectly! (Yes, good guess, I use a mod to skip the intro videos.)

    It looks like the “cap framerate” setting still always defaults to “ON” and I switch it to “off” every time. Fixable?


    Can someone make a youtube video of gestures in action. I want to see what this is all about, thanks


    @ Demuse:

    I’ll look into that, forgot about it before the last update.

    @ slydog43:

    You have to try this for yourself. A video doesn’t really help to fully get what it adds to immersion.

    Basically some game actions can be performed with realistic gestures instead of pressing buttons or using thumbsticks. E.g. driving, punching, blocking or grenade throwing more or less work and feel like doing the same in a native VR game with motion controllers. Other gestures like aiming aren’t quite as close, but still much more immersive than just pressing a button.


    Ok so I tried the gestures last night, and they are kind of cool. The change made for the Index Grips is definetly an improvement, but I wonder if its possible to no release the hold while there are any fingers on the grip at all.

    I find it very uncomfortable to maintain the grip state while also holding down the Left trigger (LB) while adjusting my position to line up what I want to scan and the shift my thumb over to the X button to initiate the scan without losing just enough grip pressure to lose the shift state altogether.

    This isnt helped by the fact that the index controllers are ergonomic @$$ to begin with.


    This is probably a huge ask, but I feel like with the new gestures it would make more sense if when you are in the aiming position that moving left right up and down with your hands could control the cursor like a mouse so it feels like you are actually pointing at what you are shooting at rather than head based control.

    Edit: Adding a one hand straight out in front gesture for one handed shooting would be cool, if this also switched into a mouse aim mode.

    Also while i see the potential in the steering wheel gesture I was literally all over the road. Is there a way to adjust the steering sensitivity?

    I know this is starting to sound like nothing but complaints, but one more request

    at the beginning of the game there’s a training robot for boxing with. Maybe a punch gesture would also make sense.


    Does this work with version 1.5?


    Don’t know yet, downloading right now. Probably not though, the mod uses the Cyber Engine Tweaks modding framework and that is highly unlikely to still work after a huge game patch.

    I’ll let you know as soon as I know for sure in an hour or so. For the time being I’d recommend to delay the update. If it breaks the VR mod, it also breaks all other mods that use CET.


    Just a heads-up that the mod is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PATCH 1.5 currently. Should work again as soon as the Cyber Engine Tweaks modding framework gets updated for Cyberpunk 1.5.


    That was a lot quicker than expected. I was just about to go to bed when I saw it…

    The mod update is also ready. Just installing the new CET version isn’t fully enough, the scalable HUD also had to be redone in addition to that, so you have to reinstall the mod.

    You can grab the new version here (includes the updated CET).


    On a sidenote: Looks as if 1.5 uses a newer DLSS version now that appears to be considerably better than the one the game used before.

    New graphics detail recommendation for RTX cards: still leave raytracing off, but set DLSS to ‘Balanced’ and then crank up the resolution as high as your GPU allows. With an RTX 3080 at medium graphics details that yields playable framerates (even in crowded areas) at 2400p, which looks completely awesome.


    That’s some fast work! I’ve been trying to wait this one out a bit and finish a few other games instead, while Cyberpunk actually becomes a finished product. This is all *so* tempting though, dang it! (Note, I’ve looked-up a couple YouTubes comparing the two latest patches already, and it does look at this point as if the 1.5 update has dramatically impacted frame-rates. People might want to consider making a backup of your 1.31 install just in case. Example ).

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 930 total)
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