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    Thanks for checking. Not really an issue luckily, everything that makes sense in respect to enhancing image quality via post fx is built-in already.

    Using the internal FSR (‘Super Resolution’) upscaling is actually the best way to do it anyway since it is applied at exactly the right point time during the rendering process, so that instead of first applying an image enhancing upscaler/sharpening filter and then degrade the image quality again by doing another (bilinear) scaling operation later, there is only one scaling operation performed with the FSR upscaler.

    One of the things where a fully custom built rendering pipeline has its advantages over building something on top of existing components.


    Just locked in the best performing settings on my 3080Ti,5800x I’ve ever had with this mod.

    With these settings I’m hitting high 60’s in the El Coyote bar and I’ve seen framerates as high as 85fps in some areas.

    Normally on Quest the image looks garbage on anything less than phenomenal. But thanks to the latest DLSS version here

    I can get it to look really good with Vorpx set to “Nicer” & DLSS set to Quality, 0.1 sharpness.

    FSR in Vorpx set to Low 1.3 sharpness

    The trick that did it for me was disabling the framerate cap and tracking prediction. Oculus ASW is on “Auto” in the Oculus Debug Tool I made no changes to that, but it doesn’t seem to do anything( at least to the frame counter) as my framerate doesn’t seem to lock to 45. It just feels smoother to me almost as smooth as that “other mod”.

    I have attached my Vorpx settings here, just extract it into your vpxCP2077 folder. Its just the ini files for Oculus devices. Hope it helps.

    Super Fast Oculus Settings


    Great, thanks for the post.

    If it doesn’t have any effect on your framerate, setting the ‘Clarity’ option in vorpX to ‘Medium’ will give you another subtle image quality boost since it enables a higher quality (yet more demanding) upscaling algorithm. Doesn’t change much, but if it doesn’t have any effect on FPS, it can’t hurt either.


    May have found a bug. When I set Cap FPS to off that setting specifically doesnt persist. Next time I launch the game its On again.

    But on to other awesome discoveries.

    This mod

    It disables the forced TAA in the game. Download and install the ini file version (the second link in the files section) this will also cause DLSS not to work, but the trade off may be worth it.

    Disabling TAA totally improves the image quality. All of the hazy ghosting that happens around the edges of objects is gone. The trade of is a bit more aliasing/shimmering but I’d take some crisp jaggy edges over fuzzy ghosting.

    You can mitigate some of the aliasing by raising the resolution.


    It disables the forced TAA in the game. Download and install the ini file version (the second link in the files section) this will also cause DLSS not to work, but the trade off may be worth it.

    It’s a major bummer than DLSS is (I think) *always* tied the use of TAA. Hopefully this will someday change. Unfortunately TAA must be super-easy to implement or something, because soooooo many current games offer only TAA; and it’s *ghastly horrible!*

    With Cyberpunk disabling TAA causes other issues at well; weird lighting glitches etc. I’ve tried it OFF, and have so-far found so many other problems that I’ve just left it on.


    First, the mod great :)
    Second, I will be happy to see those motion control as a optional in Vorpx menu for shooter game.

    Thank you for the good work! :)


    The motion controls are optional already. There is a setting in the Vorpx menu.

    Edit: Oh you mean in standard Vorpx? Yes I think he said that is coming.


    Yes, motion controller gestures are also coming to other games. Typically with less gestures per game (e.g. shooters with shooting gestures, driving games with driving gestures etc), but there also are two more BIG titles where vorpX has a dedicated mod portion similar to Cyberpunk that gives me the information necesssary to know whether e.g. the player is currently driving a car, holding a gun etc: GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II. So those will get the full treatment with different gestures based on gameplay state in the next vorpX update.


    Funny how I was able to get VERY smooth Ultra settings at 1920×1080 with ridiculously impressive framerates on my RTX 2060, 16gb RAM laptop.
    I switched the Vorpx resolution to Ok-ish and cranked up the in-game quality to Ultra.
    I however either reduced or turned off certain features I wouldn’t need:
    Volumetric clouds- OFF
    Volumetric fog- MEDIUM
    Motion Blur- This is tricky, because it kinda solves the dizzying, rotating issue but ultimately blurs your weapons. The Mantis blades looked ugly. Anyways, I turned it off.
    Now here’s a heads-up: Once you change these settings, RESTART the game & once it loads, give it some 20-30 seconds to fully load and BOOM!
    Worked for me.


    Ralf, I was just thinking. So you know how you have the grenade gesture in the right hand?

    In the game the character actually reaches to the right chest with the left hand and kind of throws it with a tennis backhand motion.

    It woukd be so immersive if you could match the gesture to the one in game because it wouod really feel 1:1


    I had originally decided against that since I figured the main hand throwing move would be more intuitive for those who don’t check the tutorial carefully.

    Meanwhile the gesture system has multi gestures though that let me easily assign more than one gesture to an action (used e.g. for melee), so that’s actually a good idea. If it doesn’t conflict with some other gesture, I’ll add that for the next build. You’d then be able to use both.


    Awesome, I look forward to it.


    Has anyone got this mod working good with a Vive Cosmos, if so what are your headset settings, Steam vr settings, Vorpx settings? i have one and an Oculus Rift S, i can get it working good on the Rift but on the Cosmos it is pretty bad, very shaky/jittery. My Rift is pretty beaten up, still working for the moment but just in case it breaks i would like to have the Cosmos as a backup.


    Ignore my previous post, was testing out the Cosmos on other games (Half Life Alyx & Assetto Corsa) and the Cosmos is just not very good compared to the Rift S, performance wise on those games it seems ok but the picture clarity is rubbish, guess i’ll just keep it as an emergency backup.


    Hello, first wanted to say thank you Ralf for creating such an incredible mod! Cyberpunk in VR is a dream come true and easily one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life.

    Unfortunately a couple days ago vorpx and Cyberpunk starting acting up and after several hours of trouble shooting I’m still at a loss. The main problems are Cyberpunk crashes very frequently now on startup (hit play, nothing happens, or game crashes). After restarts and many attempts, if I am able to launch the game then it always starts in 1024×768 resolution, and the HUD has moved far into the corners and can’t be seen anymore. Before this HUD problem I could see the map in the top right corner, now it is barely visible and can only be seen seen in edge peak mode.

    In addition, I also noticed other new problems such as chat options in conversations showing up as blank (you can only read the options if you select over them).

    I have tried uninstalling vorpx, reinstalling, verifying game files for Cyberpunk, etc. Also checked drivers, tried deleting the game cache files. It’s all quite frustrating because two days ago the game was running just wonderfully and as far as I know I haven’t changed anything on my system. My computer is running Core i7 10700KF, RTX 3080, 32gb ram, with valve index.

    Has anyone else run into these problems out of nowhere and been able to fix them? Any help is greatly appreciated as I was just getting back into this game. Thank you for your time.

Viewing 15 posts - 376 through 390 (of 930 total)
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