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    Encountered the ‘Evelyn at Lizzie’s bar’ glitch too during testing. Just a guess, but after fumbling around a while to get that resolved my final conclusion was that maybe the level designer who scripted the sequence forgot to set some some flag. Essentially the game doesn’t seem to report a player state change after the conversation ends, hence the mod is still in conversation mode while walking to Judy’s room. Fairly weird. When you save/reload later in Judy’s room, the state is reported correctly and thus the mod correctly is in gameplay mode.


    Tried this mod, it looks great but im getting glitchy graphics, there is a ghost around objects that’s in really low resolution & pixelated. Only turning off the 3d gets rid of it. It seems worse on objects up close. Any suggestions?


    Tried this mod, it looks great but im getting glitchy graphics, there is a ghost around objects that’s in really low resolution & pixelated. Only turning off the 3d gets rid of it. It seems worse on objects up close. Any suggestions?

    Yeah, we commonly call those artifacts, or halos, or just distortion. It unfortunately turns out that even in AFR mode you’ll get them due to Cyberpunk using TAA for antialiasing, and there is no G3D mode (would probably be useless in this title anyway, as G3D reduces performance so much). So you have 2 choices, AFR or Z3D, both of which have drawbacks. I prefer the Z3D in Cyberpunk over AFR; fewer artifacts and slightly better performance; plus no AFR ‘flickering’ which happens at lower frame-rates.

    VRified Games

    There is a mod that disables taa and bloom….i wonder would that help in this case?


    It seems way more extreme for me in this game like I dropped mescaline. Is it using TAA if its using DLSS?


    Disable DLSS if you have that enabled. DLSS makes the AFR glitches far worse. The easiest way to get going is following the suggestion in the mod tutorial: select ‘Low’ graphics details in the game options and then raise the ‘Resolution Quality’ option in the mod menu as far as your PC allows without tanking performance.


    I tried the following on the general config file

    ConfigVersion = 2
    DefaultEngine = “CGameEngine”
    Antialiasing = 0
    AntialiasingSuppressed = 1

    this stopped the glitches.
    Of course the aliasing is pretty bad because of the complexity of the game put at least it looks way better than before.


    Personally I wouldn’t consider no antialising looking better, but if it’s OK for you, that’s a viable option, of course.


    Optional grenade throwing gesture: move your left (or right in left handed mode) hand to your chest and then make a throwing move in the viewing direction. The original gesture still works too.

    Works great. Honestly between these gestures and setting the controller visualization to “Hands” it honestly feels almost like a real VR game. (Maybe even better than Hitman)


    Personally I wouldn’t consider no antialiasing looking better, but if it’s OK for you, that’s a viable option, of course.

    You’re officially the first person I’ve seen that has this opinion. =) It so much better for clarity and sharpness. Things shimmer a bit more but lowering the DLSS sharpness to 0 and FSR sharpening to .25 helps. It totally counters the AFR halo artifacts which look much worse. IMO


    Ok, this is a crazy feature request, but if you add it I might be valuable as a feature you can brag about.

    So right now in the game you can’t really turn around, because the mod would need to constantly recenter you.

    Would you be able to add DecaMove support? (Links to sdk and app below)

    Even if you dont have an actual DecaMove device, you can use their free android app which works exactly the same. You would then be able to read the users “actual” facing position and map it to the mod. This would allow us to physically turn around without having to recenter. This would be totally amazing and should be quite trivial for you to do.

    If the answer is no, is it possible that I could do this in my own cyberpunk mod via CET lua script? I imagine since CP2077 has no actually concept of character center it might not work. But I would just need a way to control the character facing position to the decamoves rotation .

    VRified Games

    Plus one for optional hip tracker support…..for mainline vorpx also :-)


    Hi Ralf, is there anyway to make edge peek optional?

    VRified Games

    Hi Ralf (you absolute legend)

    Have you thought about locomotion?

    Back in the day I used glovepie with tridef3d

    I had a walk in place script

    I had two wiimotes in my pockets to register movement

    And a wiimote Velcroed to my chest,

    The chest determined forward back and side to side by leaning tour torso

    And would only move when you took steps

    I could also sprint with a movement treshold

    And jump and duck….though this movement caused issue…..anyway off topic slightly

    My idea for the gesture system

    Arm swing for locomotion and lean with headset to determine direction

    For instance, you swing your arms just like walking to move, while this action is active, read the positional data of the headset a sharp pull back or tilt left/right to change directions

    Only active when armswing is detected

    I’m sure a sprint treshold could be doable depending on how fast/hard you swing the arms

    Just an idea :-)


    Performance issues – Pimax5K

    Hi Ralph,

    thanks for the amazing mod.

    Pimax 5K
    RTX 3090
    Intel i7-7700K
    32GB RAM

    I get 40-60 fps while standing in a largely empty area outside the city.
    The is a lot of judder when I try to move my head or move the view with the mouse.

    I’ve tried Direct VR, and both z-modes.

    My CPU utilization is very high ( 85%+) while my GPU utilization is sitting below 10%.

    I have followed your Pimax 5K recommendations:
    Field of View: small
    render quality 1
    steam render overwrite 50%
    compatible with parallel projections on
    vive only off
    Refresh rate 72 Hz

    anti-virus is off

    I’m running windows 10

    I have tired everything from Ok-ish to Nicer in the vorpX settings, it seems to make virtually no difference to the performance.

    I can’t think of what else to try. At the moment the game is virtually unplayable.

    Thanks for the help.

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