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    Ralf, what about constant lags after 15-20 minutes of playing, did you even read our posts ? which are slightly higher. Not a single version of VorpX is not playable with Cyberpunk 2077
    When will you fix the problem ?


    Hello Friends!

    Last weak i tride to set up the Vorpx VR mod on Cyberpunk 2077, but problems arise with the synchronization of images for both eyes. And terribly low FPS.

    The settings in the game are minimal. But my computer is not weak. amd 3950x rtx3080ti.

    I have set the resolution in the game to 2160*2160

    The FPS indicator shows 25 fps in the game and 32 fps for the helmet.

    My helmet is PICO 4, in the Vorpx settings I chose OpenRX.
    Connection via VD.

    So far I have no idea how to solve this. Please tell me which way to dig .


    Hello, very quick question if you don’t mind. How do you open the main map/inventory in Cyberpunk with index controllers? Thank you!


    @Ralf, it’s working. I reinstalled CET. Thanks Buddy for your patience.


    The new DLSS3 patch is out. Amazing frame rate increase, from 35 fps native (no DLSS at all) to 124 fps with new DLSS3 Auto on.

    Tried this mod and the game crashes at the Welcome to blah City menu.

    Any chance this mod being update? I’m willing to try betas with my 4090 as needed to help out.


    Hello again! Everything was solved by reinstalling Cyberpunk and vorpx, thank you!


    After installing the new DLSS3 patch (actually it also has some game bug fixes so most people will want to download this eventually), my VR has stopped working and default view is pancake. If I try to activate the new Frame Gen feature then the game crashes out about 1 sec after the VorpX Mod start screen shows.

    Author of CET, awpsoleet, says an update will be forthcoming as soon as awpsoleet has time. Will this fix the VR?

    Secondly, any ideas on the Frame Gen and how to get that to work or is it not compatible with VorpX Mod?


    Cna’t say anything in respect to DLSS 3.0 currently, but CET will definitely need an update to make the mod work again. The official release page is linked below. At time of writing this post no update is available, but usually that only takes a day or two:


    CET update has been released on the github page (see Ralf’s comment above) and also:


    For those with mods req redscript, need to wait for a redscript update too


    My experience with DLSS3 (Witcher 3) so far suggests that generated frames contain no depth information. Hopefully I will turn out to be wrong, but that’s what I’ve seen so far; anything that adds 3D flickers off as it hits the frames generated by DLSS3 and then back on again with rendered frames.

    DLSS3 also requires HAGS doesn’t it? That may make it all a moot point anyway, as IIRC HAGS is essentially incompatible with VR. Maybe that’s changed, but not as far as I know.

    So there may be some major hurdles.


    So DLSS3 just adds flickering? Pity, I had hoped it would increase FPS

    I didnt know HAGS was incompatible with VR, what does it do that’s incompatible? Is it detrimental to VR performance to have it on? And is it a general problem or an issue specific to certain graphics cars?


    @beemzy It’s pretty early days with DLSS3, let’s all hope it will work. It definitely does not with yet Witcher3 yet (not with stereoscopy on, anyway.)

    HAGS causes performance issues with VR, notably stuttering. It also causes problems with many pancake games. Unfortunately it takes a restart to turn it on and off. Hopefully someone will come along and figure out a way to turn it on or off on a per-title basis at run-time. But tying DLSS3 to HAGS really kind of means Nvidia has their heads up their you-know-whats since it’s generally known to be more of a problem than a solution.


    @mr_spongeworthy is it perhaps hardware specific? I’ve had HAGS on but I’ve only been playing CP2077 (VorpX Standlone Mod) and HL2 VR Mod. These titles (fortunately) dont seem to be affected

    Seems only the updated CET needed for my CP2077 setup so VR working again. Unfortunately, turning on DLSS3 crashes the game (which is DirectVR) and doesnt allow it to start again without manually turning DLSS3 off by a direct edit to the the ini file


    As far as I know the HAGS issue is universal. It’s fairly widely reported and discussed (well, as widely as anything VR-related is.) For example it still effects 4090 cards. I can confirm that, as I tried turning it ON with terrible results. A quick reference Not really a vorpX related topic, since there isn’t anything ralf can do about Nvidia basing DLSS3 (a feature that should benefit VR greatly if implemented properly) around a feature that is mutually-exclusive with VR. Maybe AMD will do a better/more universal implementation of frame generation.

    It would be great to know, however, if anyone actually has HAGS working with VR properly?

Viewing 15 posts - 631 through 645 (of 940 total)
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