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    Thanks for the hints. The melee combat FOV change eluded me entirely, more of a stealth player myself… If there’s a way to detect melee, I’m fairly confident that can be addressed. Will check that one ASAP.

    Unless the game does something weird when evaluating the start/menu buttons, you should be able to open the menus with long presses on start/menu after changing the mapping. Using your VR controllers would be another viable method for avoiding the doubly assigned gamepad buttons. On VR controllers that’s not the case.

    Not sure about the scanning/highlighting glitch. Will take a look at that too.


    Hi, thank you for this mod. I have some issue with jagging when i use step right or left but my fps is still in green without spikes.. I have index with 3080 + 10900k. I use resolution 25xx (dont remember exactly but 4:3), lower is bad. I disable weapon assist but still jaggy when i aim. Z3D is realy smooth but have artefacts around charracters… G3D nice but more jagging (fps still in green). Some question: 1. Can i have manual about settings with most impact stuttering in vr? Is useable RTX and DLSS in VR? or i can disable?


    @ Demuse :

    Could you briefly describe how to replicate the melee FOV glitch? As far as I can tell the FOV is only different during melee fighting while ADS is active. The game always changes the FOV during ADS, how much depends on the weapon. I thought about overriding that and keeping the FOV the same with ADS, but that would make sniper rifles and scopes in general pointless. During melee without ADS the game seems to use its normal FOV, at least I couldn’t trigger any glitch in that respect.

    Unless you encounter some issue I don’t get here, you just have to release the ADS button for melee fighting, the FOV will then snap back to the game’s normal non-ADS FOV.

    @ bakterius :

    In case of Cyberpunk G3D is implemented by rendering each eye at a different frame, so per eye you effectively only get half the FPS the game runs with. If e.g. the ALT+F FPS counter shows 60/90 (the second number shold be the refresh rate of your headset), each eye effectively only has 30fps. Some motion can look a bit stuttery due to that. This can be partially tricked away, e.g. for head or controller rotation, but the effect can’t be eliminated entirely.

    If you are willing to reduce graphics details more, you could try whether by setting the ‘FPS Cap’ to ‘Small Delay’ you can reach more than 60/90. The higher the FPS, the less obvious becomes the stuttery motion from the alternate frame 3d.


    First let me say again how much I appreciate all your work and responsiveness, Ralf. It must sometimes feel like we’re ungrateful and never satisfied, and if you gave us every feature we demanded, we wouldn’t even like it and we’d complain and want it back the way it was. I have a lot of comments because I’ve been playing a lot of hours, and having a lot of fun, thanks to you!

    Yes, the problem with melee is the ADS button. It’s used to block, which is an essential part of melee combat with a weapon or fists. Throughout a melee fight, I’m tapping or holding block constantly, to block, counterattack, power attack, then block again. (There are perks to increase the damage of your counterattack, which is done by attacking while blocking.) I use the block button as much or more than the attack button. So the FOV is switching back and forth which is pretty disorienting. If you can detect the weapon type, then I think the ADS button should never alter the FOV for any melee weapons (bladed or blunt) or fists.

    I’ve also been using a pistol with open or low-mag sights, and a sniper rifle with high-mag scope, and the current implementation of ADS works fine for both.

    But my personal preference is the FOV shouldn’t change for pistols, either. I like to use a pistol for run-and-gun, moving quickly around the map and taking shots of opportunity, and similar to melee it’s disorienting when the FOV keeps switching. I find myself mostly hip-firing for this reason, which is terribly inaccurate as you know.

    On the other hand, it feels right to me that you can’t as easily run-and-gun with an aimed rifle or SMG (despite how common that is in FPS games) and the trade-off with ADS between spray-and-pray mobility and stop-and-aim accuracy feels natural. I like it when pistols and rifles are functionally differentiated so it isn’t all just about highest DPS.

    Then, when sniping from an elevated position, every time I release ADS for a second to look around for a new target, my view pans back up to horizontal, then when I hold down ADS again I have to pan back down with the thumbstick every time. I’m loving the “return to horizontal” for general running around gameplay, but for sniping in particular it would be great if the behaviour changed, if that’s possible?

    Regarding weapon scale, my preference would be for sliders for “weapon scale” and/or “weapon distance from face” and a “left/right” main eye setting, to fix the appearance of giant-sized guns — I mean, that really looks like a “hand cannon”, alright! If the view is different by weapon type then aimed pistols should be out at arms length, so red-dot optical sights are useful but high-mag scopes aren’t, while aimed rifles are much closer.

    At the risk of commenting without having tried it, I think it would be cool to close one eye to see through the sniper rifle scope, and open the other eye to spot for new targets, with the same line of sight but totally different FOV?

    But the current solution is perfectly functional!


    I‘ll check whether something can be done regarding blocking, although I‘m not sure whether there is a way to detect whether the current intention is blocking or ADS, so I can’t promise anything.

    For run and gun gameplay just stick to no ADS. Due to the decoupled look/walk directions that‘s not even possible in the game normally like it is with the mod since the mod allows you easily shoot wherever you look. The less precise hip shooting is the perfect compensation for the much easier head aiming in that context. Being able to run through enemies and shoot them with 100% precision by just looking in their direction would completely break the game‘s balancing. Lucky coincidence that hip shooting is less precise, keeps things leveled as far as run and gun gameplay is concerned.

    To make ADS work differently for pistols and other weapons I‘d have to check what is equipped and on top of that whether a pistol is equipped with a scope or not and handle that in a different way either. Never say never, but for now I‘d say that‘s out of the mod‘s scope (pun intended ;)). The mod brings VR to the game, but is does not alter its gameplay.

    Same for ADS in general. That‘s how the game does ADS. It pulls up the weapon model and zooms the camera, which is the main reason for the model to appear larger. I could easily override the FOV change, but then there would be no point in using scopes. I already make ADS specific changes to the camera that allow you to use ADS with both eyes instead of having to close one eye and aim with the other one as you would have to in reality. Applying a little position offset on top of that sounds like it’s worth a shot, but I think that‘s as far as I‘ll take this, otherwise I could probably just as well start to implement full motion controls.


    With any melee weapon or fists equipped, there should be no ADS, only blocking. ADS doesn’t exist for melee weapons, the blocking mechanic replaces it.

    Some data points for future testing: I’ve had the feeling that something doesn’t look as smooth as it should, even taking account of framerate and AER. Today I did testing at resolution of 1280×1024, low graphics, turned off vsync and framerate cap. The game looks smooth as silk (albeit blurry and pixelated). Looking around and walking is very smooth.

    Observation #1: Using the gamepad thumbstick to rotate, at a slow smooth rate. When I stop rotating, the view appears to snap back several degrees in the opposite direction. The faster I’m turning, the greater the snap back. Happens with one eye closed, so not AER. I get the feeling that the perspective shifts somehow, like the view is calculated differently when in motion or standing still. No such issue when turning my head while walking and strafing, only when turning with the thumbstick.

    Observation #2: Got on a bike, pulsing the throttle as if I’m revving the engine, as gently as possible, nudging forward just a few inches each time, starting and stopping. The view looks very jittery, not just bobbing up and down with the motion of the bike, but jumping around, even with one eye closed. Checked the view on my monitor and it looks steady and smooth. Then I switched back to 3840×2160 and tried again, and the jittery problem seemed to go away?


    Headset runtimes use predicted values for their frame interpolation. When you run a game with low framerates (in case of AFR the actual framerate per eye is half the game’s framerate) these prediction algorithms may overshoot a little occasionally. To get totally rid of effects like that you would have to run AFR 3D at 180fps on a 90Hz headset, which in case of Cyberpunk probably is a good goal to aim at in 2077. ;)


    Hi, so I noticed a bug with the new G3D toggle Alt-K when im in DirectVR mode clicking the hotkey switches me to Z3D, but clicking it again does not change me back to DirectVR.


    Dooh. Thanks for the heads-up. After a brief check I think it’s just the notification that wrongly says Z3D, at least for me the actual switch does work. When you walk up close to something, you should be able to tell the difference easily. Would be great if you could let me know.


    Yes, the pop-up text is wrong but it does toggle correctly.


    Thanks for the update!

    Out of curiosity, is there any way I can get this working in Cyberpunk v1.23? I keep noticing new visual ‘glitches’ only to discover that what I’m seeing is just the visual downgrades that occurred between v1.23 and v1.31. Most impacted are draw-distances, which have gone from “kinda crappy” to “unbelievably awful.” I clean-installed the game just to be sure, and even completely vanilla it does this. It’s so bad it’s kind of funny. Makes the draw distances in Skyrim and Fallout 4 look good, and those were awful at time of release.

    I’ve tried everything I can find to fix the issue, and it’s so baked into the engine that nothing seems to actually touch it. Only way I know around it is to revert to v1.23, which was bad, but no where near this bad.


    Have you tried the nexus mods to increase the draw distance, which are made for 1.31 ? Do you use the Game settings LOD, Shadow Distance and Dynamic Decals at high or ultra ?

    I don’t think that the mod will support older versions in the future !


    just curious, do you still have time to work on others stuff related to vorpx ? others profiles, maybe new features, with that cp2077 mod ?


    @ mr_spongeworthy :

    The scripting part of the mod almost certainly won’t work with older versions. Too many changes in the cyber engine mod framework.

    @ steph12 :

    Being such a long time regular here, I thought you had noticed that I have a somewhat unhealthy tendency to work seven days per week far too often. ;) So, yes.


    i knew it but still good to hear ^^

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