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    Thank you all so much!

    I am currently doing my best to see if any solution can be found to adjust the dynamic shadows, if anyone has any relevant articles, materials, or knowledge please let me know!


    I guess I can’t edit my previous post, so I will double post. I tried to run Gshade in conjunction with FFXIV, but the game will not hook with Gshade running and I’m not seeing many other shader adjustment solutions.

    My question is, is the shadow offset caused by VORPX or FFXIV?


    Hey everyone! Did G3D break again? I’ve done the entire MGS method, have the dxgi.dll in the right place, made a new profile for ffxiv cloning a Nier profile, and have the game hooked, its giving me both Z3d methods (they’re working) but geometry 3d is just, flat. Not getting a damn thing out of it besides my mouse floating a bit above the screen. Ran the game in windowed mode in 1920×1080, with all suggested settings.

    thanks for any help! @dellrifter22 @domoariroboto


    You need the cloud profile I uploaded for added G3D.

    Sign-in to the cloud in the vorpX config app, search for the Final Fantasy profile labeled (dellrifter22), import and click apply.

    I imagine it still works, though I have not tested it myself for a few months.



    I’m experiencing an issue where pressing C doesn’t do anything at all aside from open my character screen in game, I rebound the key in FFXIV so it’s not the character screen, but still nothing. Is First Person mode broken currently?



    My mistake. I must have remapped my own keybind to C.

    I think the default toggle is the Home key, near Scroll-Lock and Delete keys.

Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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