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    Hi all been messing around using rjk info/help and have got these in my list so far
    99 levels to hell
    cities skylines
    House party
    Rise of flight
    Rugby league live 3

    still messing around with other games report back soon, cheers


    Ankh (G3D)

    One of the first adventure games that was made in 3D. Nice 3D for that old toon title, one snag -Palm Trees are rendered at HUD depth. If you dont turn up 3D strenght too much, this can be handled relatively well.

    – patch to V 1.01 first
    – Optimized for Immersive/Cinema Screen Mode
    – 16:9 Widescreen resolution recommended
    – use VorpX shortcut !
    – Profile availiable from the Cloud


    Red Ocean (G3D)

    Great First Person Shooter with nice explosions and underwater action. Reminds me partly on Bioshock.

    – Good 3D in all modes, FULL VR has headtracking but i decided to optimize the profile for Cinema and Immerice Screen because of getting less sick of character shaking when walking.
    – If you decide to use FUll VR Mode, turn up 3D strength
    – Change Resolution=(width), (height) in Red Ocean.ini ( /users/username/documents/Red Ocean )
    – download profile from the cloud

    (3D FOV enhancement = lower)

    (3D FOV enhancement = higher)


    C&C Renegade (DGVoodoo2) – G3D

    I remember playing this Command and Conquer Shooter with the ELSA Glasses on Win 98 , i was so exited about the 3D , and now ..

    – Full VR Mode with Headtracking
    – Install Renegade from the Compilation Command and Conquer: Fist 10 years. The single Box game from earlier will very likely crash with vorpX.
    DGVoodoo2 required
    – Rename game.exe to Renegade1.exe !
    – Use “Xcc Utilities” to extract “cameras.ini” from “always.dat” into /data/ folder and change FOV for your taste
    – Using VorpX 3D FOV enhancement does the same, but some objects like walls are sometimes not rendered properly.
    – Game allows very high resolution settings, though beyond 1920, HUD become quite small
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    please try rage and watch dogs!


    dying light

    Can someone help me? I have seen videos with people using Vorpx for dying light.

    I know the game kind of supports vr on its own but its pretty bad and vorpx looks smoother.

    I can not get the game to run using vorpx. Everytime i launch the game i can not even open the vorpx menu.

    Can someone help me with this? I am using a samsung odyssey hmd


    This is not a very good spot for asking questions, we collect games in this thread. Could you be so kind and ask your question in again may be under “support” or “Hints and Settings”. Open a new thread and name it Dying Light Help or something, this would attract helpers more then posting it here.Thanks very much .


    yup i just did that thanks for the advice.

    I am a new user here i just bought the product yesterday… Ok i will stop hijacking this post :)


    Neverwinter Nights 1 (G3D) – Updated Profile

    – New profile has better HUD and Text readability
    – get it from the cloud


    Unigine Valley (SBS) G3D – Updated Profile

    The updated profile let you look around in Cinema Mode instead of image sticking to face in FULl VR.
    – Set API: DX9, Quality: Ultra, Stereo 3D: Side by Side, Custom Res. as high as your Machine can take, enjoy nice G3D !
    – get it from the cloud


    Unigine Haeven (SBS) G3D – Updated Profile

    The updated profile also let you look around in Cinema Mode instead of image sticking to face in FULL VR.
    – Set API: DX9, Quality: Ultra, Stereo 3D: Side by Side, Custom Res. as high as your Machine can take.
    – get it from the cloud


    Airstike 2: Gulf Thunder (DGVoodoo2) – G3D

    – Crazy Helicopter Arcade Shooting in 3D
    DGVoodoo2 required
    – latest gamepatch required for windows 7 and above
    – Optimized for Immersive Screen Mode
    – Game has relatively low resolution, but great enough for Screen Modes
    – Download Profile from the cloud


    LOKI (G3D) – Update

    Am going through my old profiles in these days again to see if i can make any improvements. In this case i was able to fix the completely distorted HUD at gamestart.
    – Updated profile availiable from the cloud


    Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway (G3D)

    After beeing disappointed about the older Brothers in Arms games because there was no chance to give them a stereo profile, the newer Unreal 3 Engine impresses with its even greater graphics.

    Important FOV Settings :

    Open: C:\Users\…\Documents\My Games\BIA Hells Highway\SumacGame\SumacInput.ini
    -Look for “[Engine.InputActionDefinition]”
    -Look for the line that starts with: “Actions=(Id=IA_ZoomHold,Alias…”
    Change it to: Actions=(Id=IA_ZoomHold,Alias=”.ZOOMHOLD”,Names=(“Zoom”),Command=”ZoomIn | FOV 0 | OnRelease ZoomOut | OnRelease FOV 120″)

    -Ingame assign a key to Zoomhold. Tapping this key will enable enhanced FOV.
    Tipp: Assign this also to the key where you have VorpX “3D Off” have assigned to. This will help for better aiming. You can use both keys seperately depending on the gun/situation.

    Important: Write protect SumacInput.ini after you have made your final adjustments. (The game will otherwise reset your keysettings)

    Additional Settings:
    Somone else suggested another Setting in the ini:

    Under [SumacGame.SumacPlayerInput] add the following line:
    Bindings=(Name=”F2″,Command=”FOV 0″,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

    This should help in cutscenes if they look messed up while FOV is changed. (Not tested)

    – Download the profile from the cloud


    Prince of Persia: Sands of time (G3D)

    – Use UNIWS Widescreen-Patcher to patch your game to any resolution you like
    – FULL VR with headtracking, other modes are working well too.
    – use 3D OFF or lower 3D Strength if text appears too close while in “learning mode”
    – Profile availiable from the cloud

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 228 total)
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