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    Prince of Persia 1/2/3 (G3D)

    Ive renamed the profile for Sands of Time to Prince of Persia 1/2/3 which now covers
    – Sands of Time
    – Warrior Within
    – The Two Trones

    All games have the same problem that text like in tutorials is relatively out of depth. You can either use mono while playing the tutorials, lower 3D strength or use Edgepeek or temporarily cinema mode.

    I choosed a medium depth for the profile, please gain/lower 3D strength seperately for each game because each game is rendered slighty different.

    All games look very nice when using resolutions above 2500.
    The first two games need to be patched with UNIWS (for higher resolutions then 1600×1200), the 3rd game has more options to choose from.
    – Turn off/lower FOG and Shadows in Sands of Time
    – Profile availiable from the cloud

    Warrior Within

    The Two Thrones


    Blackguards (G3D)

    – game has nice 3D
    – optimized for immersive/cinema modes
    – Dont use FULL VR Mode
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    Dungeons (G3D)

    For the anniversary of my 100st fixed game for vorpX, i have another one that i tried to fix game for ages, now i finally got a profile for the Dungeon Keeper like game. – 101 , oh how must i love that number;-) do you get the joke ?

    -I recommend 1920×1080, because HUD will become smaller on higher settings
    -if you go higher then 1920×1080, desktop res. MUST match game res. otherwise game will crash !
    -Optimized for Immersive/Cinema Modes
    -Profile availiable from the cloud


    Oh guys, today is a good day !

    I have just managed the ASOBO Engine that many Disney Pixar games are using to work with VorpX.

    UP ! (G3D)

    – Insanely well 3D
    – Optimized for cinema mode
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    WALL-E (G3D)

    Ive had this game on my HD for month, now i got it finally working. Very exiting day !

    – Optimized profile for Cinema Mode
    – Works in FULL VR mode , 3rd person as well
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    Imperial Glory (G3D)

    The medieval strategy game has a 3D environment, so i created a profile for it.

    – Optimized for Immersive Screen Mode with nice HUD
    – Turn OFF shadows
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    RJk_ you are on fire mate :)

    that is very impressive what you are doing for Vorpx community, thanks a bunch for your continuous effort !


    Thanks Steph12, to be honest this is kind of addicting. Besides i get the chance to have a sneak into more of my 8 million games before i play one in VR.


    The First Templar (G3D)

    Nice Co-Op Action Adventure, reminds me on Hunted: The Demons Forge in a Two Worlds environment.

    – Stay Offline while installing so you dont have to bother with “Kalypso”.
    Switch the last video option (something like “Scene resolution”, just below postprocessing. I am not shure if every game version has that option, the manual didnt tell so) TO MEDIUM. If you dont your game will look completely messed up !
    – Using 3D FOV enhancement will distort view in some areas
    – Recommended: Shadows ON
    – Terminate TFT.exe manually after quitting game from taskmanager if exe remains there


    – Templar profile availiable fom the Cloud


    Game No.400 of the inofficial list

    Ultimate Pinball Challenge (2005) (G3D)

    Who said we cant play pinball with VorpX ?

    These pinball tables look so huge in VR. You can choose beetween 6 different tables. Resolution is not very high but game looks great in cinema mode. (Theres a registry setting under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Reactor\Pinball]).

    – Optimized for Cinema Mode
    – Turn OFF reflections
    – Change 3D Strength to resize table
    – Profile availiable from the Cloud


    Oh man, some of that old stuff looks so good with VorpX. Just like it was programmed for VR. This litte game demonstrates nicely the difference beetween VorpX G3D and “Bigscreen” for people who dont know the difference yet. Looks gorgeous in Cinema Mode with high resoultions.

    Rayman 3 (DGVoodoo2) – G3D

    – 3D Jump n Run game (DX8.1)
    – Requires DGVoodoo2
    – Set any desired resolution (must be availiable on your PC, see vorpX custom res.) in
    example: Gli_Mode=1 – 2560 x 1440 x 32
    – Profile optimized for cinema mode, Full VR can be used for 3rd person view w. headtacking but HUD is at screen depth
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    Oh man, some of that old stuff looks so good with VorpX.

    Yeah, thanks to you, Sir!


    Rise of the Argonauts (G3D)

    – When choosing resolutions above 1600×1200 menuscreens remain 1600×1200
    – If shadow effects annoy you turn OFF G3D shadow treatment in VorpXs ingame “image settings”
    – FOV can be changed with 3D FOV enhancement via ini tweak, see here
    – Nice Full VR with Headtracking, 3rd person view
    – Profile availiable from the cloud


    VorpX surprises me anew day by day !

    OIO: The Game (G3D)

    Youve probably (over)seen that (relatively new) game in a cheap shop, what luck i bought it.. This 3D Jump n run (unity Engine !) looks like its been just made for VR. Soo damn sweet !!

    – Optimized for Cinema Modes
    – gain resolution to the max
    – Profile Availiable from the cloud

    Note: OIO is also availiable in “Best of Independet Games Collection Vol.1”. If you own this version, the name of the games exe might not match the one in the profile. Simply add the games exe to the OIO profile if that is the case.

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