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    I tried the trick with renaming the ME3 exe to ME1 etc, and then starting ME1 in the LE launcher.

    There are two nasty side effects:
    1) the launcher doesn’t close and keeps playing music over the game
    2) i’m using a gamepad, but ME3 constantly switches to kb+m, even though my touch controllers are disabled in the in-game menu of VorpX. I can use the gamepad for a minute, and after that controls are messed up again, until i get another tutorial button prompt, then it’s fixed again.

    Very strange. And unplayable ATM.


    I remember seeing a comment somewhere from the admin that ME3LE would have its own profile in the next update, hopefully that will be soon.


    I really want to play this game modded through VORPX, but I wouldn’t know where to begin figuring out which mods play nice with VORPX or not, short of installing each one consecutively…I tried to play my fully modded out games but VORPX won’t run them…does anyone have any ideas where I could find a list/info for VORPX friendly mods? I really wouldn’t know where else to ask this…..


    As far as mods are concerned the best rule of thumb is avoiding anything that hooks into the graphics pipeline as this tend to cause conflicts with vorpX (which does the same). Post FX mods, shader mods etc. typically fall into this category. A good indicator of whether a mod has the potential to cause trouble is whether it puts any DLL in the game folder, which usually means that the mod hooks into the game similar to vorpX.

    Also camera mods are to be avoided in games where vorpX handles the FOV or applies head tracking via its memory scanner function.

    Most other mods usually work, but of course there is no guarantee for that. If in doubt, first try without mods, then add mods in batches to easily find an offending one.

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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