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    Both steam and vorpX are not running.
    Repair did not fix it.

    Here is my mod list (i suspect one that skip intro)

    basegame_Cyberpunk Audio Overhaul.archive
    basegame_Male V – Chrome Celeb.archive
    basegame_Mirrors Edge Faith’s Hair Slot 1.archive


    @ Sephael:

    Try without mods. That’s always the first thing you should check when you have trouble with a modded game.

    @ polybass:

    Try to update your defender definitions. No detection here, I also just checked Virustotal. Zero detections for both the installer ZIP and the hooking DLL.


    I did, but i think CET was still messing up.
    I uninstalled the files to get ride of CET, game launch but doesn’t hook.
    So, i unstalled the VR mod, i’m doin a new repai, and i will reinstall the mods, if it doesn’t work, i will just download and play it tomorrow : )


    Just remove ANY mod you have installed and then reinstall the VR mod. If that works, add your mods back one by one to find the offending one.


    Yhea, that was the plan, removing any mods, launch repair, reinstall VR mod, but now i’m back to crash on launch.
    don’t worry, i’ll will just make a new clean install.


    Ok, I have deactivated the defender to be able to download it, it has deleted it when unzipping it, I have restored and analyzed it, it already allows it, I just installed it and I am going to test. Thank you


    Sorry but that isn’t a playable experience. FPS is jumping between 50 and 4, NICER preset with great square artifacts around the character lagging between 4-30 fps all on the way on my Rig 10700k 6600XT I can’t believe that my PC is too weak for that resolution. Fresh windows, Fresh Game Oculus Quest2 90/1.7


    @ Tourist.
    Are you using raytracing ?


    No Rtray, smth wrong with Quest super sampling, AWS off and I gues I should use smth like 72/1 + Ultra Vorpx


    So I’m going through the tutorial and I’m unable to “tag” people with the Right Thumbstick. Is there any way to do this? Holding it down doesn’t seem to do anything, and clicking it zooms\unzooms.


    @ Tourist

    With your 6600XT you’ll have to dial down graphics details. I don’t have that specific card to test, but according to the usual comparison sites its barely faster than a 5700XT that is recommended as minimum for a pleasent experience in the startup message.

    If dialing down graphics details to ‘Low’ in the game options alone is not enough, you can reduce the resolution on top of that by lowering the ‘Resolution Quality’ option in the vorpX settings menu.

    @ kia75

    You can change the vorpX functionality of the thumbsticks to start/back instead on the ‘Input’ page of vorpX menu. Or play with VR controllers.


    i’m getting 72 fps on quest 2 (my refresh rate), setting is Nicer. a little juddery when turning with right thumbstick but not when turning with my head. its definitely playable for me on a quest 2.

    but with my pimax 8kx i’m getting 50 fps on low settings and theres a black border around the whole view, i guess the mod isnt made with pimax wide fov compatibility?


    @ rift_un:

    vorpX will choose a wider res for Pimax but it won’t utilize the full 180°. I’d generally recommend to select the small FOV in PiTool, which will still result in a whopping 130° horizontal FOV, much more than any other headset.

    Full Pimax FOV + high resolution + Cyberpunk at high settings is something you might want to try with a RTX5090 in five years.


    Hi, I just wanted to say “thank you” for this.
    I’ve been playing for a couple of hours and it seems to work well.
    I’m not getting quite the framerate I got in “native” vorpx where I could run 4k quite comfortably. In the new mod I’m getting 40fps at 1440p, which is fine by me, but a fair bit less than previously (though this sort of thing varies a lot with steam vr and nvidia updates buggering up or making better things almost at random).
    I may need to tweak my settings a bit till I find a happy compromise.
    (RTX 2080ti Ryzen 7 3700 pimax 8kx).
    But the Mod version does seem more stable than playing through Vorpx, so far, and the extras like first person driving are a big bonus.

    Anyway, thanks again, not just for the mod but for a great programme.
    Happy holidays and a fab new year!


    I use Great preset and everything is low or off in graph settings. It’s 48 fps then I just do some steps right or left and it’s going down to 20 17 11 7 4 2. Perhaps 8Gb VRAM isn’t enough.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 242 total)
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