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    Errr.. So the new remake due for release on 25th Jan uses the RE Engine..

    Does this mean VorpX implementation should be a go?


    We hope so! It should, but we won’t truly know until it is out and Steph12 can try it out, lol:

    in january we have resident evil 2 2019 release, running on same engine than resident evil 7, i will try to make it run at least in Z3D day one 😀

    😁 We can only be happy lol.


    Ahh sounds good :)


    I would like someone with knowledge in the field to try to create a tool or “hack” to force FOV and a first person view with this title, to try to combine this with Vorpx after the exit RE2 to the market.

    Capcom does not seem interested at all in making an optional camera, nor any type of VR support.
    A real shame.


    game has a included fov slider, maybe we’ll be able to tweak fov beyond max default by tweaking ini ?

    as for first person view, yeah we’ll need a talented modder for this, that would be amazing but i’ll highly doubt we’ll get one someday sadly, but who knows !


    I wouldn’t be opposed to Ralf sneaking in a little testing on this before the next release. (The game is due out tomorrow).
    It would be at the price of Matteo’s sanity, but thats a price I’m willing to pay.
    ;) jk matteo.


    nonooohhhh! :)


    does vorpx work with the one shot demo?


    good question, i didnt try, anyone did ?


    When I tried the demo in G3D with the RE7 profile, at any given time one eye didn’t render half of it’s screen (or some objects didn’t render leaving a blank background). Scrolling through different shaders in the G3D editor didn’t help, though one appeared to change the camera’s perspective to Leon’s which was interesting.

    For the demo I mostly played using the Depth3D ReShade filter in Virtual Desktop and it worked pretty well. Though I hope this gets G3D compatibility in VorpX soon.

    VRified Games

    “though one appeared to change the camera’s perspective to Leon’s which was interesting.”

    Okay…this just got interesting


    Tried the full game with the RE7 profile and it does the same as dSpect with the demo.
    One eye gets everything and the other loose some objects (it gets the fogbut no other object in front).
    No Geometry 3D. You adjust the strength and nothing happens. This detail is enough to see that the RE7 profile isn’t working at all, same game but with differences it seems.
    Because the full game works exactly the same as the demo, I suggest use the demo for Ralf and any other who has ideas for this.


    man that would be gorgeous if we could get a working Z3D/GD3 profile for this amazing game.

    and by leon perspective you mean first person view ?


    Yeah when I messed around with the shader slider one of them was first person view. I haven’t tried it in the full game yet, but when clicking the shaders in ReShade in the full game I found one of them moved the camera to the ceiling of the RPD lobby looking down at the entrance with displayDepth enabled. Unfortunately moving Leon didn’t change the camera like you’d expect if they actually implemented the fixed camera. Who knows if they actually tried, I haven’t seen anything like that before though.


    hi guys! Did anyone give it a try with vorpx?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 90 total)
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