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    With the Syrim Special Edition available this weekend I wonder whether there will be a profile available for it soon? I don’t think it will beat my modded Skyrim graphics wise, but I’m still eager to try it out.


    My guess is, it will come in the next update. Bethesda games have always been high on the list for vorpx profiles. I also think SSE could very well look better than your modded Skyrim, because of the lighting, which looks a lot like ENB, but will still be compatible with Vorpx, and will run faster than ENB ever could. Vorpx compatibility is actually the main reason why I am excited for SSE.


    For now you can create a new profile using the Fallout 4 profile to run the game. Just do the standard ini tweaks to FOV and resolution and it’ll work. I think UI isn’t resizing though, which is annoying. Also, the special edition is crashing constantly for me and several others. I’ve had at least a dozen crashes.


    For now you can create a new profile using the Fallout 4 profile.

    Why the Fallout 4 profile vs the Skyrim profile?


    Honestly, I don’t recall why I chose that one. I tried the Skyrim profile as well but that failed. Fallout 4 and the Special Edition may both run on dx11 which I’m guessing plays a role in which profile to use.


    Yeah lets hope Ralf comments on Skyrim remastered edition as soon as he can, im gonna try to tinker with different profiles too when i get out of work. this should be prio 1.


    I wish I had time to try out the F04 file, but too busy pumping as many mods that are good out there for SE. Hopefully Ralf puts out some info, I’ll see how F04 profile works on Saturday, not expecting full 3d geo though.

    Oh and it’ll take a while for some of the really extensive mods for SE to get out there since the creators have to put their mods through the 64bit engine. Really hope ScriptExtender can be put out soon… but I’d rather see my Rift get put to good good use first :D


    I’m doing some (PRELIMINARY TESTING) with the backup system profiles.

    For now, with the profile of Fallout 4:
    -Injection DX11 game with Vorpx: Running.
    -3d reconstruction Z-Normal / adaptative: Running.
    -Reconstruction 3D geometry: It does not work for now.
    -Mouse sensitivity for tracking: Running.
    -Scale HUD / GUI options: It does not work for now.
    -Zoom option and edge peek mode: Running.
    I have tried the FOV manually, and off some depth of field effect.
    I’m trying to get some resolutions of narrower aspect, such as 1600×1200-1600×1400-1920×1440 but no luck for now,it seems to have been removed from launcher aspect ratio 4: 3.
    I tried to add customized resolutions windows,and try also in windowed mode,but so far no luck.
    Any idea to get some resolution 4: 3-5: 4 in Skyrim special edition?


    I forced 1920×1440 in the INI and it worked


    Setting resolution in INI file should be the same.

    iSize H=…
    iSize W=…

    Put anything you like (as long as it is a windows rez or working custom rez)


    I already I have tried, but eventually the game ends rendering in other resolutions, (Vorpx start message) me indicates that this running with different resolutions other than that indicated by myself ..
    Some similar,but different from those indicated by me in the file.
    I will continue testing with this.


    I think the added vegetation and clutter needs to be removed before I want to play SSE with voprX. It causes my (unmodded) game to run at 30fps outdoors in areas with more plants. And also the added plants are mostly ugly 2d sprites (experimented for an hour with Tridef and they look really bad in 3D).
    Hopefully in a week or two the CK will be released so a mod to do this can be made.


    Lets keep this discussion running, I’ll subscribe, if you guys ever get the good experience in Skyrim SE, please post your VORPx config. Hopefully some quick turnaround from Ralph. This is at the moment the #1 game for VorpX imho.


    @ all:

    I’m on it right now. Z3D seems to work reasonably well simply by making a copy of the Fallout 4 profile. For now that’s the way to go.

    A preliminary profile with both Z3D and G3D will be made available either tomorrow or (more likely) Sunday. It’s not quite as straight forward as I had hoped, so there will be room left for improvement later, but you’ll get something to play with within the next 48 hrs.

    @ prinyo:

    The preliminary profile will disable the 2D vegetation unless there is way to make it 3D, which I’m not yet sure of, so no mod required for that.

    BTW: I don’t know what you guys think, but to me the Special Edition looks actually worse than the original. For my taste colors are hugely oversaturated. The toned down look of the original just fits the northern theme a lot better.


    Not downloaded yet but I agree with Ralph. I was worried that the images and videos I saw made Skyrim SE look like a over-saturated bright glowing purple or light blue mess (personal taste I suppose). Unless there is good system advantages and performance fps gain with the 64bit SE Skyrim I may end up sticking with my old Skyrim.

    Anyone notice if the flickering distance mountain Z-fighting bug has been solved in the SE? It is most visible when looking to west mountains in front of Whiterun.

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