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    Z fighting is greatly reduced. Core use and memory use a LOT better. MUCH smoother gameplay.

    Now if I could get the damn thing to hook I’d be a happy camper. CTD right after load screen for me at the moment but I have had some issues recently with VorpX that were my own doing (too much playing around where I oughtn’t ;)

    And a new Nvidia driver popped up as I type this. Great…more variables ;)


    There are HUGE performance advantages. It’s an order of magnitude better in perf/stability. Personally I’m good with the stock appearance (though it’s still too bright) but the modders are already sorting that issue. Nexus has a couple ‘fixes’ already.


    OK this is a VEERRY preliminary report

    TitanXP overclocked +210/500
    4790K overclocked 4.7Ghz
    16G Trident 2400mhz ram
    Installed on Raid 0 SSD
    Skyrim SE FuLL up eye candy settings/distances
    VorpX on copied F4 profile tweaked roughly
    Latest Nvidia drivers just released
    Latest Steam VR drivers with Asynch on/Interleaved off
    Geometry mode
    1024/1280 rez
    EDIT Internal scaling to 2.00
    Jesus this thing is smooth but I am not sure whats happening. The frame counter SAYS I am at high 20s to mid 30s but it damn sure doesn’t feel like it. Could be the new asynch reprojection smoothing it out or the counter isn’t reading it right. Dunno. ‘Feels’ like 45 or more. Direct says 179 FPS. When I jack up the head tracking sensitivity I can see a reprojection ghost on the crosshair but it tracks like lightning.

    What REALLY confuses me is that Afterburner is reporting CPU use well balanced across all cores in the 20-40% range and the Titan in the 5-peak 85 range. So something is not right. Going to take a lot more research but overall this is a massive improvement across the board.


    Mind that G3D is not really working with a copied Fallout 4 profle. You can activate it, but it doesn’t really do anything. Z3D however is working this way. I will post a preliminary G3D profile here either tomorrow or (more likely) Sunday.


    Hi Ralf,

    Oh I understand that. But even so this is way above where I started off with the original Skyrim at a similar visual level. Considering how well it’s working even on a hacked in preset I’m seriously impressed.

    Mostly I’m confused over the FPS numbers vs. the resource usage vs. what I’m seeing ingame. I assume the new Asynch accounts for the smoother play but something somewhere in my system is a bottleneck if those numbers are right and it isn’t the old code. Even the main 2 cores are well below stressed.

    O well, all part of the adventure ;)


    With expert settings enabled (config app), you can experiment with different sync settings on the display page of the ingame menu. Thread syncing below “Safe” *may*, but doesn’t have to, lead to better CPU/GPU usage, but at the same time has a much higher chance of judder and other timing issues. That’s how multithreading works. The safer (more often) GPU and CPU are synced, the more often they wait for each other and thus are less utilized. vorpX has to do that to synchronize the game render and direct mode (headset) render threads.


    Turning off Skyrim’s vsync made a huge difference for me


    I could kiss you. In a ruggedly manly strong Nord warrior sort of way of course ;)

    That was good for 6-8 FPS. Where should I send my first born? She a 28 YO single Redhead…Oh wait. I promised her to Todd Howard a couple years back if he ever gave us 64 bit Skyrim…Well, at least you have my undying gratitude!

    Ralf: I tried the fast sync again. Same as on original modded Skyrim for me. Stutter/kickback with vsync enabled and disabled. But killing Vsync absolutely made a big improvement.


    I heard that disabling Vsync in game and enabling on NVIDIA driver level does wonders.


    Also, turn off mouse acceleration!

    Add this line to SkyrimPrefs.ini under [CONTROLS]


    Feels like you’re turning your own head now


    OH were getting a preliminary profile in couple days! These kinds of things are the reasons i’m happy that i paid for this. Keep up the good activity ralph, im keeping my thumbs up for you!

    ps. Im gonna sit tight and wait for the testing profile, not gonna tinker with f4 profile and manual settings now if we get the new profile soonish :)


    Hey surrealeus and anyone else getting frequent crashes, this worked for me based on this article (item 15):

    Had to disable the Touch Keyboard service on Windows 10. The crashes would be unrelated to what I was doing, even if I was in the pause menu in game.

    For reference:

    “You must Disable the “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service” service. Click your windows button, type in “services” and select that app it finds, which should be called “Services”. In services, scroll down until you find the “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service”.

    Double click the service name.
    For “startup type” select “disabled”
    Then click the stop button.

    Hope this helps, and hope I can figure out good profile settings that work for this. :)


    Ralph was right. The overbright oversaturated colours of Skyrim SE look horrible. Looks more like playing World of Warcraft or some kind of cartoon now.

    One of the biggest differences is the almost complete removal of fog and grey atmospheric haze that gave the distant mountains a much better far – off cold stark look in the original Skyrim. In the SE they look a weird powder blue and stick out in a weird way in front of the ultra saturated vibrant blue sky that looks like a big blue rubber balloon. The rainy or cloudy weathers look a little better but still not as good as original IMHO.

    On the + side mountain flicker z fighting is over 95% fixed.
    If the FPS and smoothness of SE is much better in VORPX I really hope some mods give back the original look of the game. Mods are going up like crazy so I am hopeful.

    Also on the + side old saves and even moded saves seem to work okay for me.

    Side note: The water is better now too, but still not as good as RealisticWaterII. Unfortunately the water animation is now tied to global timescale so if you use Set timescale to xx the water animation changes. I like to use timescale 2 to 5 so that you don’t go from midday sun to sunset to midnight in less than 30 mins. However that makes slow motion water. This was the case back in Oblivion too and there never was a way around it. Hopefully they remake RealisticWaterII as well.


    The new color palate is definitely a matter of taste. I’ve spent a good amount of time ingame now and have seen a few weather and lighting variations. Some of them are jawdropping. Some are way overblown. There was a red sunset I saw by Darkwater Crossing that looked like Mars or a postapocalyptic scene from Fallout. So it’s YMMV. It looked cool as hell, but was something I’d never seen in Sky with ENB or any traditional lighting/weather mods.

    Generally I am just taking them as ‘something new to experience’ and eventually mods will have most of the old variations we were used to and a bunch more anyway.


    For some reason I have no head tracking even though it says it’s ON and no 3D reconstruction available.

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