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    I find my FPS is way better in original Skyrim.

    Original Skyrim 40-55 fps around whiterun in G3D and 89-90 fps Z3D (with mods)
    Skyrim SE 20-40 fps around whiterun in G3D and 60-70 fps Z3D (NO MODS)

    RIG: intel i-7 and Geforce 980

    However, Skyrim SE does have the ability to switch G3D to Z3D without exiting!!! SO… I have a question / suggestion. Can you make a key-shortcut to switch G3D – Z3D????
    That way you can use Z3D outdoors to boost FPS and G3D indoors where fps is usually better (35-45 fps for me). I would like to switch without having to bring up the VorpX menu each time (gets annoying after a while). @ Ralph: would this be simple to add to the profile if it is not already possible to do in VorpX?

    Overall I like original Skyrim better, but the nice clear distant detail with no flicker z-fighting in Skyrim SE makes it worth playing for sure.


    Alegse, I asked Ralf about that back in June, and he said it would be in the next update:


    @ alegse:

    I also think that G3D performance is better in the DX9 version, but comparisons are difficult since the quality presets don’t mean the same thing at all in both versions.

    Drawing distance generally is larger in the SE. Grass, clutter etc. are a lot more dense, you have additional effects like ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting. All of that makes a true 1:1 comparison quite hard. One probably would have to compare the SE on medium to the original on Ultra or something similar for an at least roughly comparable overall workload.

    What I can definitely say though from the vorpX perspective is that the game was ported to DX11 in a way that causes unnecessary overhead for vorpX, interestingly enough not unsimilar to how it was done for the Bioshock remasters. Maybe I can come up with something in this regard, maybe not.

    @ both:

    This hotkey is there in the meantime in the current dev version. As stupid as that may sound, I just have a serious issue to find a key that isn’t commonly used by games or already in use by vorpX, yet still good to reach without seeing the keyboard… Current default is ALT+K, but that’s far from ideal since hard to reach.

    I also experimented with frame rate based auto switching a while ago, but in the end decided against that since it lead to frequent mode switches with an actual frame rate close to the switch thresholds, which felt quite odd.


    Great. Yes auto-switching sounds like a disaster waiting to happen especially with high frequency switching near the critical point (need like a digital PID regulator or something). Switching rapidly from Z3D to G3D would probably make you sick and dizzy since they look pretty different.

    Anyway a simple key shortcut gives the user control and is a very simple concept and seems like a dead easy thing to implement. Could you make the specific key customize-able? That way anyone can just chose any key they please to avoid conflict. Of course you can always shift around your skyrim keys too in the options.

    Just another great reason to look forward to the next exciting VorpX update :D


    Like all shortcuts you can customize it in the config app.

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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