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    Quest 3 arrives tomorrow with Royal Mail between 10:03am and 2:03pm, so the pressures on Ralf.
    Only joking I know you’ll be working hard on game profiles and I really appreciate the continuing support that you give your software.


    Weapon Model FOV setter plugin doesn’t work with the latest version of the game. They added FOV slider and it broke something. Both the .ini weapon FOV setting and the way plugin was doing it are ignored. Pretty much unplayable that way, as you almost can’t see the gun unless you’re aiming, and then the gun is humongous.


    Hey guys, any updates on official profile? Ralf?


    Well, it’s been a while…
    Weapon FOV issue is still preventing me from upgrading the game to a recent version. That’s not really a VorpX problem I guess, but it would still be nice to see an official profile…


    If anyone is interested, I uploaded a new Beta vorpX Starfield profile based on Resident Evil Village. It is configured for Cinema mode and called ‘Starfield-Cinema Mode #2’. The Z3D is quite strong and can be turned way up.

    Only 4K resolution 3840×2160 works, lower resolutions have glitched textures. Custom resolutions above 2000p would probably work. First person gun view is also slightly glitched. No issue with third person view. Restart game if FPS drops. Hit ‘Delete’ key twice if gamepad stops working.

    Set these game settings for best Z3D:
    -Set Particle Quality to ‘LOW’.
    -Set Motion Blur to ‘OFF’.
    -Set Film Grain from 0-12.
    -Set Enable Depth of Field to ‘OFF’.
    DLSS only works without glitches on max quality or max performance.


    Thanks, I like to crank up the stereo high. This is better but I could still use a little more depth/ 3d effect. :)


    Hi everyone, I use the vorpX 21.3.5 with full VR on a Quest 3.
    It looks all right, however the 3-D effect is minimal. Any ideas around that?
    I have played around with the Z3D but I have not seen any real differences even at the 3.00x effect.


    Get Vorpx 23.1.0 Beta and the appropriate profile from the cloud (the one which is named in the link below).

    Starfield Alpha v0.2 rev.b

    I have posted my review. It is not perfect but still playable and enjoyable.


    1. I reinstalled the beta and now there is a default profile, and it seems that I can’t remove the game from the official profile, so I can use any other profiles for it. Am I missing something?

    2. The official profile doesn’t have the correct zoom, so it’s all warping and distorting. The manual zoom 130 in the game config files, that worked with custom profile, doesn’t work either. Removing it and using the game’s slider max settings of 110 also doesn’t work – it’s too close. I tried manually setting the config file to zoom 150 – and it’s too much. 140 seems closer, I think it’s somewhere between 135 and 140 but I don’t know exactly and as I need to restart the game each time, it’s difficult to figure out the correct setting…

    3. The option of SCAN is now there, but when I run it and it reports SUCCESS I have no head tracking at all, there is no movement. Before scanning it works OK, but after the direct VR scanning is stops working. Any ideas?


    Interesting, I tried a few FOV settings and nothing worked, then I reset the game to what I had before and it worked perfectly. I’m not sure why it didn’t work right away with this FOV. Maybe because of some other settings I edited in the stock profile. It’s basically empty, so I had to set up everything from scratch: gestures, some key maps, and other settings – because it’s not possible to override a stock profile with my own, only to change its settimgs. So maybe something else affected this.

    DirectVR Scan still doesn’t work. Sometimes it fails, but usually it reports “success” but then the head tracking is not working at all.


    Sorry for the confusion. The last profile database update for the beta accidentally included my work profile for the game without the current beta itself having any of the game specific code to make it work fully.

    The game specific code will be in the next vorpX release. Expect that later today or (more likely) tomorrow. No working scanner unfortunately, Bethesda changed the way the camera works. Not a super huge deal though, tracking latency is fairly low with default tracking too.

    No more fumbling with FOV etc with the next vorpX build. That will be done automatically.


    Thanks Ralf. When you say the next release, will that be the next beta version or the official version?


    Both so to speak. :) The current beta cycle will end with this release.

    You’ll get an auto update to the new version regardless whether you currently use the beta or the regular build.


    So, why did my post about the HDD mod get deleted? This is pretty useful mod, so not sure what I said that would violate any rules.


    Anybody know of a way to get headtracking to work for Starfield? I’m using 24.1.0 and it all seems good but the headtracking will not work for me at all.

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 202 total)
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