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    I am using Vorpx 24.1.0.

    The official profile for Starfield is causing the 3D effect to rapidly turn off and on when close to a wall, large object or confined space. It makes a kind of vibrating/shaking effect with your character as the 3D rapidly turns off and on. Sometimes the 3D effect stays off in certain areas of the game like caves or certain hallways.
    I turned the 3D effect down to 0.34 to reduce the effects of this happening but there is not a lot of 3D effect happening at that level.

    I noticed the same thing would happen with a USER profile before the official profile was released with version 21.3.5.

    There was a profile when the beta was available based on Resident Evil Village profile that this vibrating/shaking 3d effect was not occurring.

    It is playable with the 3D effect turned down though and is still quite good.

    Is there a graphics setting I have turned on that is causing this?
    Has anyone else experienced this issue?



    @Tripleflat Sorry i don’t have any answers to your questions, i was just wondering seeing as you are using 24.1.0 do you have headtracking working? if so was it working since you have been using 24.1.0 or did you have to change any settings to get it to work?


    @Zel1984 I was using cinema mode. I am not sure if head tracking was working as I had it turned off.

    As to my particular trouble. I had an old user profile that was working for me from a user Bravekat for the 23 beta version of Vorpx before the official profile was released. I applied that profile to the 21.3.5 version of Vorpx and I am not getting any 3D off and on effects while still getting a great 3D effect. I had to turn on expert settings and play with the focal point though. I am using Cinema mode though as I prefer that.



    any news on a starfield profile? ralf said he would make one months ago.


    oh! didnt see that. thank you. exited to try that tonight.


    The new game update with FSR3 crashes when enabling Frame Generation with VorpX active.

    Is a fix possible/coming?

    Other than that, no trouble with the new update, even FSR3 is working great just not FG.

    Really enjoying this game in VorpX!

Viewing 7 posts - 196 through 202 (of 202 total)
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