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  • in reply to: How to rebind edge peek button #19769

    I found a post, roughly a year old, stating that it would be in one of the next updates.

    Well, Updates on this thing are painfully slow and with little documentation; so it might be that it IS being added in “one of the next updates”.

    Unfortunately I don’t have proper advice for you on how to rebind it within VorpX, although there ARE rebinding options when you press DEL and go to the section with the Hotkeys.

    I haven’t touched VorpX since I’m waiting for an update (atm this thing doesn’t work for the stuff I really wanted to use it for (arma 3)), but I believe there was an option to rebind certain keys internally.

    Be careful though (and experiment after applying settings), as the bindings, as many other things, are bugged. In this particular case, certain Keys in the binding are SWAPPED, so you’re in for a surprise :p

    in reply to: Massive problems with vorpX (& Skyrim) #19768

    Stupid question/suggestion… but is your Oculus properly plugged in and functioning…?

    I only ever get the “vorpx … has stopped working” error when I have the Oculus turned off or it doesn’t get detected.

    The reason of the message not disappearing is likely due to the previous crash of the software.
    I did try Skyrim with VorpX when I got my DK2, it was an okay experience, apart from being either super zoomed in or having super long arms attached to the player’s ears…

    “I tried disabling antivirus” — (proper*) Antivirus has never really a problem to me. I did try a firewall other than windows once (ZoneAlarm) — which causes VorpX – or the Oculus in general – to fail.
    It works fine with windows firewall. In case you do use a separate firewall it May be a problem.

    * excluding Norton and the other crap, obviously.

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #18016

    The eternal holiday was a note at the price of the product and the need to double-purchase it on version leaps (if that’s true, could be a horrible rumor)

    It’d be quite nice if there was a place where to get Dev builds of the software rather than waiting over a month to try the next version :P
    Chances are, by the time the next version is released, the game updates that were made early on in that update don’t work anymore.
    (Game compatibility seems to pop in and out).

    Hmm… or perhaps it may be possible to make “Game-Settings” independent from the main program. I’m not sure how it works internally, but if you have one bit of code per game, aimed specifically at hooking into it and doing the stuff it does, it may be possible to take this part out of the main code and loading it from a/multiple file/s.
    What this’d allow for, is that Compatibility stays consistent as hooking-related fixes can be addressed faster and in a much smaller update.
    ~ “hotfixes”, so to say

    in reply to: CS:GO on DK2 ? #18013

    It sounds as if either CS:GO or VorpX disables mouse Input for that particular game or that it doesn’t hook correctly (its not a supported game after all).

    That first clear-up was a bit difficult to understand.
    Do you mean that the two images do not align (cross eyes in the rift) — or that the focus is wrong?
    – If the image alignment is a bit off, you can probably fix this in the ingame vorpX menu by adjusting IPD, separation strength and offset.
    – If the focus is wrong this can be fixed by the above, unless you mean that it is blurred like auto focus going wrong, giving you a strong DOF effect.

    I would try playing around with IPD and Offset in particular

    Do you use Geometry mode or Z-mode?

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #18012

    Nice, glad I was able to help you out :)
    I played Arma3 without the rift the past days, atm it’s not very enjoyable to play with the rift because of the HUD mess…

    I also can’t wait for an update :p but who knows how long that’s gonna be…
    Progress is slow when there’s one employee and he’s on an eternal holiday ;))

    in reply to: CS:GO on DK2 ? #17991

    One reason why CS:GO will likely not work very well is because of fixed FOV. The highest you can go is, to my understanding, 96° – while something like 120+ would be more adequate.

    What do you mean by it being blurry? You could post a screenshot (SideBySide, so we can cross our eyes) so we can see if it’s the common “Rift” blur or the injector settings.

    Lastly – do you mean that the VorpX mouse does not work (aiming with head) or that, when using VorpX, the actual mouse stops working?
    Unless CS:GO has a system in place which allows only one vector2 input at a time, I don’t see why the mouse should be disabled.

    The only problem I’ve had with VorpX (mouse related) is, that in many games I have a “VorpX” cursor – but the actual cursor is gone or doesn’t work.
    When you carefully observe it, you will see that the mouse cursor is actually there — at the very right end of the screen. It may have CenterSnapping enabled…

    Not sure if that already helps you (likely not), but do keep us updated with more info.. with a huge amount of luck we can actually help you :P

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #17966

    Duplicate doesn’t work because of the portrait mode. Our monitors are all landscape, when you duplicate to oculus it becomes a portrait screen which is plain wrong. (and you have only half the res on monitor).

    It’s odd though, for me OpenTrack works just fine with it being in either extended OR direct mode. (I use direct mode when I just want the headtracking bit).
    My oculus has the newer firmware 2.12 though! That is currently the only difference I can see between us.

    I also only have the standard Oculus Tasks running in background, which don’t seem to conflict with the tracking.

    Try this:
    Uninstall the Rift drivers and software and download the new, up to date one

    it should include the 2.12 firmware as well (if not, google may know).
    Be sure to restart your PC afterwards just for the sake of having done it.

    I really hope you can resolve your issue :(

    in reply to: Just bought VorpX—need help please #17964

    Yeah, but the new GPUs cost a crapload of money, so its another huge investment.
    I’m currently using a GTX680 and I don’t intend to replace it any time soon
    (which is why I’m VERY careful with driver updates from nVidia… my GTX295 died to the 2XX driver series update :| google around, that update broke a whole bunch of GTX280s and 295s)

    Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to native support for that stuff :)
    I just don’t have the funds to actually afford it, because they always make it an requirement that you “get something” in order to use “something else”. :/
    (3D Monitor and 3D ready card and 3D Vision for Stereo 3D)

    Also: 3D Vision WAS nice – until they changed the driver in that way that you had no longer an option to NOT enable stereo on startup of games…
    Every damn time you alt+tabbed it’d enable it – no matter if you were using it or not.
    Also, 3D vision has very horrid ghosting effects

    in reply to: Just bought VorpX—need help please #17960

    Oh yeah, what I completely forgot to mention due to my Rant is…
    For 3D Vision I used to use a driver called “iZ3D”, which is actually meant for Polarized Light Monitors – but the driver can do a variety of different modes — amongst others: SIDE BY SIDE (Which is what Oculus Rift does).
    It will likely not take the lenses into account though… but might be worht a shot, too :)

    in reply to: Just bought VorpX—need help please #17959

    Be very careful with nVidia driver support though… :p
    There was “Elsa Eraser 3D Shutter” 10 bucks glasses 10 years ago which nvidia supported. Then they took that out and offer us practically the same stuff (just advertised differently) as “nVidia 3D Vision” – for 120€ or so.
    It doesn’t work very nicely either – shitton of ghosting and it only supports directX games as well.
    Plus – you “need” a video card which goes along well with it (usually their latest cards… even though older cards are powerful enough for it, too).

    Other than that: It’d indeed be great for -free-, legit drivers to properly support it :)
    What I dislike about VorpX the most is:
    This is a 3rd party beta software for 50€ (!) which is basically an injection hack which can potentially get you banned in multiplayer. The game compatibility works for a while and then tends to break until the next Update. The next “update” seems to take a painstakingly long time to be finished – in which time the new compatibilities already broke again.

    Worst of all, though I’m only 70% sure about this, is… we paid for the current version only… when there’s a big version update we’ll have to buy the software again (I heard) — if that’s true, that’s really. Really really shit.

    Companies like Autodesk and Adobe do such ‘maintenance’ subscriptions.. but VorpX is a programme developed by one single person, very slowly, with little support, lots of fiddling on our part – while Autodesk and Adobe are huge companies with regular stable updates, a huge community, a huge amount of documentation, a huge amount of people working on bugfixes and features around the clock…
    How does VorpX compare itself to this? It doesn’t.
    So I very much hope what I heard is NOT true :p

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #17957

    you mean this one?

    Hehe.. in my case the solution is:
    Turning the rift on … I only get that error when my rift is either not plugged in or not turned on.

    “Can you verify your device is plugged in and turned on”?
    If it is, and yet it doesn’t work, it means it has some issues to even find the rift. Perhaps the tracking is, in that case, used by another application or the device isn’t properly installed…?

    Do the demos work for you right now?

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #17955

    I just copy-pasted my links and it worked. You could also omit the “http://www.” part so it doesn’t get recognized as a link… People with INT > 6 will still be able to detect it as a link and paste it into their browsers accordingly.

    You just open the .exe, it has no actual Install, that is correct.
    And you do the mapping for every axis.
    When you get raw-data out of your Oculus – it’s raw data that other programs can’t use.
    By making a mapping curve for each axis that you want, you can tell OpenTrack to convert the raw data into actual, useful data.
    If you don’t have a curve it will always output “0”, no matter what raw data you’re getting.

    I’m not sure what your error is, since you didn’t describe it further.
    Try a link again or describe it more precisely? :)

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #17951

    Be sure to use the latest version of OpenTrack which has support for the Rift (DK2 !!!).
    use the latest one (changed 3 days ago).

    After you’ve done that, the OpenTrack should access the O-Rift DK2 no matter the mode (Extended/direct both work fine) and you should get a “Raw” readout.

    To access this raw data in other programs or games, make sure you have a protocol set (like FreeTrack / TrackIR) and you click the Mapping button in the bottom right corner of the programme… You have to make curves or lines yourself there, the default is a “Flat on 0” ‘curve’ which means it doesn’t actually output any data.

    Program with rift tracker:

    Mapping Options (do this for each axis):

    Hope that helps :)
    Pro tip: If you feel like playing a game of DayZ/Arma with headtracking without going blind, put on a cap and put the rift on your forehead.. then play the game via normal monitor :p

    in reply to: Arma 3 – Help needed #17947

    Interesting, thanks for explaining :)
    I have a whole ton of hours in Arma 2 too, mainly due to DayZ.

    The main drawbacks to the Oculus in general for VR are currently the screen door effect and the 60 FPS-dependency … if you drop below that you will definitely notice it.

    VorpX didn’t work well in any game that I personally tried so far… But its very well possible that I just expected the experience to be… different.
    I’m now trying to build me a headtracker from an arduino nano v3 and MPU6050 so I can play arma with headtracking without oculus :P

    in reply to: Just bought VorpX—need help please #17940

    I would just wish there were more frequent, smaller updates made to VorpX …
    it would feel more like there’s progress being made, and there’s quicker fixes for small problems such as games that used to hook but do not anymore (arma3 being one of em).

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