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    Hmm, it looks like I may have solved it: in-game control takeover setting = on, VorpX mode = keyboard/mouse, game override = FULL, but (!!!) in the key mapping for the gamepad buttons override I erased all mappings. Now, when previously even with the gamepad override=off it flickered and opened the map. M was the gamepad RB override key, but even when it’s off – it engaged it! But now the icons flicker still, but map is not opening and I can use in-game override properly, so my joysticks work fine until I tak over with controllers on land.

    I haven’t tested it properly yet, but it seems to work. Maybe this way it will also work with override=off. It was still using those mappings despite the override being off, somehow.

    Starfield is capable of handling gmaepad and keyboard but not simultaneously – they override each other ontil the othe one is used, which is just what I want. Land = controllers, flight = gamepad (joysticks).

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    Correction – when I set both Gamepad mode and gamepad override as off, saved and fully restarted the game – the controllers were not working at all as a gamepad, but the emulator (or real gamepad) was working fine, and no map opened via button presses. But as soon as I set it to override the gamepad, or act as keyboard/mouse – I get this map pop-up in flight on RB relese.

    It’s almost there! If not for this bug, otherwise it’s working – I use controllers on land, and my joysticks in flight – and it feels great, up to the moment I try to use thrusters. “Select Target” button (A) also glitches sometimes, possibly due to the same problem. IT’s some conflicting between gamepad/VorpX. I tried without VorpX – just with real gamepad/keyboard and there is no such problem – I can seamlessly use keyboard and gamepad, one overrides another perfectly, no map popup, no flicker of icons: once I touch gamepad – they stay round, and once I touch keyboard – they stay square No flicker at any point. But as soon as I turn on VorpX – it starts again, even though it should just emulate keyboard presses without doing anything different than the keyboard…

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    Ralf, I’m still having this weird problem with the gamepad interaction. I tried 2 different software gamepad emulators, and I tried a real X360 gamepad! I tried VorpX controllers in keyboard/mouse mode and in the gamepad mod. With full or partial gamepad override and with override off. With in-game setting of control takeover on and off. What happens is that in the starship when piloting, if you hold RB (Right Bumper) to use thrusters, the moment you release it – the map opens every time! In the middle of the flight. Press it again – it closes. But it’s not mapped to a map! It makes the flight almost impossible – not with thrusters, which are very important (you can’t use them until you unlock Pilot skill – 1st tier). Because of the way the game works, it shows keyboard key symbols if you use the keyboard, and controller button symbols when you use the gamepad, I think it has something to do with how VorpX is not actually emulating the gamepad! Because when I use the actual gamepad sticks (or its emulator) I see the round buttons (gamepad mode), but the moment I press any button on the gamepad, or use the controllers – it changes to square keyboard icons. So I think VorpX is not actually acting as a gamepad, despite the fact that I set it to gamepad mod, saved, and restarted the game. Looks like in the VorpX menu the gamepad buttons are still mapped to keys, right? Can it work as a true gamepad instead, and coexist with a real gamepad? Or if not – it should not glitch into keyboard mode once a real gamepad button is pressed.

    Any idea how it can be fixed? It’s driving me crazy!

    So, once again, my goal is to use a motion controller as a gamepad when walking, but a real gamepad (or joysticks via gamepad emulation) for flying. Both at the same time. The game has a great override setting, which is normally on (I tested it off too): when it senses the gamepad it overrides the keyboard and vice versa. So in theory, when I use a gamepad the controllers should not generate any input. But when I click a gamepad button, I see the game icons glitch between round gamepad/square key icons very fast, so it must mean that the VorpX is still generating key input when the keypad is pressed. How to avoid it?

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    It’s basically a plug and play FullVR profile now. Still with room for improvement, but no annoying hurdles anymore.

    Sounds great! My gestures are pretty standard – aim down sights, throw grenades, reload, interact…

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    The profile will be out within the next few days

    Great news. Will there be any functional improvements? DirectVR tracking that you mentioned? Anything else besides ready setup?

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    I built myself a little “throne of games” I use daily when gaming.

    Hah, “throne of games”! Nice one. Very cyberpunk.
    Here’s my contraption:

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    Being a huge space sci-fi fan, I first hated the game for not having the atmospheric transition quality

    Ouch… I feel your pain. I’m a lifelong hard sci-fi fan too, and I’ve written a sci-fi thriller novel and just finished a novelette (ping me if you’re interested in reading it). I’m also a huge flight sim fan (I also produce airports for MSFS). So the lack of reentry, atmospheric flight, and sim aspect is a massive disappointment for me, along with no native VR support. Still, the game is amazing.

    I’ve determined that I will bring it to the best degree of immersion I possibly can.

    – So the first step was bringing it to VR. I tested the Reshade3D to see that the performance and general VR look would be good enough, then bought VorpX for the true immersive VR and gesture support. I added all gestures to my profile (Roman Design). But that’s just the beginning.

    – I’ve recently built a full motion simulator for flight sims, including custom-built controls: joystick/pendular yoke and hotas/heli collective hybrid controls, throttle quadrant modelled on 737, an array of switch boxes, encoder box, and off-the-shelf pedals. So I mapped all the relevant control axes and buttons to an X360CE gamepad emulator. The game thinks I’m using a gamepad, but I now have proper controls for space flight.

    – Unlike flight sims, there is no position/acceleration data that I can use for driving motors on my motion cockpit. But I pull the data from my joystick and other controls and use that! Because there is no gravity in space – spacecraft position/orientation is not important. And joystick movement pretty much corresponds with thruster acceleration motion cues, so with some formulas, it’s possible to create a very believable motion. I use deltas from throttle changes to jerk the seat forwards/backwards to create a sensation of braking/accelerating as well. It works surprisingly well. I had to tone it down a bit not to get sick from all the space dogfighting.

    – I built two DIY vibration transducers from old car speakers, driven by a separate amp. Again, I have no events to drive the software, but I mirror the game audio to a mixing software that EQs it to hell, leaving only very low frequencies that I feed to transducers – now all the rumble and explosions from the game are felt by my body. In addition to that, I used Voice Attack software to intercept all trigger presses from motion controllers and joysticks and play a “thump” sound to the device that feeds the vibration transducers. That way I feel the recoil of every shot I make. It fires every time the left mouse button is pressed, for example, so some false positives are there when I’m not actually shooting – but it feels very satisfying when I shoot.

    – I created a Voice Attack profile that covers everything available in the game with voice control commands and text-to-speech. I can say “initiate take-off” and it will answer “Crew – prepare for take-off. Ignition. Engines nominal, taking off” etc. while pressing the appropriate button for me. Same for jumps etc. The voice commands cover everything that can’t be fitted to motion controllers, or just more fun to speak out. I can say “sniper rifle” or “quick slot 9” and the weapon is equipped. And so on. I programmed some energy management presets: when I say “battle stations” it will depower the grav drive, set max shields and power weapons. “Maximum lasers” will depower other weapons and set full lasers first, then add other weapons as available. And so on.

    – I’ve also created a complicated .bat file that launches all the necessary software, kills off all the unnecessary processes to free up CPU and GPU, sets CPU affinities to 3D-cache CCD0 cores for the game, and CCD1 cores for everything else, etc.

    There are some glitches here and there, due to game bugs and software issues etc. but mostly it works great, incredibly increasing the immersion! I’m going to make a video about the whole setup soon.

    Now all I wish for is that someone mods in the atmospheric flight and manual landings/takeoffs. The ship can appear at the edge of the generated area and lets you fly and land manually – that would be such a great thing for immersion without changing the game engine in any way. Also it would be nice to decouple aiming from looking, and map the motion controller movement to aiming – that would really be almost full VR. But I’m not sure that is possible.

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    This is a very important list ! If you can extend it in a thread of a upcoming official vorpx profile it will be a very important contribution.

    Sure, as soon as the official profile thread is up, I can update it there…
    I’m also trying a mod that gets rid of the whole black square loading screens, because they look silly in VorpX – it’s just a black square in the middle of the picture, while the rest is transparent. So it doesn’t look like a fade-ou/fade-in anymore at all, better get rid of them… Will add it to the list if it works well…

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    Ok thx guys ! So anxious to play it in VR but I dont want to screw up too much in the files so I guess I’ll be patient and keep it pancake in the meantime.

    The truth is that to make the game playable and good, you have to “scew up the files”. You gotta use mods and they all modify the same files, so VorpX doesn’t add anything unique there, except that you can’t use any Reshade-based mods. So unless you don’t want to use mods for some reason, you could already be playing in VR…

    Here are the mods that I use and they work fine with VorpX:
    – You absolutely have to get StarUI Inventory, this is what the inventory should have been.
    – Starfield Script Extender (SFSE) – doesn’t do anything but required by some other mods
    – Neutral LUTs – No Color Filters, really improves the graphics, default is greenish and muddy
    – Enhanced Player Healthbar – the edges are not very sharp in Reverb G2 so this helps me to notice when health falls to low
    – BetterHUD, prevents messages from blocking the center of the view.
    – EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced – nice visual enhancements to weapon fire, impacts and blood.
    – The Eyes of Beauty – Starfield Edition, because why not?
    – Less Spongy Enemies, the default enemies are ridiculously spongy. You can spend 2 mags until you kill someone. Very unrealistic. This makes it better, without making the game too easy or stopping enemies from matching your level.
    – Better Visible Magazines, just puts green border around magazines, which are too easy to miss in VR.

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    Generally, Reshade3D is a very good and free solution for bringing Starfield to VR. But what sets VorpX apart is the controller integration, gestures and head tracking. Starfield is a huge game and I’m sure it can bring many people to VorpX, just like it brought me, so I bought it. Free is tough to beat though :-) The huge selling point of the VorpX is the immersion features. So let’s see what the official profile can bring. This may be big, or not. I already think it was worth it for me, but there may be things that will make it so much better: if only it would be possible to decouple looking (directions/moving) and aiming (moving the reticle), then mapping motion controller movement/tracking to aiming (“air mouse”) should not be difficult, and that would be mind-blowingly huge! I’m not sure it’s even possible to decouple it in the game, but if it is – that would virtually be bringing the motion controllers inside the game. Something like that could bridge the last gap of VorpX vs. native VR – aiming with your hands. I think most people who are not sure if they want to try WorpX are worried about the whole “aiming with your head” thing. And while it’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s not ideal. Managing to bring hand aiming into the game would be amazing – I’m probably dreaming, but who knows…

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    Roman – Zoom the screen in dude. Then it fills your whole vision. Problem solved.

    Well, no, it isn’t, dude. You still have a giant screen in front of you. You can’t move your head because the screen would stay in place. And then you move your mouse to aim and the world turns around you. Tried it. Beats 2D but there’s a better option.

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    Do not use dlss3 or dynamic resolution with vorpx !

    I wish DLSS FG would work with VorpX. But I think anything that uses Reshade breaks VorpX.
    Maybe Ralph could comment on possibility of integrating DLSS3 Frame Generation with VorpX / Starfield?
    People report huge performance gains on flat game. But all we can do for now is DLSS2 with FSR Bridge (no frame generation) and I still get weird artifacts – top third of the image can become distorted, and some interface screens (recording playback etc.) can become unreadable with distortions.

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    I’ve tried reshade3d,and has Better 3d ,no flickering and better performance,but not headtracking

    It’s not just head tracking, there is no full VR. You see a 3D screen in front of you, not a full immersive VR view. That was a deal breaker for me. I’m not sure 3D is better though, compared to VorpX if you put it into the immersive screen mode. That’s much better than a flat monitor, but you’d still have to play with a mouse or gamepad.

    But it was very useful as I could see if I can get the game sharp enough in high enough resolution and graphics and at >45 FPS to be playable and enjoyable in VR. After I confirmed it, I bought VorpX. Otherwise, it would make no sense. So I suggest anyone who’s on the border to do the same. If it works for you and you like it – chances are VorpX will work too. I think the quality and performance are fairly similar, if you compare the same modes.

    But headtracking with vorpx Is not ok

    I don’t have any problems with headtracking with Reverb G2, other than a tiny small oversensitive jitter when I’m keeping still – it’s in sync with my pulse, and that problem is present in MSFS too, so it’s not VorpX fault. Not noticeable when moving or doing anything. Other than that head tracking is perfect.

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    If you read my earlier post, this happened to me too, and it was reliably happening after a dialog with Emogene. Game save before was 3D, and right after the talk 3D disappeared. But after a few minutes of playing it was back, also after a dialog. And it’s still holding, about 10 hours since then or more. I’m not sure what restored it. Game restarts and reloads were not helping.

    BTW the weapon FOV mod seems to be helping and the fugly weapons bug didn’t return.

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    You must download flawless widescreen . This program allow you that set any fov. Viewmodel , ship , world

    Looks like it does exactly the same as the mod I mentioned does. But I suspect that the mod also resets it after a dialog etc. Anyway, why use extra software when there’s a mod?

    I downloaded the game a week ago but haven’t opened it yet, waiting on full vr

    I’m also eagerly waiting for an official mod, but you can try my profile, based on Alpha v2 – it’s pretty playable. Only disable the gamepad override, I think it works better that way for the ships. Also, if you are using joystick like I am, program the emulator for cross-controls: so joystick controls proper roll and pitch – they are on separate thumbstick on the gamepad, and pitch should be reversed (in-game menu option or inside emulator). And throttle and yaw should be programmed on proper axes too. That way ship combat is much better than when joystick emulates gamepad normally.

    Official profile might have lower latency, and other nice-to-haves, but it’s quite well and playable as it is, full VR with gestures, so the beginning is slow and long anyway, and it’s really not bad. BTW not sure what people were complaining about – slow beginning, boring game and all. It’s basically exactly like Fallout/Skyrim in space with very nice graphics and cool hard sci-fi aesthetics. It plays exactly like that. All the clunkyness is the same as with the older Bethesda games. But nobody does a better job in this gameplay style, which is my favored. I only wish there would be native VR support, atmospheric flight, manual landings and docking and generally more believable space simulator dynamics. And of course less loading screens – game could check if there is enough RAM/VRAM available and preload the next zone in the background…

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