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    Losing 3d happened before the update. But just like the low-poly weapon bug, it happened after a dialog (with Emogene), and happened every time. Load save before dialog – 3D is there, talk to her, 3D disappears. But then it fixed itself after a while, and is sticking so far. I have no idea why.

    Low-poly weapon bug seems to be tied with wide FOV, people are saying FOV>100 triggers it. The mod called “Weapon Model FOV setter” seems to help by separating hand/weapon FOV from main FOW and limiting it to 100. Though the bug happened to me once after installing the mod, but maybe I didn’t launch the game properly that time (it uses SFSE so needs to be launched with its launcher).

    I still have some intermittent corrupted video in the top third of the screen with DLSS mod. I don’t think it’s VorpX related, but reporting it just in case…

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    I just lost 3D… VorpX full VR is working, but no 3D in any of the Z modes. I uninstalled some mods I tried, but still no 3D! What else can I try?

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    @roman, is your profile full vr or the sbs 3d? Apologies, a bit new to the software.

    My profile is full VR. It’s based on Alpha v2, but has different mappings – more buttons added, and has gestures working (aiming, throwing grenades etc.) I’m new to VorpX too, bought it specifically for Starfield, and I have no regrets (so far). I’m not even sure I uploaded it correctly to Cloud, so if you see gestures configured/working, it’s OK. Follow Alpha v2 installation instructions, they work.

    FOV for Reverb G2 (WMR) is 130. I use in-game resolution of 3056×3060, and have the same resolution added to VorpX virtual monitor resolutions.

    Here’s the StarfieldPrefs.ini settings that I’m using. With RTX4090 / 7950X3D I have 45fps walking in New Atlantis. It’s borderline, but mostly holding on 45, which is a must for WMR Motion Reprojection to do a good job.

    bFull Screen=0
    iSize H=3056
    iSize W=3060
    iLocation Y=0
    iLocation X=383

    I also have OpenXR Toolkit layer that I have CAS sharpening on max I think. The game looks fantastic and very sharp. VorpX has sharpening too, which you can try using as well, but it’s easy to oversharpen. Maybe with DLSS replacement mod it’s a good idea to use it, especially if you don’t have OpenXR Toolking sharpening running.

    I think I found a solution for a huge bug: when FOV is above 100 (and we need 130 for VorpX), weapons in your hand load as a crappy low-poly LOD versions and look awful – not all the time, but about half of the time, occasionally fixing itself and breaking after dialogs again. I found a mod made for widescreen FOV called “SFSE – Weapon Model FOV setter”. It uncouples hand+weapon FOV from main FOV and resets it after dialogs apparently. I tried loading a save and it worked, the weapons were fixed. Haven’t played with it, so not sure it fixes the bug, but people say it does. You have to keep weapon FOV at 100, if you go above, you get the low-poly bug. That’s what this mode does.

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    Right. Release date is as always the good old ‘when it’s done’.

    It’s fine, I was asking more of a “days/weeks/months” expectation, not a specific date or any promises. And of course I realise that you can’t know for certain, and things can always get delayed. I’m an IT pro myself, I know how it works. It’s just that if the release is imminent, I’d rather pause my game for a few days and wait until we have the profile, but if I’d have to wait for weeks, I will keep playing with what I have now. That’s the only reason I was asking – not to rush you in any way, or hold you responsible if the profile is not ready when you say it would be.

    it would be to wander around these places and see it all in VR.

    It already works with Alpha v2 profile, or I recommend my profile based on that that’s a bit extended with gestures and more key mappings. It looks amazing in VR! I wouldn’t play pancake at all, even considering the unofficial profile. For me, the main problems are in the space combat. I want to use joystick through gamepad emulator and while it works, it’s not good. I tried disabling “gamepad override” which was on, and I think it was better but then I got some glitched taking back control with VR controllers. Maybe because joystick was not zeroed precisely. I also sometimes have weird DLSS artifacts at top of the screen (in VR view only), and lo-poly weapons bug that appears and disappears randomly, but I think it’s not related to VorpX, I see it on display view too.

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    Any news on when can we expect an official profile?

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    Also iirc I had to set it to use the integrated graphics instead of my dedicated graphics card for ESO but in the quoted text he uses his GPU

    I have WMR HMD (Reverb G2), but I think even with Quest you need to use your main GPU. DLSS is a mod for Starfield, it includes FSR as default. I think DLSS is slightly faster. VorpX should work with Quest but I don’t know the details. I think it works with OpenXR, whatever runtime is configured to run it in your system. I have WMR OpenXR and it works smoothly. See other threads for more details, I just posted more experiences there.

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    You won’t have to care about any of that once the official profile is ready.

    When do you expect the profile to be released, roughly speaking? Few days, a week, a few weeks?

    For anyone interested in performance and general experience:

    My goal with Reverb G2 is to maintain stable >45fps performance so Motion Reprojection can up it to 90Hz properly and smoothly. With the minimal acceptable resolution and graphic quality even 7950X3D + RTX4090 PC can’t reach and maintain 90fps. But in VR, I think no major game can, even made for VR. So slightly more than 45fps is a good goal to lock at. MR can induce slight warping artifacts sometimes, but that’s unavoidable and not very noticeable during the game. It is noticeable in menus, but it’s not that important or annoying there, because who cares. I can’t really see a noticeable difference between High and Ultra settings in game, and I started having weird shadow and lighting artifacts that may be connected to Ultra settings, so I set everything to High. It worked smoothly.

    I now adjusted the resolution to the maximum reasonable resolution for Reverb G2, so I can get the best picture I can. Reverb’s native resolution is 2100×2100 but the image must be larger to allow for barrel distortion compensation to still retain the center resolution of the image. My StarfieldPrefs.ini settings are:

    iSize H=3056
    iSize W=3060

    And I added a matching virtual monitor resolution to VorpX. I also installed DLSS mod with v2.5 DLSS dll.

    Running around New Atlantis sometimes becomes slightly non-smooth, so I think it does dip below 45 fps sometimes, though I couldn’t see it in OpenXR Toolkit overlay, which showed solid 45fps. But all other places, or inside buildings in New Atlantis were silky smooth so far. Once eye distance is properly set in VorpX (0.66 in my case) the 3D is very decent, though I notice occasional halos around objects, people, weapons, and sometimes there is a “flat cutout” feel to some people. But it still beats a flat universe.

    Full VR feels like full VR. Sometimes when rotating head fast I can notice black borders lagging on the sides. Maybe when the official profile is out with DirectVR the latency will be better. It’s not a big deal.

    Piloting a ship is not great, because head rotation does the steering and you can’t look around – the cockpit stays with you, like in a dialog scene etc. Normally such scenes work best with peak mode, but dogfighting in space is best full VR. I have to force myself not to rotate my head, which overrides my joystick (through the gamepad emulator), but it still sometimes overrides it, so flying is possible, but it’s a bit of a mess. Hopefully to be improved in the official profile.

    The biggest issue for me is a small view jitter when I sit still. Sometimes it’s in time with my pulse! I know some people have this issue with Reverb G2 in MSFS (not me) so it seems that head tracking is too sensitive. I wish there would be a way to do a low-pass filter, to filter out tiny head movements. There’s one in OpenXR Toolkit, but it doesn’t work with Motion Reprojection. Lowering sensitivity doesn’t help much, because then the world is not in sync with your head. When you’re walking it’s fine, it’s just when you’re standing it’s noticeable.

    Overall, it feels really close to a VR game, and for me, VorpX is really worth the price. I wouldn’t play a time-consuming game in pancake mode, but passable VR means everything. But I do have a top-of-the-line PC that I use for work and gaming – 7950X3D CPU (liquid cooled) + RTX4090 GPU + 64Gb DDR5 RAM, 4 fast SSDs. I’m not sure what would be the minimal hardware requirements for passable performance. For me the performance is good, considering it’s a kind of a hack instead of a game optimized for VR.

    Here’s what’s missing or would be nice to have:

    – Obviously what’s really missing is motion controller support. We can dream, can’t we? Maybe someone will figure out how to do independent aiming – some games can have mouse aiming with the keyboard moving/look, where the aim can be moved around the screen, without moving the view. If that could be achieved, maybe Ralph could map the right motion controller movement to aiming and we’d have a reasonable approximation of proper motion controllers.

    – Geometry3D would be nice, but AFAIK it can’t work with DX12 games. Some work with alternate eye rendering, though I think I can feel the flicker. The way it is now, feels very smooth. Cyberpunk mod with alternate eye rendering felt rougher to me…

    – Vibration feedback – @Ralph, that should be easy to do – maybe add an option to have a trigger press on the right controller to generate a strong vibration “tick”? It doesn’t have to be game-dependent, but would still be nice. For example, I programmed a short jerk of my motion seat based on joystick trigger presses, and a short vibration on my transducers, and it feels great in space. It would be nice to feel recoil in the controller.

    – Filter for smoothing out tiny head movements or head tracking jitter.

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    Somehow A post I typed in has disappeared…

    if you don’t mind I’d happily take a look at what you did so far and factor it into the official profile as much as that makes sense.

    I shared my profile online – hope I did it correctly, it’s called “Starfield – RomanDesign”.

    If I can get DirectVR (memory scanner) head tracking working, the mouse/gamepad issue won’t be an issue anymore.

    I’m not sure I understand. Does it mean that aiming and mouselook can be separated? If so, is it feasible to track VR controller movements in the air to control aiming, while headtracking would be used for looking? That would almost be like full motion controller support, too good to be true. But what DirectVR head tracking means then?

    What you can do in user profiles in such cases is enabling the X-Box gamepad override and mapping mouse/keyboard to the gamepad.

    What’s very important for me and I’m sure for many others, is joystick support. I use emulator to make my joysticks/hotas/pedals appear as a gamepad for the game, allowing me to pilot ships with a joystick. If I use the override, both joystick and VR controllers would act as a gamepad then, won’t it cause conflicts?

    BTW is there a way to “subscribe” to this topic so I get email notifications?

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    I find that actually decreasing HUD size to 50% makes it much clearer, and quite a usable size for full VR for me. It makes sense: 2x resizing is always clearer than fractions. And of course 100% HUD would also work, but it’s too large.

    Also, the default eye distance (or whatever it’s called) was 0.3 in the profile. It doesn’t look bad at first glance, but your hands and weapon look horrible – the 3D is blocky with a lot of ghosting. Adjusting it to 0.66 (I suppose it should match my IPD of 66mm) greatly improved the 3D effect on my hands and weapons.

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    The motion controller stuff alone will almost certainly make this the closest-to-native-VR way of playing the game.

    I modified Alpha v0.2 profile locally to include gestures and it works beautifully!
    Also added more quick menu mappings and changed/added key mapping on controllers to include more of the necessary keys, and shortcuts for map and inventory.
    Would there be a way to merge my control mapping and gestures with the official profile somehow, when it’s added? Like copying a few lines to XML file or something? I just bought VorpX few days ago so I’m unfamiliar with how the profiles work.

    As most of the time with larger first person titles you can shortly expect a profile with lots of settings automation and all the extra bells and whistles I can muster,

    Would it be possible to include a mappable shortcut for temporarily disabling “mouse look” headtracking? There is a specific problem with Starfield in the way the game controls are implemented: it can support keyboard/mouse AND gamepad but not at the same time! Any input from one TAKES OVER all controls. During FPS shooter mode everything is OK as VorpX just emulates the head tracking as a mouse and VR controllers as a keyboard. But there is a problem when you get to spaceship piloting: steering with head tracking is horrible, just as bad as it sounds. So you’d want to use a gamepad (or in my case – joystick/hotas/pedals mounted to the motion seat I built and mapped through the X360 gamepad emulator), and it works fine, but the problem is that you have to keep your head absolutely still! And this is virtually impossible as you naturally tend to follow the target with your look. The game tracks it as using a mouse and cancels all gamepad controls, using your head movement instead. Often just when you are ready to shoot – your ship veers to a completely wrong direction. It’s extremely disorienting and inconvenient. If mouselook can be easily paused in space, that problem could be solved.

    I also read that it is possible to look around in the cockpit by holding Q key or “change view” controller button, but I didn’t test it yet. Though it sounds like this would cancel the ship control and is used just for a quick lookaround. So the best would still be a head-tracking pause function. Maybe it already exists and I just haven’t found it yet?

    Important note: It’s actually important that VorpX emulates the keyboard/mouse and not the controller, because it’s not just me – any simmer would like to use the joystick for spaceship piloting. Bethesda already made a huge mistake of not supporting joysticks, but that is solvable through the X360CE emulator. But it means the gamepad should remain free from VorpX so it can be used for piloting.

    On a side note: it would be nice if the little square labels on the controller buttons could actually reflect functions and not just key names, somewhat like key menus, or show both functions and keys. There are many keys (normal+shift) and it’s difficult to remember all their functions. If VorpX uses images, maybe at least include a small library of common assignable labels used in games that can be specified like “map”, “inventory”, “grenade”, “crouch”, “weapons”, “menu” , “camera”, “zoom” etc.

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    I installed v0.2 but then made a lot of adjustments inside the VorpX interface. Should I get rev.b? Will it overwrite my settings? Or can you say what the adjustment was in rev.b so I can add it manually?

    FYI what I changed was added gestures (aiming etc.), adjusted eye distance (or whatever it’s called) – it was 0.3 but I increased it to 0.66, I think it’s meant to match IPD in HMD. When I did that the 3D effect on hands and weapons became much better – not so blocky and misaligned. Anyway, I don’t want to lose those settings. Is there a way to merge profiles?

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    The fugly gun issue is a Starfield bug, apparently, unrelated to VorpX. Here’s how my starter pistol looks: – horrible, can’t aim down sites etc. Every weapon is low-poly and distorted like that, but only in 1st person POV. If I switch to 3rd person – it looks fine. Back to 1st – fugly again. And 3D blockiness doesn’t help. The whole hands+weapons area is a mess, as a result…

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    I saw it mentioned that the gun models can sometimes look very low poly and blocky.

    Where did you see it discussed? I better follow up and see if the solution is found…

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    Thanks for sharing this and other details, much appreciated! There are definitely new settings for me here to explore. What’s the best resource about .ini settings etc.? You found more things that I saw listed where I looked.

    Weapon low-poly bug is indeed a separate thing from VorpX. I was going crazy, because any weapon becomes a mangled mess, impossible to aim down site, unreadable ammo display etc. The funny thing is that if I switch to a 3rd person view – it’s fine! Only the 1st person view is bugged. Very rough and unrealistic 3D around hands and weapon area doesn’t help the problem. It’s so fugly. I wish there was a way to even flatten out the hands+weapon. Other 3D has minor issues that are not very obvious and can be ignored. But huge halo and blockiness in the hand area just can’t be ignored. Though maybe with a proper weapon model the 3D will become better in this area? For me this is a big deal as I can’t aim properly and can’t see ammo count, and it’s annoying as hell – and gaming is for having fun, not stressing out.

    It looks like the multiple random 3D glitches I mentioned before were the result of DLSS mod, at least in part. I uninstalled it and tried stock FSR and in a few minutes I tried I saw no random blocky glitches. I think some minor wobbliness can still occur, and I think it may be a WMR Motion Reprojection artifacts, but disabling motion projection I got FPS in 70-80 area, which are not enough for a completely smooth visuals, so enabling it a locking at 45 is the smoothest experience.

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    You must use cheatengine for change fov of weapon viewmodel(fov of your hand and weapon)

    Can you elaborate on that? It’s the most problematic part so far.

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