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    My Screenshot:

    Not sure what goes wrong, but if i cross my eyes it looks fine :-( but into the Rift, it looks not NICE :-(

    i have also try diverent things, but the Mouse is not working into the Game :-(

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    Hi BentoFox,

    i have play with the IPD and offset, it is hard to explain.
    The Screen in the Rift Looks like i have to cross the eys in the Rift.
    And if i cross the eyes in the Rift, it looks and feels better, but on this crossing the screen is not Shape.

    Let me explain it on a other example.

    On a Site by Site picture you cross the eyes to see a 3D picture.
    If you rotate now a bit your Head, this is the Feeling.
    But by Rotating the Rift, the Screen Stays in Horizon.

    By VorpX Settings
    Letterbox 1
    IPD 66mm – That is just for my eyes!
    Headtracking sensitivity 0.80
    Headtracking Smooth OFF

    i have this setup from:
    Because GMod use the same Engine like CS:GO.

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    I will take screenshots later

    What do you mean by it being blurry?
    –> Looks in the Rift like i have to cross the eyes in the rift, and its not shape. Like the Focus is wrong.

    About the Mouse issue:
    –> if i’am in the Game (on a Map) i have a Fix screen (middel of the view)
    and if i look around it stays. Only if i rotate my head, the screen stays in the Horizon. If i Look to the right or to the left nothings happend.
    If i Push the Mouse Wheel, i can Look with head tracking a bit.

    The USB Mouse is not working like it is not connected.
    If i press the DEL key, and the VorpX menu opens, i can use my mouse and my Head to change the options in this menu.

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    Thanks Ralf, now i buy a copy :)

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    sounds gr8 thanks, i think i will buy it (also because your support is nice and fast)

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    yes keep us up2date, i am also waite for your update, if its there i will buy the driver

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