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    I too just saw your video from Cymatic Bruce, WOW!!!! Great progress on this, it is all very impressive.

    I too, like many on this forum would like to pre-order immediately and use this software in it’s earliest possible form. Unfortunately I do not know of a way in which I can be placed into the Pre-Order queue.

    Any suggestions so I do not miss out on VorpX on Day-1?

    VERY excited about this driver software and the possibilities for this look incredible, thank you!


    yeah it would make finical sence for you to release the beta for early buyers. a) youd start getting money in for your hard work so far and b) we could help test out some of the bugs or what and provide feedback. considering how many other software is going the “pay for beta…get full game” route…and the fact that you released the drivers to a few people already…just would be nice to have something….. “sighs”. I am not sure i like the idea of “when its done” I think its better to set a date. That way you have a goal and if you dont quite reach eveything you want at that date so what? just release it as a beta. its been nearly two months now :-(. ‘sighs”. really really frustrating for people who have been waiting and waiting and are willing to PAY YOU and you still yet have zero indication on when you may release it anytime soon…sighs. Could you at LEAST post an updated games list or something?



    I feel your pain and yes, if a Beta was offered today my money would be transferred as soon as I knew about it.

    However, this is Ralf’s creation and company and he gets to call the rules on how things are played out. It may not be how you or I would do things but it is what it is and I can respect that. I think we owe it to Ralf to gripe less and encourage more.

    The best we can really do now is to just use the tools that are available and wait for the day when this is finally released…….even though the wait is killing me too :)

    Take care bud, I am sure a release is closer than you could imagine.


    Eagerly awaiting to throw money at you. :-)
    I hope it comes soon. Great work.


    we’ll see. just would be nice to have “some” indication of when it will come out. but hey whatever. considering he hasnt bothered to update the website either which is a bit odd. i mean he has had nice blog updates for a bit then it just stops…. at the very very least you know a updated games list would be nice…


    Here I sit, in front of a UPS tracker page telling me my Rift will be here tomorrow. And in another browser tab, I have the VorpX forums open. And I’m throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening, it really is the weirdest thing…


    It is disheartening that we have no idea about when the driver might be released without any knowledge of what’s keeping it from being released. Especially as the beta footage shows a driver certainly good enough to use compared to Viereio which people are already using as there’s nothing better available.


    I agree. But then again considering the whole customs hold up and not sure how long till i get my rift. VorpX actually might be released by the time i get mine lol. But seriously the problem is seems like the guy is a protectionist he rather not release the product even as a beta because hed be too afraid of the public saying ooh it has issues blah blah blah. When it seems to me its perfectly useable as it is right now even more so then the other drivers that alone to me seems worth it. at the very least would be nice if he at least release the names of the 80 games it now support and the fact that he rather share info on Road to VR instead of bothering to update this website at all (i mean come on if your going to have a blog of updates and then you just stop updating the blog …that really isnt very nice).

    The fact that we have to go to another website to learn infomation about the drivers.

    Please we are begging you and i dont understand why…release the drivers you said 3 months ago when the Rift started shipping you would release VorpX not long after the rifts started shipping and you got your kit……you got your kit near two months ago i really dont understand what the hold up is. Why not go ahead and let people pay for the beta? whats the harm in that? and it seems silly to not even do that because then at least you can start getting money in from your hard work…

    “sighs”. always frustrating to wait for something like this when the person has “no idea” when it will be released. We’ll see…..


    I agree it’s does seem a strange decision. Today Kunos showed footage of official support for Assetto Corsa, WMD are working on pCARS and War Thunder has official rift support already. Just 2 more companies and I wont need VorpX ;)


    Sometime before summer ends? I don’t have a lot of time during the school year ;_;


    Ralf – German. But the Germans – a practical people! Create only high quality products. And do not produce a quality product – will not! ;-)
    So that, for the quality of VorpX – I’m cool! We wait and trust!


    Got my Rift on tuesday. Resolution needs to increase, but what an impressive glimpse into the future of gaming. Now I need VorpX so I can start patching my flight simulators and puke my guts out when dogfighting in VR…


    It seems unneccesary to go for the whole “Retail launch” thing with VorpX until Oculus goes for the whole “Retail launch” thing, am I right? There’s nothing wrong with releasing VorpX as a developer “beta” launch, with it’s bugs (very minimal at this point, I’m sure). Nothing wrong with asking for $40 for the beta software for now, and letting us help you figure out the bugs. That would help in multiple ways. We appreciate your devotion to the product and making sure it’s ready, to this point it seems like a decent strategic move. All I’m saying is that right now is the time to launch, the people who have their rifts now are the people you want to comment on your product and build steam for vorpx, not the typical consumer crowd.


    Seriously you had the rift for what over two months now? youve let several people try out the beta (free i bet) yet you wont open it up for people to buy yet? Just really frustrating as the perception drivers doenst work the best has glitches seems to crash when i try to select the rift head tracker (dont have rift yet but..) will get it today. Please please were begging you release VorpX already. i am perfectly sure it will be just fine releasing it as it is now and just label it beta….the only news you keep giving us is “no idea when its ready” :-(. Please release vorpx soon! so frustrating! about as frustrating (not quite though) as the customs holdup for uS people because its just the fact that we have no news or indication whatsoever when you are planning to release it. maybe it would be good for yourself to create a deadline the problem with not having a deadline sometimes is it can tempt you to go on and on and on trying to make it “perfect” and the months go by and all.. this is a despritely needed product right now as there are only a very small few games that actually work on the Rift.. :-(. Just dont understand why when we are pratically begging you to release the drivers you wont do it. and we will pay you! thats the crazy thing!

    Sighs.. you said to us.. your words were that orginally you would release Vorpx “soon after” the dev kits started shipping. well its been two months since then. dont you think its time to let the cat out of the bag?



    Well I agree I’d love to get my hands on the software, but I bet these kinds of messages are just as frustrating to him as it is us waiting. I hear there’s free alternatives like Vireio or w/e, why don’t you just play around with those instead in the meantime? He’ll release it once he’s ready, I don’t know why but I would just assume the worst; ex: he’s making it easier to use on the fly, there are some major noticeable glitches, games are lagging with it. Idk I might just be talking out my ass, but anyways, if you’re just getting your Rift (which I am very jealous of by the way) I think you can wait a little longer for the drivers. No need to jump into AAA games right away, mess around with the demo’s present already I bet you’d have enough fun with those for now.

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