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    Update 2018/04/09

    vorpX 18.1.5 has been released. This is another maintenance release for the 18.1 branch. The next ‘real’ update 18.2 is scheduled late April/early May.

    • Installer could fail if fonts were in use.
    • Some minor fixes.

    Update 2018/03/08

    vorpX 18.1.4 has been released. This is another maintenance release, it addresses the issues below. No other changes.

    • Some DX11 games could crash after varying amounts of time (e.g. Witcher 3).
    • Fixed a bug that caused graphical glitches in some older DX9 games.

    Update 2018/02/28

    vorpX 18.1.3 addresses the issue below. No other changes.

    • Some DX10/11 games could hang/crash during resolution change or exit.

    Update 2018/02/24

    vorpX 18.1.2 has been released.

    Most importantly this release brings enhanced DirectVR for Kingdom Come Deliverance by adding DirectVR head tracking and support for custom resolutions. The latter can improve your framerate considerably. Check the “Custom Resolutions” section in the vorpX help to take full advantage of this feature.

    Also three new game profiles have been added: The Turing Test, Conarium and Trine 3. Various older profiles that previously were Z3D only now support Geometry 3D and/or additional Direct VR features.

    Check this blog post for the details.

    Update 2018/02/17

    Hotfix 18.1.1 addresses the issue below. No other changes.

    • Massive DX11 G3D slowdown (up to 60%) due to some leftover test code.

    vorpX 18.1.0 has been released.

    The main focus of this update was creating new game profiles and adding Geometry 3D to quite a few existing ones that were Z3D only before. Most notable additions are: Kingdom Come Deliverance, Titanfall 2 and Nier Automata. Also don’t miss the beautiful Fe and Unravel in immersive screen mode. And last but not least relax with one or the other Telltale adventure. Special tip for action fans: Bayonetta is a sight to behold in 3D on the huge screen.

    For details please check this blog post.


    amazing work :) thank you Ralf !


    Thanks, Amazing work


    i would buy kingdome come to try it with vorpx, but i have too many games !


    I would like to say thanks also.


    Ralf, great work on adding profiles! Was just wishing Kingdom Come was supported the other day. Can’t wait to try some out.


    I don’t know any of these new titles. Are any FPS? Which would you guys recommend for someone who is playing for cardio on an Omni treadmill?


    If action packed FPS games are what you’re looking for, Titanfall 1/2 are perfect for you this time around. Very cool sci-fi themed FPS with unusual things like wall running etc. True AAA games with very high budgets/production value, made by Respawn – the new studio of the original Call of Duty creators.

    Get Even is another FPS game, slower paced, but very nice graphics made with photogrammetry, not unsimilar to the graphics of Ethan Carter.

    And as per IIRC your personal request there is also Direct VR head tracking for Ethan Carter now.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance might also be interesting for you. It’s a hardcore RPG, but if you are mostly looking for walking/running through nice scenery it might still be worth a look.

    And Tron 2.0, of course, if you don’t mind playing something a little bit older.


    As always, Ralf, your customer service/support goes above and beyond.


    And as per IIRC your personal request there is also Direct VR head tracking for Ethan Carter now.

    Yay!! Thank you!!


    Nier Automata, Bayonetta and Vanquish!!!
    As a treasure soft lover Im more than happy

    “Positional tracking now also enabled in cinema mode if available for a game”
    I need to try this !!!

    many thanks for your work Ralf!!!


    a big thank you for your hard work.
    Bayo , vanquish and Nier in full Geo3D , OHhhh yeah!!!!
    I’ve just tried Vanquish and was hooked for 3 hours.


    Wow, thanks a lot for your work on Bayonetta & Unravel, Ralf!

    Unravel was a beautiful game before but in real geometry 3D, it looks amazing! The environnements, water, snow… everything looks so real!!


    You now me by now null

    so those who have some basic knowledge about 3d graphics and want to invest some time will also be able to get access to more powerful authoring features on request. Becoming a profile author will unlock almost everything that previously was only available in internal authoring builds.

    Can we still have hope on this ?



    Real positional tracking?? Like room space?
    Is this done by the Direct VR settings?

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