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    3D SBS native games like Deus Ex mankind divided have much higher performance on the new Vorpx desktop viewer than they do on other SBS virtual monitors I have tried. (Same goes for games getting SBS output from other drivers.)

    I did encounter one native 3D SBS game (Doom 3 BFG) that refused to launch while in desktop viewer and have sent the troubleshoot logs via email.

    Really appreciate all the different resolutions / aspect ratios being baked in as I kept having to manually add these every nvidia driver update (clean installs..) Also allows the use of DSR factors when not using the headset.

    Have you tried windowed / fullscreen etc. in game settings? Some games allow you to change resolutions in some modes but not in others.


    I could try. There is no Windowed mode in Metro Exodus but I can try to re-edit the cfg file (I tried one time but it was a mess, maybe there is no option in menu because it doesn’t work well). But given there wont be any real screen this time maybe it would have a different behaviour.

    Anyway, with a real screen it’s possible to change the resolution and aspect ratio of the game, so maybe it will be a useful information if it’s a bug.


    Another minor bug using the new desktop:
    Was playing Quake enhanced in SBS and upon exiting the game, pressed delete to return to Mono (to see the desktop well – good opportunity for a hotkey)
    The graphical white mouse in the panel was frozen, can see the regular mouse moving behind over the desktop yet clicking has no effect on anything. Leaving and re-entering the panel using delete works but same frozen state.
    Press delete again to exit the panel and create troubleshoot logs. Press delete again and it now the panel and vorpx mouse arrow are functional. Created a 2nd set of logs at this point and sending via email. After that, but before the email, closed desktop view and the machine rebooted on its own.


    @CrunchyGlass :
    I tried in windowed mode by editing ini file. It launch the game but the resolution is still locked.

    I think that, in the virtual monitor, Metro Exodus (and maybe other games), think that the monitor is 5000×1400 (or something like that), even if I set the desktop resolution on another value with Windows 11 options. Is there options to set in VorpX Config ?

    Hogwart Legacy doesn’t launch in virtual monitor, probably for the same resolution problem.


    I checked the option “Add predefined resolution above 4k and it works. I can play Metro Exodus with raytracing and ultra high resolution (but without Z3D for now…maybe there is a profile that could work).
    There is a trick I think. You must set the desktop to the right resolution to not get sort of windowed in vorpX (with black background).


    Im not sure if this has been brought up yet, but on this beta branch, I had to uninstall it basically immediately

    This particular native Windows program was going -insane- with resource hogging, I couldnt launch anything due to it using 99% of my CPU

    The program was WMI Provider Host

    I just used a System Restore point after doing a reboot and making sure Vorpx didnt turn on.

    Unsure if this has been reported, but wanted to let Ralph now, this WMI Provider Host thing tanked my PC when I had Vorpx Beta running.

    Cheers, everyone


    About that frozen mouse pointer in the vorpx menu: seems to be a focus problem.
    When exiting a game, if you do not click on the desktop itself before opening the vorpx menu, mouse will be frozen. Trying to click the desktop while in that menu with the moveable background mouse pointer will not work.
    Maybe auto focus and return to mono could be automatic when exiting an SBS game or movie?
    Not sure if that’s even possible without the watcher running.


    has anyone else had a problem where right clicking the vorpx tray icon and selecting “start vorpx desktop viewer” doesn’t do anything? just nothing at all happens.

    before the beta version it worked, now nothing changes on my hmd display or my monitor.


    Doesn’t look like The Last of Us works anymore after the latest update. On the plus side, I have a feeling they reduced a lot of the depth-layer crazyiness, so it may be an easier job to get it working this time.


    Anybody notice their text/font size becomes tiny after a session with Vorpx/virtual monitor?

    It’s been a thing happening to me of late. Suddenly apps have very small text. But I can’t quite tell if it’s Vorpx or coincidental timing.


    I’ve played a bit with the beta and the gesture system is great, please add some more gestures, would be great to replace all the remaining keyboard commands for some games ;)
    I’ve an annoying behavior, each time I start vorpX, all my desktop icons are messed up, could it be due to the void virtual display vorpX added ?


    Maybe you or a game set the vorpx desktop to a higher resolution?


    The virtual monitor defaults to 1440 (I wonder if there is a way to change this default) I only change
    it to 3840×2160, which is the same as my monitor.
    I’m guessing it changes my font size when I do this. Problem is, once that happens it affects everything. From that point on, the text in a lot of apps is super small, and I have to reinstall the whole nvidia driver to rectify it. Changing it in settings/scale does nothing.


    @ adzter

    You can change the text scale in the Windows settings app (display settings). On Windows 11 the setting is stored per resolution, don’t recall currently whether that also is the case for Windows 10.

    Make sure to click the tab in the page linked below that shows the setting for your OS.


    @ enricocerica

    Do you have any particular suggestions? No guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented in the end, but I’m always eager to hear ideas for more gestures.


    I used some gesture mods with Skyrim VR (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23416) and found them very efficients as they also allow to combine gesture with controller buttons, for instance moving a controller left, right, up or down while triggering or pushing any A,B,X or Y button. Such combinations may easily increase the amount of gesture actions very simply without interfering with other actions.

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 311 total)
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