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    Thx, Ralf ! Please go ahead with stuff like that !


    The next beta is now available. You have to install it manually even if you are using the previous beta, there is no auto update. A bit rougher around the edges than I wanted it to be (see the hint below), but for reasons it was either now or in ten days or so.


    Major Additions

    Major new feature is a virtual 8K! monitor that for one and most importantly replaces the need to manually add custom resolutions higher than your monitor allows to your PC.

    The virtual monitor comes with all resolutions predefined that the DirectVR settings optimizer may want to set for a given quality level or that you may want to set yourself in games without DirectVR settings optimizer support. As an added bonus this finally is a fully working custom resolutions solutions for AMD GPUs.

    Secondly the virtual monitor tremendously enhances the experience when using the vorpX desktop viewer, which has been rewritten from scratch.

    All VR desktop capturing normally suffers from a refresh rate mismatch between the monitor and the headset, introducing noticable micro-stutter when you play games using desktop capturing. That’s a thing of the past with the vorpX virtual monitor. Especially in FullVR mode with head tracking using the desktop viewer when vorpX can’t hook a game is now much more enjoyable.

    There are two ways to use the virtual monitor:

    1. Enable it from the vorpX tray icon’s right click menu. That way it becomes an (invisible) second monitor that you can select in most (newer than 10 years) games as an output.
    2. The super easy (and preferred) method: Launch the vorpX desktop viewer and switch off your physical monitor. The virtual monitor kicks in and all games automatically see it as the primary (and only) monitor. While not manadatory I’d encourage you to embrace this as your preferred way of using vorpX in the future. Aside from not having to care about selecting the virtual monitor yourself in games, it’s also a more seemless VR experience overall since everything after launching vorpX happens in VR.

    Important! Beta Hint

    Automatically turning on the virtual monitor when you disable the physical monitor may occasionally cause the desktop viewer to hang currently. That will be addressed before the final relase. To be on the safe side do the following for now:

    1. Turn on the virtual monitor manually from the vorpX tray icon’s right click menu.
    2. Launch the desktop viewer
    3. Turn off the physical monitor.

    Full changelog (since the last beta)

    • New virtual 8K monitor for an improved custom resolutions and desktop viewer experience.
    • Desktop viewer rewritten from scratch.
    • Some additions to the modding API.
    • Improved cleanup when vorpX happens to be closed while still hooked into a game.
    • New ‘View model/weapon’ shader type. Note that the ‘Weapon Handling’ authoring page that is required to further configure this currently is only accessible in advanced authoring mode. Don’t use unless you have an authoring key for the time being. Will be changed to fully work in user mode shortly.

    Thx !!!


    I got a database error, trying to download the sniper elite 5 custom profile !

    please help !


    Try to uninstall and then reinstall. Make sure to click No when the uninstaller asks about removing the registration information, otherwise you have to re-enter your key on next launch.


    I installed the update. it prompted me to install a windows add-on that it didn’t install before. now i launch vorpx and the program immediately closes and doesn’t work.


    That’s the virtual display driver. Probably unrelated to your launch issue, which sounds more like some annoying antivirus problem. If you happen to use anything else than Windows Defender, try to exclude the vorpX program folder or – better – get rid of your AV program altogether. There is no real need for extra invasive third party AV since almost ten years now.



    I’ll play around with this over the weekend.


    If you already installed the new beta, please reinstall it. The weapon shader settings weren’t saved, should work in a new build that I just uploaded. I think that’s what you were interested in the most.


    I appreciate that among all available vr software programs only vorpx manages to provide smooth frames without those nasty micro stutters.
    One of many aspects why Im preferring it.
    Even with 100 fps+ other softwares cant manage to provide such a smooth experience.
    However in the past I also noticed that stuttering is only prevented when injecting into a game instead of using the desktop viewer.
    It would be great to also achieve smooth motion when using the desktop viewer so it maybe will be possible to combine it with dlss 3 frame generation in the future.

    Unfortunately Im still having having problems getting it work.
    Here is what I experienced:
    I installed the latest beta version, enabled the virtual monitor and started the desktop viewer.
    I tested The Witcher 3 (DirectX 11 version) with it in full screen mode while pausing the injection “watcher”.
    The ingame settings let me choose between 2 different monitors although only 1 physical monitor was connected.
    I tested the game with both “monitors” but the game felt equally stuttery trying both options while maintaining well over 100 fps ingame.
    I tested everything using the hp reverb g2 in 90hz mode.
    I disabled V-sync in the nvidia control panel and I also disabled directvr game optimization in vorpx as well.
    No custom resolution used.
    As a side note: The image recentering only began to work 5 minutes after starting the desktop viewer.


    Hooking into a game is still the preferred method, there isn’t really much of a point in using the dektop viewer for games that vorpX can hook into. Hooked into games vorpX can take care of frame pacing instead of VSync.

    If you use the desktop viewer however, you should do so with VSync enabled. When using the desktop viewer without VSync games run as fast as they can, not being synced to anything. Also games must run on the virtual vorpX monitor, when they run on the physical monitor they get synced to the physical monitor.

    You don’t have to care about choosing the right monitor if you use the method recommended above, i.e. switching off the physical monitor after launching the desktop viewer.


    with last update ,i cant see the letter on controller with keybord/mouse option


    On the motion controller page of the menu please check the ‘Controller Visualization’ option. Maybe you changed it before.


    of course I checked before writing! if i change from full, hand, hand+overlay , no, it just changes from controller view to hand view. By the way, great idea to add hand+overlay!!!


    Really itching to give this a try, but worried about the process for reinstalling the prior final release version if I have too many problems with this one.
    Have you set that up as a pretty straight-forward process (i.e. Simply quit beta version and run installer for prior final release version?), or will I be digging around manually deleting directories etc.?
    Having had few problems with vorpX in the past I expect you’ve made the process smooth, and the first post makes it look like only a reinstall is necessary, but would love for reassurance before I dive in…

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 311 total)
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