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    Usually renaming works, I’m surprised.
    You could play without profile with Desktop Viewer (disable watcher).
    Maybe there is a way to use reshade SBS + VorpX.


    I installed it on Win11 (RTX4090 and i9-13900kf, 32G RAM) last year without problem. It still work.
    Maybe a Windows Update ? It’s worrying.

    in reply to: End of Reverb G2 support ? #219577

    @Cer :
    You should find it at :
    BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap,Compatible with Meta Quest 2,Enhanced Comfort and Reduce Facial Stress,VR Accessories(M2 Upgrade)
    Just buy the adapter on Etsy.
    You could translate to english…

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    @MarcDwonn :
    i understand you. Don’t buy a Varjo Aero…
    I don’t think my nose is especially big, but it’s hard to use most VR headset without having contact with nose.

    Even if I don’t have full FOV it’s Ok for me. Maybe you can raise in game FOV to compensate (I usually use around 120 FOV without problem).

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    I think I had some 3D with one of these profiles, but maybe it doesn’t work anymore.

    The end game was nice in VorpX, even without 3D. It’s not so important in this game.

    in reply to: Off topic: Fake 3D on 3D Tvs #219565

    This can let you see pictures and videos with 3D AI generated effect :

    in reply to: End of Reverb G2 support ? #219564

    G2 worked great with vorpX and The Witcher 3. My main problem was that it was not comfortable for my face shape and i needed to live with some pain during usage. Second issue was that something wasn’t quite right with the stereo overlap. I know that Quest 3 has a small(ish) stereo overlap as well, but somehow on the G2 it felt more noticeable, while on Quest 3 i can forget it quickly.

    But i loved the resolution, not even Quest 3 can quite get to this level, IMO.

    To solve these issues with the G2 :

    You can buy a VR cover (I needed it to remove the nose thing) :
    “VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for HP Reverb G2 V1 & V2” on Amazon

    You can also buy a BoboVR M2 strap :
    “BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap,Compatible with Meta Quest 2” on Amazon
    With a G2 adapter :

    This way it’s perfect (I added coins as counter weight at the back, in little plastic tubes, and I added bubble wrap around BoboVR top arms). The G2 doesn’t even touch my face. It doesn’t move. And I can wear it as long as I want.

    If needed, there is also counter weights and other straps :
    Varjo Aero ones could be better (as there are two weights)

    Don’t forget lenses (correction + blue protection) :

    in reply to: Avatar: frontiers of Pandora #219563

    @WakeMikey :

    Dellrifter22’s profile is already on the Cloud.

    You don’t always need a specific profile, because you can use a profile from another game. You can also play to any game without profile (and without 3D, but it’s still VR). There is also VorpX Desktop Viewer…
    Try the beta if you need resolutions that your actual monitor doesn’t handle.

    If I understand things well, Ralf is a unique developer, and there are a lot of games…

    As far as I know, Virtual Desktop and Quest Game Optimizer aren’t able to do what VorpX can do (full VR, curved screen, etc.)

    in reply to: End of Reverb G2 support ? #219548

    I have Windows 11 and it works, but some people have problem since 23h2 or 23h3.
    I’m still in older version. I disabled Windows Update…

    It’s not a money problem for me. In my opinion, Reverb G2 is still the best headset to play with VorpX.

    in reply to: My Vorpx Experience #219544

    Usually, FOV is approximately the same in every first person game (it only depends on the headset).
    I think 110-120 si good for Reverb G2.
    Less for Quest 3 (maybe 90 ? others will know)

    A lot of games have ingame fov sliders (even without VorpX).
    In other games, you can usually set FOV in .ini/.cfg files (in game directory, Appdata, Savegames, or ProgramData).
    Some games have a console command ingame.

    Other needs mods or tools.


    Are you playing in 3dof ?

    Of which menu are you talking ?

    You have an application with a shortcut called “Configure VorpX”, that you could use before playing, only one time per game, and only if necessary. You don’t really need it for every game, if the game has already an official profile (or no profile at all).

    And you have a floating in-game menu. You can call it with the appropriate key.
    In-game key bindings can be changed in VorpX Configuration before playing.

    Important keys are usually :
    – VorpX ingame menu
    – Edgepeek
    – Center Positional Tracking

    If you really need to access the desktop app, there are a lot of ways to display your desktop in the headset (but it depends on your headset).
    VorpX has a Desktop Viewer. You can launch game from it (especially with Beta, wich allow you to use any resolution/ratio you want on you desktop).

    in reply to: Overlay not responding in Dirt 2 #219426

    I don’t know but sometimes you have to alt-tab some games (or select on task bar when available), if they’re not really “in front”.

    in reply to: Tracking and hooking problems With Varjo Aero #219420

    Tracking issues are indeed related to OpenXR.

    With SteamVR option in “Device Selection” I don’t have tracking issues.

    I think the first time I used Varjo Aero I used OpenXR and I don’t remember having these issues (but maybe I didn’t pay attention in Full VR).


    @Ralph :
    Yes I saw this question in WMR and I have no problem with G2 anymore. Only with Varjo Aero.


    @Ralph :
    thank you for your detailed explanations.
    Let’s hope future VR headsets won’t use SteamVR’s OpenXR.

    So one thing I have to figure out :
    – does Varjo always use SteamVR’s OpenXR when it’s told to use OpenXR ?
    – or is it a problem I created on my PC ?

    When I was trying to reuse Reverb G2, I did a few things. I uninstalled OpenXR. Maybe I don’t have the right version.

    In Windows (11) installed “Applications” list, I have “OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality”.
    But I think I had “OpenXR” instead at the beginning (after installing Varjo Base, I don’t know before because I didn’t checked recently).

    Maybe I should look a way to reinstall a working version of OpenXR, but I don’t know how to.
    For now, Varjo support did not answered to me.

    thank you for these informations !

    Can you tell us what do you have in installed “Applications” list in Windows concerning OpenXR ?

    I have the OpenXR error on Bioshock. But with SteamVR VorpX option it sometimes freeze, wich it never does with Reverb G2 OpenXR (so with recent games I don’t think it would works very well, and it doesn’t seems to with Metro serie).
    Did you try Metro Exodus ? I didn’t try much games with Varjo for now.

    Wich games would you recommand me to try, that you know it works with OpenXR ?

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