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    You can disable some messages/notifications via the Vorpx config tool however, I’m not sure if you can disable that particular message.
    Having said that I have run into similar issues as I use a wireless keyboard/pad instead of a keyboard which as you can imagine is missing quite a few keys. I overcome this by binding keys to other keys that I do have.

    So perhaps you could either use Windows or a 3rd party app and bind “CRTL+Alt+Shift” to a single button on your bluetooth keyboard ?

    Just a thought :)

    in reply to: Duke Nukem Forever VR not shown on the profiles #215520
    in reply to: ResidentEvil 4 (2023), is it possible in DX11 mode? #215497

    I’m not 100% certain, but it states on the PCGW page that it only supports DX12;

    in reply to: Witcher 3 audio, but black screen #215453

    I know you fixed it by excluding the games, but figured I would say it anyway, ..

    If you plan on playing any VR games (or indeed temporarily not using Vorpx) then I would recommend you either;
    1 – Right click the Vorpx (notification) icon and select “Pause watcher”
    2 – Right click the Vorpx (notification) icon and close Vorpx completely.

    This way you don’t need to exclude a shed ton of games and Vorpx will not try to hook into anything as it will not be running ;)

    So basically if you’re not using Vorpx, you don’t need it running.

    in reply to: Everything freezes save for fallout 3 #215228

    Before I set up my new pc I read a lot online about Win11 being basically the same under the hood as Win10, so i figured I would give it a shot. But after wading through the bugs and problems discovered almost everything either didn’t work properly or didn’t work at all (even normal things like wireless kept dropping out and freezing any open apps using it).

    As I am typing this, I think there is something you can possibly check (if you have not already).
    Have you checked your Windows “Event Viewer” ?

    When I had Win11 installed my event viewer was pretty much spammed with “Warnings” and “Critical” events, most of which were about “SteamVRServer” and “vrmonitor” crashing constantly, when I checked my old pc (with 2×1070 SLI) there were no such events or errors, just the usual info stuff.

    Definitely worth opening the event viewer up and see whats been going on.
    On a side note, might be worth leaving the event viewer open when your trying to launch a game that won’t work and see if there is anything there that may shed some light on what is happening (or not happening lol).

    in reply to: Everything freezes save for fallout 3 #215217

    Windows 11
    Intel i7-9700 3ghz
    32gb DDR4
    GTX 1060 3gb

    Standard Windows defender

    Looking at your spec, you may have issues running Cyberpunk (my old pc had 2 x 1070ti in SLI and struggled with that game).
    One thing to keep in mind when using Vorpx is that the game is being rendered twice (once for each eye), which is a strain on some systems/GPU’s.
    However, that said, I was using a 1050ti before my SLI and I remember CP at least loading (terribly glitchy but hooked and loaded).

    I will mention this tho, ….
    I had a similar issue as yours over the last two weeks with a brand new PC (pretty powerful i9 RTX 4080). After A LOT of bug hunting, reading, trying to fix, rinse, repeat etc… discovered my problem was Windows 11 :(
    Literally only a handful of games would even load and when they did the graphics were …. underwhelming shall we say lol.
    Anywho, Once I had clean installed Win 10 everything starting working as it used to on my old setup, but with MUCH better graphics and smooth.

    Is your issue Windows 11, I don’t know.
    And I wouldn’t tell you to reinstall windows (I know it can be a hassle).
    But none the less might be worth checking out.

    Hopefully someone with a larger brain than I will chime in and offer some pearls of wisdom.
    If I think of anything else I will come back and update this thread ;)

    in reply to: Everything freezes save for fallout 3 #215211

    If you let us know a few details about your setup then I suspect others (Including Ralf, the developer) will be able to help figure this out ;)

    Windows version (7, 10, 11 etc..)
    System spec (CPU, GFX Card etc..)
    Any “3rd party” AV/Firewall installed

    And indeed anything you think might be relevant.

    in reply to: Immersive Screen height adjustment? #215184

    I don’t think you can alter the height of the “actual” screen (please do someone correct me if I’m wrong).

    However, I think the “Camera Height Modifier” is still present in the “More Stereo 3D Settings” when Immersive screen is enabled, so perhaps that might be useful ?

    Not a great solution I admit, but worth trying.

    in reply to: Z-normal z-adaptative problem #215183

    Did you try switching to Z-* then saving the profile and restarting the game ?
    I can’t remember where I read it but I’m sure there is a post here in the Vorpx forum where someone mentioned switching needed a restart, ……

    … Fount it.

    Darksiders: Genesis

    It is not the same game obviously, but it mentions “Switching Z3D/G3D requires game restart !”
    (for some reason this stuck in my mind and I try it if having any similar issues).

    Worth a shot if you haven’t already :)

    in reply to: Deep Rock Galactic with G3D? #214932

    I don’t have this game so probably not the best to reply, but I have experienced this with other games in the past (no G3D when stated in profile).
    Have you tried switching to Vorpx’s “Alternative hooking” via the Vorpx config app ?

    If you have already tried that and it is no different, ..

    DRG uses UE4 (
    You could try using/copying from local DB or downloading different game profiles that are specifically for other “Unreal Engine 4” games. You will likely find a few others that offer G3D.
    You will likely need to tweak a little to get it right, but it is usually a good starting point.

    in reply to: How do you access the VorpX Menu when using: #214913

    With Keyboard/Mouse it is as dellrifter22 said, Del key.
    With a Gamepad contrtoller, Left stick click is Vorpx Menu and Right stick click is Edge Peek.
    Using VR Motion controllers, Right grip is Edge Peek, Hold Left grip then click Right grip for Vorpx Menu.

    *Note – I’m using Vive wand motion controllers, so may be different for other motion controllers.

    in reply to: Industria #214780

    One more thing worth mentioning, I think.

    In ALL the UE4 games I have done this with, it 99% fixes the usual lighting and shadow oddities that occur when the Vorpx FOV slider is increased.

    This way I can leave Vorpx’s FOV value at 0 and still get the holy grail of geometry 3D at 1:1.

    in reply to: Industria #214772

    Oh, nearly forgot, … If you find that you get an error after editing the file hex, then run the exe through “Steamless” first.

    in reply to: Industria #214764

    Of course, it is a hex edit present in quite a lot of UE4 games (and some UE3).

    *Make a backup of the Industria exe before you start.

    1 – Open Industria’s main shipping exe with any hex editor
    2 – Hit CTRL+F and Search for “35 FA 0E 3C” (without quotes) (Type=Hex)
    3 – You will find 4 sets of this code in a row, skip those and you will find a 5th further down
    4 – Highlight “0E” and hit F2 to edit the value
    5 – Enter “3E”
    6 – Save the file

    Now when you load Industria the FOV will be almost perfect, then you can use the actual in game FOV slider to tweak to your liking.

    in reply to: Industria #214566

    It’s been a while since I revisited this, so figured I would leave an update, …

    There were indeed many game breaking glitches in the profile I was working on, so I decided to start from scratch.

    98% fixed this after a long road of misery and depression lmao.
    There are still parts of the game that have the black textures in the right eye, but I fixed the FOV with a Hex edit so I did finally get to my preferred 1:1 VR and the game is now playable with resizable HUD.

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