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    Nothing to worry about. A brief look at the forums could have told you that I’m answering questions here almost every day, also the last maintenance update is merely a few weeks old. Not sure how you got the impression there is anything to worry about in the first place.

    As usual, announcements regarding future developments will be made when it’s time to announce them.

    very nice!
    I’m no longer concerned about vorpx suddenly disappearing one day.
    Thank you always for your hard work.

    in reply to: vorpX 21.3.5 Available Now #206541

    Is there any way to prevent automatic updates?

    The profile that I spent a lot of time making using the shader authoring tool was reset.

    Again I have to spend a lot of time. This makes me uncomfortable.
    It is unreasonable in some cases to force an update when there are no complaints about the current version of vorpx.

    As always I appreciate your efforts and respect you, but I hope this will be fixed

    in reply to: After authoring shader, game crashing #206441

    No idea, never tried PES. Wild guess: since it occurs after a game ends, it *might* be related to a resolution switch. Running the game windowed may be worth a shot. That’s really just a wild guess though.

    If you’d like, it would be great though if you could send me a troubleshoot data archive. If it shows something useful that might help me with development. Please create the archive in the vorpX config app (‘Trouble Shooting’) and send it to support at vorpx com.

    Thanks to ralf
    Exactly which file in which directory should I send you? Can you tell me the name of the error log file?

    in reply to: Can I play GTA V online in 2021? #206183

    Is it possible to play Gta5 normally with vorpX after this 21.23 update?
    I’ve had a problem with hooking not working after this update.

    in reply to: vorpX 21.2.3 Available Now #206156

    After this 21.23 update, vorpX can’t hook GTA5.
    The Motal CombatX that was possible with the user profile I created also doesn’t hook.

    For what reason?

    in reply to: vorpX 21.2.3 Available Now #206102

    Your shader authoring tool is really good.
    I can now play some of the games that didn’t work with G3D until now with G3D.
    The function to allow users to edit shaders or create new profiles makes vorpX stand out.
    I sincerely thank you for your ceaseless efforts and sincerity, and I hope that the authoring tool develops further than it is now.

    I’ve never been as happy as I am these days while using vr.
    It’s all thanks to you, Ralf


    You’ve already put some great features into vorpX.
    Until now I didn’t know that.

    It’s a pity to say that it only supports dx9, but I hope that dx11 will be available soon.

    And this is a special request of you .
    In the next update, I hope that you can solve the problem of not being able to save after authoring the shader.
    This seems to be the most important of all for all authoring user


    Thanks Ralf, I have one question.
    Among the functions of the authoring tool, there is a function to save the shader contents in the form of txt on the hard disk. What is this text file used for?
    If I edit this correctly and save this content When I re-run vorpX, does it automatically load the modified content? Does vorpX have such a function?


    Based on the information from the people who helped me above

    After some effort, I finally succeded to get the HUD to have 3D depth (not Hide)
    I am very glad now
    I’ve opened my eyes to shader authoring :)

    But in my opinion, that seems to be all that i can do
    I was able to find the shaders related to the shadows and turn them on and off.

    But still I don’t know how to get them to have 3d depth.
    Perhaps it takes a variety of techniques to make these things possible.

    To go one step further than now I need help from someone skilled.


    I think so too.
    Maybe if someone has a good guide
    There will be more vorpX users.
    As a result, I think a better gaming environment will be created.

    in reply to: 3080ti with reverb with vorpX! #205954

    I got it!
    I will try it today
    In the vorpx list, it appears as z3d, not g3d, is it correct that RDr2 supports g3d?


    I can’t save after shader authoring.
    So I have to restart the authoring tools every time when I start the game.
    What’s the problem?


    Thank you everyone!
    Thanks to you, I now know how to remove unwanted shaders and it worked correctly.

    I will study more to go one step further than now.

    I have one more question,
    I have a 3d monitor that supports SBS,

    When I edit shaders, is it impossible to edit using this monitor without wearing an HMD?


    You said “Remove active” button to remove it from your active list, and then add it again fresh”

    What do you mean “add it again fresh”

    What and where should I add it? And what does fresh mean?

    I am sorry for my google translation


    I really thanks for your kindness again
    I want to fix my Unreal Engine 4 game now.
    The base profile provided by vorpx is that one of Conan Exiles. After copying from this,
    then added exe file on it,I succeeded in implementing g3d in a few other games . For example, Ace Combat7 is that one.
    But the problem is the depth of the hud.
    Basically it has zero value
    But in game of the conan exiles , as you said, when I moving the 3 vorpx HUD sliders then it changes the depth and size of the hud. That means hud working at 3d
    But in the ace combat7 game which I want to fix when I move the slider but it doesn’t make any changes at all.
    How can i solve this?

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